Acti Blizz: 34 million Guitar Hero tracks downloaded

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 7 May 2009 22:05 GMT


Acti Blizz has reported that over 34 million songs have been downloaded for the Guitar Hero franchise, and over 14 million bits of user-created content have been made through Guitar Hero: World Tour.

The company, speaking in its Q1 earnings call today, said that because of the popularity of music games, the genre is now an integral part of the company’s long term expansion plans.

Because of the demand, DJ Hero is being released to give gamers wanting a variety in music something else to play in their living rooms.

During the conference call, we think it was mentioned that more people buy music through the game than any other form of media. We’ll check the transcript when it is released to make sure, so don’t quote us just yet.

One thing that is a positive – more Guitar Hero and other rhythm-based games are in Acti Blizz’s future with a bomb.

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