Indie and other games of interest: XIII Century: Death or Glory, Scare Me, REO Speedwagon game

By Stephany Nunneley, Sunday, 8 November 2009 08:00 GMT


Loads of stuff this week in news for indie and other games of interest.

REO Speedwagon’s music has been used for a new game, Dark Salvation has a demo, PC specs for RTS game XIII Century: Death or Glory were released, and you can also find out how to scare the crap out of your pals using your Xbox 360. Good times.

It’s all through the break in a lovely wall of text.

  • Eurogamer France has some screens for Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. Looks divine. Go take a gander.
  • One of the submissions to the 2010 Independent Games Festival was Mon & Bot, a physics-based platformer that allows you to control two characters at the same time. One is Mon, and alien-thingie and the other a robot (Bot) and you must fight robots and try to escape the city. Mon’s powers allow you to create gravity fields and affect magnetic objects, while Bot throws things at enemies and shoots ’em with his gun. The full game is expected to be released next year, and you can get a preview of it over on GameSetWatch.
  • IndieGames’ browser-pick of the week is Pyroblossom. In it, you are a pilot named Red Rage, who goes on mercenary missions for money.While dodging bullets, and you have a psycho mode that allows you to become invisible for a few minutes. You can also purchase additional copters at the end of each level, and weapon upgrades are automatically handed over once you’re victorious and increase your ship’s level counter. More through the link.
  • Holy fuck. Sorry to use such language, but the “Take it on the Run” boys are getting a game based on them. That’s right. REO Speedwagon. It’s called Find Your Own Way Home, and the hidden object adventure game for PC and Mac download is the first of several games Curious Sense will produce with music acts. “The game uses several instrumental music tracks derived from REO Speedwagon music, and also features previously unreleased recordings of some of the band’s classic hits”. Full thing over on RPS.
  • XBL’s Scare Me allows you use your console to frighten others for 80 MS Points ($1). Sequences are filled with creepy images, and allow you to program your own in as well. One section called “Shock Game” allows you to bait friends into playing fake games for a few seconds before being startled to hell and back with a screaming death mask. More through Joystiq.
  • There’s a demo over on FileFront for The Treasures of Montezuma 2. In it, you’ll “power up totems and unleash special powers by making multiple matches of the same colored token. Then, you can rack up a high score by activating Score Frenzy with a series of insanely fast matches”. Go try it out.
  • Mangled Eye Studios’ FPS Dark Salvation has a demo for the game up. It’s full of demons and monsters to blow away with guns and such. The full game is available for purchase on Direct2Drive. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has more on it.
  • Since we’re on the subject of demos, RPS has pointed us in the direction of another. This time it’s for a game called Sacraboar. The game is a “real-time capture-the-pig strategy game”. Sounds wacky enough for us to warrant a try.
  • 1C Company has released the minimum and recommended PC specs for XIII Century: Death or Glory, its RTS game set in the Middle Ages. Gamer’s take on the role of a famous military leader of the 13th Century conquering all in their path. Such is life. Playable factions are the English, French, Germans, Mongols, and Russians (Kievan Rus’). There are five playable campaigns and thousands of units located on the battlefield at the same time. It’s out on November 20 for £19.99.
  • Europa Universalis 3: Heir to the Throne has been announced by Paradox Interactive. The third expansion will be made available on all major digital distribution outlets on December 15 and includes a new Casus Belli system allowing for specific war goals from start to finish, increased Holy Roman Empire and Papacy options for more powerful ruling, new diplomatic options for Merchant Republics, and more. Screens are over on GamersHell.
  • BigDownload has a preview of the environments players will be exploring in Mytheon, the free-to-play action-RPG from Petroglyph and True Games Interactive. Currently slated for a 2010 release, a Beta is expected soon. So while you wait, head on through the link and check out the areas of Colchis, The Shattered Isle, and The Dominion of Hades.
  • Like games based on TV shows? Then you are going to compose love songs to CBS, folks, as the super station  has announced new games based on their most special shows ever. Games currently in development or currently out are listed for you here in the post, and are being published from companies such as: Ludia, Ubisoft, Merscom, Legacy Interactive and Mindscape. Already out are: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Deadly Intent, and CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases. Available in 2010 will be: The Amazing Race, Survivor, Diagnosis Murder, Criminal Minds, and Ghost Whisperer. Full press release through IGN.
  • Umbrella Adventure: The Castle of Cake is a free platformer created by Ark 22. The story is about a gopher who smells sulfur and finds his stash of cakes stolen and must find these lovely, sweet bits of dessert. You’ll use your umbrella to beat up enemies, all the while discovering new ways to use it. There’s more to it than that though, and you can find out just what that is on the official site, along with a video.
  • Slated for release next year is hidden object game Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie. The murder mystery title has 30 locations, 17 puzzles, 13 mini-puzzles, and 13 haunted houses. There’s loads more over on GameGuru, and it really sounds rather fun.
  • GameSetWatch has put up it’s weekly list of IndieGames you should check out, and this week the list includes Eufloria along with “an experimental game set in a retirement home, a role-playing game with black and white pencil art for graphics, a turn-based strategy game about pushing blocks, and an on-rails platformer that plays a bit like a mix of recent favorites Canabalt and RunMan: Race Around the World.” Shew. Sounds like hours of indie gaming fun.
  • IndieGames has a preview up for Hello Games’ Joe Danger. In it, players will ride their motorbike in a fixed straight line, do jumps, and pull-off  some stunts. If this sounds like your cup of tea, wait until you have a look at it. You’ll want it, we’re sure.
  • Russian-based developer Gaijin Entertainment has announced Wings of Prey for PC, a WWII flight simulator slated for a December release. It has over 40 aircraft, more than 50 historic missions covering the air war in Europe, the ability to switch between simulation and arcade mode, and has four multiplayer modes with leaderboards, VOIP support, friends lists and more. DLC is expected to be released in 2010, and will consist of extra planes and missions. More through here. Thanks, Blue.

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