The Creative Assembly already at work on the next Total War game

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 17 May 2011 15:14 GMT

Creative Assembly has said it is developing another Total War game, which started life as the team was finishing up Shogun 2.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, the team’s Mike Simpson replied in the affirmative when asked whether another Total War was in the works.

“We never stop, so yes,” he replied.

The firm wouldn’t reveal whether the game takes place in history before or after Shogun 2, but, as usual it will have some sort of historical significance.

“We’ve actually done work with our hardcore fanbase looking at different eras and which ones they prefer,” said Simpson, “and it’s really flat. As in, it’s really quite evenly split across more or less every proposition we put in front of them.”

According to the team, its latest outing, Shogun 2 is doing rather well, something SEGA confirmed during its latest financials when it revealed it had hit the 600,000 units mark.

“It’s doing fab,” said Simpson. “We’re 90 percent Metacritic, which is exactly where we wanted to hit, and it’s selling great. The original Shogun sold more copies in the second three years of its existence than it did in its first three years. They sell for ages. OK, they’re not all at full price, but comparing one with another…”

“It’s a really complex question,” piped in studio director Tim Heaton, “because Total War games have a really long tail.”

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