Samurai Warriors: Chronicles detailed, new Dynasty Warriors 7 CG art

By Brenna Hillier, Thursday, 20 January 2011 23:41 GMT


Whether you’re a Three Kingdoms or Sengoku geek – or have no idea what either of those things mean – there’s something of interest in the Omega Force info dump through the jump. The impressively deep-seeming 3DS launch title Samurai Warriors: Chronicles has been detailed, and some lovely new Dynasty Warriors 7 artworks have appeared to drool over.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

Siliconera has detailed Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, thee most expensive of the 3DS’s Japanese launch titles.

The latest hack-and-slash builds on the success of previous portable outing Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce by including competitive multiplayer. Local wireless battles will reward victors with weapons and armour.

Players can create their own Warring States-era warrior and party up with up to three out of the 40 included characters, some of the franchise’s best-loved characters.

You’ll be able to switch between characters at any time during combat, as in Warriors Orochi, and as in the Enpires titles, building up friendship with other characters will lead to special events.

There’s a trailer below which I would describe as intense bordering on awesome.

Dynasty Warriors 7

The recent batch of magazine scans have yielded their sweet, sweet CG artworks up to Koei Warriors.

As well as giving a better look at series newcomer Liu Chan, the images show off Dynasty warriors 7’s revamped character design. For once, the series seems to have toned down rather than camped up: Zhange He, Xiao Qiao, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, and Dong Zhuo look positively sensible.

Hit the link above to see the full collection of 45 characters revealed so far.

Thanks, D’Toid, GoNintendo.

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