Molyneux: Converging “forces” to spawn new genres

By Joe Anderson, Sunday, 6 June 2010 13:24 GMT


In a new interview, Lionhead Studios creative director Peter Molyneux has said that he believes “new genres” will emerge out of the intersection of social spaces, motion control and emotional intent.

Speaking to Gamasutra, the Microsoft man said, “There’s a lot of forces all coming together at once.”

He added: “The hardware manufacturers have really realized, ‘Look, if we really want to revolutionize things, it’s not about faster processors and more memory. It is actually about things that are being held in the player’s hands.

“And then you’ve got the side where, at last, we’re starting to get what online really means.”

“Thirdly, you’ve got us as software engineers and designers and creators actually saying, ‘Hey, we can make emotional experiences. Games like Heavy Rain give you a true emotional roller coaster ride.”

He also went on to explain that it won’t be long before new ways of making and playing a game will come out of the three areas mentioned above.

“You put all of that stuff together, and you start to realize that in two to three years’ time – when we all get used to all of this new stuff, all these new colors and the paint palette of design – it really is going to make new genres happen.”

Lionhead is working on some new stuff of its own in Fable III, a game which will no doubt take some of the limelight at Microsoft’s E3 conference in a week’s time.


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