Logitech to exit console peripherals business

Logitech has announced its intention to cease manufacture of console accessories by the end of 2013.


Logitech headlines

  • Rumor: Logitech working on UMD drive for PSPgo

    Rumor floating about the net has Logitech working on an external UMD drive for PSPgo. According to a source close to CVG, it will allow users to whip out their UMDs and play them on the digital only handheld. When asked, Logitech’s UK end said that it was not aware of anything of the sort, […]

  • Wii to get wireless keyboard

    Logitech will soon be launching a cordless keyboard for Nintendo Wii, IGN reports. The peripheral manufacturer has obtained an official license from Nintendo, and the keyboard is designed for use in conjunction with “mass communication” titles such as Animal Crossing: City Folk. The keyboard will launch in August for $49.99. No price or date for […]

  • Logitech "pleased" with Q4 performance

    Today has to be the slowest news day in all history. Therefore, have some Logitech results. Apparently, for its fourth quater, the peripheral manufacturer “reported sales results of USD 601 million (EUR 376.9 million), up 17 per cent from last year’s quarter result of USD 513 million (EUR321.7 million). Operating income was USD 66.1 million […]