Mythos UK release date announced

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 17 March 2011 21:31 GMT

Free-to-play dungeon crawler Mythos has been dated for the end of April, and will release in a premium boxed format alongside the digitally distributed – and free – game client. Huh.

European publisher Frogster has announced the hack-and-slash title will arrive on April 28, and will be available as a free download in English, German, French, Polish, and Turkish.

But for those clad in their fancy pants, a premium boxed version will turn up in UK shops for £9.99. Picking up this edition nets you an exclusive pet, and gets you online on April 26, two days ahead of the pack.

Keen adventurers can pre-order the boxed version on Amazon, or even sign up for the dying embers of the closed beta. Open beta begins April 12.

Mythos was developed by ex-Blizzard staffers, putting their Diablo knowledge to good use at the defunct Flagship Studios. Hanbisoft picked the game up for Korea and the US alongside Frosgter’s European release.

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