Bringing back Driver wasn’t a safe bet, says Edmondson

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 3 May 2011 09:00 GMT

Driver: San Francisco creative director Martin Edmondson has said that bringing back the series wasn’t quite a 100 percent certainty at first.

Edmondson said he was brought in as a consultant at first on the vehicle handling and more.

“It wasn’t, because I left years ago and was doing all sorts of things unrelated to video games, and when Ubisoft bought Reflections, which used to be my company, and the Driver franchise, they said would I come and consult on the vehicle handling and also the early concepting meetings for the story and the premise for the game,” he told GI when asked if bring back the series was a safe bet.

“I was like, “Yeah, no problem at all,” so I came to a few meetings about the design basis for the game and how Shift would work, that kind of thing, and then gradually it snowballed into more and more work and then eventually they said would I mind being the creative director of the project.

“That was years ago… It’s difficult to say no when it’s your old company that you set up doing a new version of a game that you designed the original of, and it’s something which is a subject matter that’s very personal to you.”

Edmondson resigned from Reflections in 2004 after the criticism that followed the release of Driver 3.

Driver: San Francisco releases on September 2 in the UK. Read our recent impressions here.

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