Lawsuit claims Sony laid-off “a substantial percentage” of security employees before PSN breach

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 24 June 2011 16:32 GMT

According to a class action lawsuit filed this week, Sony laid off employees who were responsible for the firm’s network security two weeks before the massive data breach occurred in April.

The lawsuit, filed in San Diego, California on Monday, claims Sony spent “lavishly” on security to protect its corporate information but failed to mirror such efforts for its customer data, according to a confidential witness of the suit.

Sony customers involved in the class action suit state the firm was aware of the “increased risk of attack,” due to smaller breaches experienced prior to the breach of PSN and SOE in April.

The plaintiffs also claim Sony made “a substantial percentage” of its Sony Online Entertainment workforce redundant, including “a number” of employees working at its Network Operations Center.

Sony has yet to respond to the press regarding the impending suit.

Via Reuters.

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