Asymmetrical horror game Kaidan seeks Kickstarter backers

Monday, 29 February 2016 04:07 GMT By James O'Connor

Kaidan, a multiplayer horror game that seeks to give players a huge degree of authorial control, is asking for funds on Kickstarter.

The game, which is asking for $75,000, has an intruiging premise. You can either be a ‘victim’ or a ‘haunter’ – several players can explore a haunted building while the other sneaks around in ethereal form, setting traps, trying to scare other players, and eventually attacking them.

There’s a heavy storytelling component too, with players being able to craft their own narratives and scenarios. A prototype of the story-telling system featured in the full game is available here.

If you get in now, you can get a copy of the game for a $15 pledge, until the Early Bird pledges run out (at which point you’ll need to put down $20).

If you’ve got $10,000 to spare, the team will include you in the game as one of the haunters.

If it’s funded, Kaidan will appear on PC, Mac, and PS4.