Stormfront: We’re exploring all options

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 4 April 2008 06:30 GMT

Stormfront boss Don Daglow’s given an interview to GamerCyte following the news this week that the studio was to shut down, offering a glimmer of hope by saying that discussions are ongoing regarding the firm’s in-development projects.

“It becomes a very busy time,” he said. “We did have some ongoing discussions about our original IPs, that when we suspended operations… those discussions have continued and, ironically, new discussions have actually started, so we are exploring the possibility that maybe people will be able to be called back, but there’s no certainty of that at this point. We’re exploring all options, and one of those options would be that we would end up shutting down.”

Daglow refused to say the company had closed, instead preferring the term “suspended operations”. More through the link.

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