Bethesda dev: Microsoft should “open up Natal”

By Johnny Cullen, Thursday, 20 May 2010 09:32 GMT


Bethesda developer Ashley Cheng has said that Microsoft should “open up” the API of Natal to let other people create apps using it.

The Fallout 3 production director added on his blog the killer app for the motion device could by someone, which had nothing to do with gaming. If Microsoft were to open the API, it’d be a similar move to what Apple’s done with iPhone and iPad.

“Microsoft should open the NATAL API up like Apple does with the iphone/ipad,” said Cheng. “Let anyone make a NATAL “app.” I bet someone makes a killer app that has nothing to do with gaming.”

That said, he said he was “blown away” when he seen it in action.

“Seeing it in action, I was totally blown away by it,” he further added. “It seems wasted on games, really.”

Natal’s due out by October.

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