The Peninsular Campaign coming to Napoleon: Total War

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 25 May 2010 20:43 GMT


SEGA has announced The Peninsular Campaign for Napoleon: Total War.

It will be made available exclusively on Steam this summer.

The expansion pack includes a new campaign map featuring 32 regions divided amongst four factions, one of which is Spain.

The Peninsular Campaign also features three new agents: the provocateur for Britain and France, the priest for Spain and Portugal, and the Guerrillero for the Spanish faction.

Portugal is not a playable faction.

Here’s the background story for it:

It is 1811 and the war in the Spanish Peninsula has been raging for over two years with mixed fortunes and heavy casualties for both sides.

Napoleon’s Armée d’Espagne, led by Marshal Masséna, has invaded Portugal once again, but thus far, the network of entrenchments has proved impossible for the French to successfully assail. Although forced back to the edges of their Peninsula by France and the traitors who helped them, Spain is not yet out of the fight.

The Supreme Central Junta and its successor, the Supreme Regency, authorized the forming of local bands to fight guerrilla – the “little war” – against the invaders.

Other features include a Political Alignment that has the French battling to increase pro-French sentiment throughout the peninsula, and five new Guerrilla units for recruitment by all nations: Tiradores, Cazadores, Lanceros, Husares and Leader.

No date, just “summer”.

Check out the screens for it in the gallery below, and get more information on the official website.

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