Capcom cans Gamers Day, announces CAPTIVATE08

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 28 March 2008 20:00 GMT

According to this blog post, Capcom has renamed its annual reveal event from Gamers Day to CAPTIVATE08. CAPTIVATE08, the most capitalised event in gaming, will still be held in Las Vegas, and will still be held in May. The main difference seems to be that some members of the public are going to be invited along.

“Do not despair if you’re part of the media have not been invited, however,” said the post. “There will be many, many opportunities to catch up with Capcom this year. There will be this year’s E3, of course (cue farting noise), Comic-con in San Diego, CES in Vegas in January, quarterly press tours to New York, LA and (constantly) throughout the Bay Area, as well as some international events (Games Convention in Germany, TGS). Heck, we may even put on a few more smaller events like Digital Day. Whew, I need to hire more people in PR.”

Hit the link for more.

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  • PSN Resident Evil trailer differs from CAPTIVATE08 footage

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