Bleszinski to unveil “fresh, new experience” from Epic at VGAs

By Johnny Cullen, Monday, 5 December 2011 19:00 GMT

Boomtastic. Cliff Bleszinski’s appeared in a VGA teaser, confirming a brand new “experience” from Epic will debut at the event this weekend.

The project’s being made from the company’s Carolina HQ. Bleszinski himself will be there with the “big announcement.”

“2011 marks the 20th anniversary for Epic as a studio. And while we’ve been busy supporting Gears of War and Infinity Blade, we have something new in store for you,” the studio design director said.

“It’s an entirely fresh and new experience being crafted from our North Carolina studio that you’re not going to want to miss.”

Get the teaser video below.

Epic Games Tease
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