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  • Rumor: Rocksteady prepping new DLC for first Arkham Asylum?

    Batman appears when his enemies least expect him, and apparently, so does his DLC. With Arkham Asylum’s new-Batmobile smell long since worn away and a sequel pegged for later this year, Rocksteady’s somewhat surprisingly decided to revisit Batman’s first trip to the titular loony bin with some new DLC.

  • Rocksteady reckons that a Bane game could be "really crazy"

    Fresh off its BAFTA Game of the Year win for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady’s studio director Sefton Hill chatted a bit with VideoGamer about sequels.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY gets May release in the US

    The Game of the Year Edition for Batman: Arkham Asylum will be heading to the US in May.

  • Batman bought: Warner acquires Rocksteady

    Warner just announced it’s acquired a majority shareholding in Batman: Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady.

  • Uncharted 2 wins 10 AIAS awards at DICE

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has won big time at the AIAS awards: the Naughty Dog action title walked away with ten gongs. Get all the results below.

  • Crackdown 2 melee as "fluid" and "fun" as Arkham Asylum

    If you found Crackdown’s hand-to-hand combat a little weak, fret not: the sequel has melee action inspired by Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum.

  • Arkham Asylum: Hamill never expected to voice Joker again

    Mark Hamill has said that after playing The Joker in the Batman animated series from 1992-2004, he never expected to play the insane villain again – until he was asked to do Arkham Asylum.

  • Square Enix open to Western-developed Final Fantasy games

    What happens in Japan evidently doesn’t stay in Japan. It just takes more than two decades to leave. Speaking with Edge (via, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada gave a thumbs-up to the idea of a non-Japanese developed installment of his company’s flagship Final Fantasy series.

  • Batman dev rags on competition's "average content"

    Rocksteady dev boss Sefton Hill’s told Gama that there are “too many games out there that deliver lots of average content,” adding that “doing less” in terms of features ensured Batman’s high quality. “Some of the things that we really wanted to achieve were for Batman himself, so we didn’t want to overstretch with a […]

  • Prey in the Darkness Map Pack for Arkham Asylum hits tomorrow

    Eidos has announced that the Prey in the Darkness Map Pack for Batman: Arkham Asylum will land on Xbox Live and PSN tomorrow, and includes two additional Challenge Maps. Heart of Darkness FreeFlow Combat map: Players will battle waves of relentless and maniacal enemies at the Arkham Pumping Station. Hothouse Prey Invisible Predator map: Players […]

  • Batman ships 2.5 million units

    Square said today that Batman: Arkham Asylum has so far shipped 2.5 million copies. The company, understandably, is pleased. “Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of the stand-out games this year,” said Eidos CEO Phil Rogers. “I’ve been following the great reviews and consumer blogs and I’m delighted that gamers everywhere love playing this game as […]

  • Batman and Red Faction: Guerrilla now on Steam in US

    Batman: Arkham Asylum and Red Faction: Guerrilla are now available on Steam in the US and coming later this week to additional territories. Also available are Resident Evil 5 and Zuma’s Revenge in certain territories as well. Loads more info is available on Steam, and through each game link, but Evil Avatar has it all […]

  • Eidos implements copyright protection on Batman: Arkham Asylum

    A reported bug over on the Batman: Arkham Asylum forums has led Eidos to reveal that there’s not an actual bug in the game, but a code to make the game virtually unplayable if the copy has been pirated. Apparently, a user complained that the glide function within the game – which is extremely important […]

  • Batman Insane Night DLC contains two Challenge Maps

    The first of Batman’s free DLC packs, Insane Night, will contain two Challenge Maps when it releases for PC, 360 and PS3 on September 17. The levels are called Totally Insane and Nocturnal Hunter. Details after the break. A second pack, Prey in the Darkness, will land on September 24.

  • UK charts: GH5 beats Beatles: Rock Band in Battle of the Bands

    Guitar Hero 5 has beaten The Beatles: Rock Band to No. 1 in the latest UK charts. Harmonix’s effort didnt even land in the top three, only getting to four in the charts. DiRT 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum round off the top three. Top ten is below. You can find last weeks data here.

  • First bit of Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC will be Insane Knight

    Mike Kebby, from SCEE’s PlayStation Store Team, has posted on the EU PS Blog that the upcoming DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum landing on September 17 will be Insane Knight. The other bit of DLC, Prey in the Darkness, will land on September 24. This confirms rumors from earlier in the week. You can find […]

  • Report: Arkham Asylum has sold close to 2 million units since launch

    Buried in a piece on Warner Bros.’ formation of DC Entertainment, the LA Times has thrown in figures for Batman: Arkham Asylum. According to the report, the game – which was released on August 25 – has already moved “nearly two million units in less than a month” and calling it a “major hit”. Technically, […]

  • Free Arkham Asylum DLC dropping September 17 for all formats

    According to the PS3 news ticker, Batman: Arkham Asylum’s getting free DLC on September 17, and Eidos has confirmed that it will be made available for PC and Xbox 360 as well. This bit was confirmed as a multiplatform DLC release when a spokesperson replied to a question regarding it on the official Batman forums. […]

  • Rumour - Free DLC for Batman next week [Update]

    Joystiq’s carrying an image of the Batman menu screen showing a message about some free DLC: it’s coming next week, apparently. Rocksteady’s Paul Crocker did mention “the DLC” in an interview with us recently, but refused to go into detail. Just checking now. Update – Just got this from UK PR: “We can’t talk about […]

  • UK charts: Arkham Asylum maintains No. 1 spot

    Batman: Arkham Asylum’s managed to maintain the number one spot in this weeks UK charts, and a surprise inclusion in the top three is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The two year-old Infinity Ward title crept in at number three thanks to the game being bundled with the recently-released PS3 Slim. Find this weeks […]


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