Nintendo wants you up, and moving, with 3DS

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 28 January 2011 13:29 GMT


If you thought your days of getting up and moving around with Nintendo games were over, think again. NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime told MTV the firm wants people to continue moving around while playing with its devices, and 3DS is a continuation of this goal.

One of the ways 3DS users will be provided with an incentive to move around, is through the inclusion of Game Coins.

Apparently, the handheald has a built-in pedometer tracking your steps, even if you put 3DS to sleep. Users will earn coins for a certain amount of steps taken and once earned, the coins can be used to unlock extra content in games.

“Nintendo has always been at the forefront of active gaming,” said Reggie. “Getting up, moving around. Obviously the Wii launched that… we’ve also done it with a number of handheld games. We had a game called Personal Training Walking that leveraged a pedometer. And obviously the most recent two Pokemon games leveraged a similar type of system.

“What [the Game Coins feature] does, it’s just another reason to encourage people to get up and walk around. Why? Because we want them to be carrying their Nintendo 3DS, going through Street Pass, Spot Pass types of activity. That’s how it all ties together.”

Nintendo’s goal with this is to also have 3DS become a device you pack around with you at all times, just like a wallet, cell phone, or car keys – even if you are not playing anything. It is an incentive to earn coins while eventually becoming something you can’t leave the house without.

3DS hits Japan February 27, and March 25 in Europe and North America on March 27.

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