Mass Effect 2 to get more DLC, Cerberus Network on hiatus

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 2 January 2011 22:29 GMT


Mass Effect 2’s in-game announcement and bonus content system, the Cerberus Network, has announced its own imminent silence – and blown the whistle on at least one more DLC pack before Mass Effect 3’s arrival.

According to today’s Cerberus Daily News, “daily postings will cease except for three weeks in 2011. A week of posts will precede a downloadable content release, and two more weeks will lead up to the release of Mass Effect 3”.

Assuming the new piece of DLC is mission-based, it will be the fifth additional gameplay release for Mass Effect 2, following last September’s Lair of the Shadow Broker; the June-released Overlord mission pack; the Kasumi’s Stolen Memory loyalty mission in April; and the first, free extra mission, Normandy Crash Site last January.

Launched with Mass Effect 2 in January last year, the Cerberus Network has occasionally served as an advertising system for new free and premium content, but more frequently, offered insight into the Mass Effect canon via often-humorous snippets of news from across the franchise’s sprawling universe.

The service is likely to return with Mass Effect 3’s release during the 2011 holidays.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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