This ‘GayStation’ PS4 can be yours – if you’re feeling very charitable

Monday, 28th July 2014 15:24 GMT By Matt Martin

This very limited edition ‘GayStation’ PS4 paint job is being auctioned off for charity.

Retailer is auctioning the custom model as part of the Stockholm Pride Festival, with proceeds going to the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights, according to CVG.


You can bid on the PS4 here if you want to. As of the time of writing bids currently stand at 17,100 Swedish Krona, which is over $2,500.

The auction doesn’t end until August 3rd.



  1. ManuOtaku

    I will not buy this, because my daughter and my son probably will fight over it, it is very lovely and flamboyant. I dont know why they call it gaystation, looks more like a kidstation to me, pretty colors and a pixelated heart, but whatever,it is for a good cause.

    #1 5 months ago
  2. polygem

    Splendid baby…

    #2 5 months ago
  3. Taustin Powers

    For normal retail price, I’d buy it – looks awesome!!

    #3 5 months ago
  4. thegrimmling


    Playstation sees no gender

    #4 5 months ago
  5. mineral4r7s

    #1 maybe its about the original meaning of gay? before it turned into a synonym for homosexuality.

    #5 5 months ago
  6. Gekidami

    GayStation because its being sold in honour of the Stockholm Pride Festival, because the money goes to a LGBT Rights group, because it has the rainbow flag on it which has been tied to gay rights since the 1970′s.

    …Its pretty self explanatory…

    #6 5 months ago
  7. schnide

    Six comments from gamers on a gay-related news story and not a single one of them is homophobic?

    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

    PROGRESS. Be proud, people.

    #7 5 months ago
  8. Rosseu

    I’m a sucker for vibrant colors. I’d buy this if it was retail price

    #8 5 months ago
  9. Rosseu


    Only ignorant fools are homophobic

    #9 5 months ago
  10. Darkfield

    I for one think all the PS4 should come out like this, it’s beautiful.

    #10 5 months ago
  11. Doppleganger

    Lol. If this was an xbox topic you ps fan boys would be having a field day! Love how you’re all trying to turn it into such a positive, cause you’re panties are wedged between your legs right now.
    Glad to see. :)

    #11 5 months ago
  12. marporte

    Xbox fanboys coined the phrase “gaystation” and someone took that comment that sounds antigay into a positive. Xbox has had lits of limited editions X1 this past week. The only comment X1 has is XBone but it doesn’t really discriminate against anyone. It would be cool if they had a spartan dog eating a Cortana like growing bone.

    #12 5 months ago
  13. ninjakenzen

    If they got rid of the pixel heart, I would dig it much more.

    Allow calling it gaystation though. It’s a tragedy that rainbow styled designs are becoming synonymous with LGBT pride. I’m all for equality and blah blah blah but why take the colors man? whyyyyyyy

    #13 5 months ago
  14. Darkfield

    @Doppleganger that’s quite irrelevant, we’re talking about the design not the platform. So would you kindly go plough yourself?

    #14 5 months ago
  15. wicktus

    I just think that those kind of articles tend to create a ‘ gaymer stereotype’ : rainbow + heart, gaymers are always happy, full of love and see rainbows everywhere,…

    making sure gays do not feel rejected in while playing, that i’m 200% with that, every online games has it “cheater gay assl#cker” insults lot, i’m thinking COD of course but other games.
    of course.

    And of course incoporating the right to choose in games like mass effect, sims etc

    #15 5 months ago
  16. Obernox

    It’s pretty tacky tbh.

    The pixelated heart is nice though.

    #16 5 months ago
  17. The_Red

    The black and same-ish color pallets of both PS4 and XB1 is really boring.

    If this was Sony’s main line and they had released it earlier, I would have absolutely chosen it over my normal PS4 (Goddamit why did Sony have to announce a white PS4).

    #17 5 months ago
  18. Game Hunter

    Hmmm,aren’t we in the 8th generation?so what’s the deal with the 16bit heart?WE NEED A HEART IN GLORIOUS 1080P!

    #18 5 months ago
  19. ManuOtaku

    Worth pointing out, when i asked why they call it gaystation, was mainly because the word gay is use with a very negative connotations. thats what i do not get, they might call it the homostation or anything on those lines, without the use of a word with such negativity – strong sentiment torwards a population.

    #19 5 months ago
  20. waltran

    Are you sure that this is not some kind of trolling? Any to point i think this name “GayStation” is sexist, can’t a man or a woman appreciate colours?

    #20 5 months ago
  21. ManuOtaku

    @Game Hunter that would drop the framerate to 30, therefore it was not approve by the board.

    #21 5 months ago
  22. Calistarius

    @ManuOtaku This thing is from sweden, where I live, and here, the word “gay” does not have any negative connotation. Unless you use it as an insult and all that of course. Otherwise its fine and just a way to say “homosexual” with fewer letters.

    #22 5 months ago
  23. ManuOtaku

    @Calistarius ok thanks for the tip, i didnt knew that, grear to know.

    #23 5 months ago
  24. Shinji10TH

    I don’t know why they promote this shit.
    Plus, I really don’t get this “homophobic”crap, nobody is scared of some filthy gays, but you sure despise them, and I’m mostly disgusted by their existence on our planet.

    #24 5 months ago
  25. Panthro

    I have a PS4 but am a through and through PC gamer now, the PS4 is irrelevant until Bloodborne and MGSV comes out, they look fucking incredible.

    This is an awesome attempt at raising money for a charity, I dont think it really should be a charity and cannot believe some people are still living that far in the past, hopefully by the next generation of children the ignorance has phased out… But awesome, really good, glad to see someone doing this and I would bid for it if I wasn’t so broke, its a pretty good PS4 skin with good reasoning behind it.


    #25 5 months ago
  26. dontbescaredhomie92

    I struggle to find the distinction?

    #26 5 months ago
  27. Keljo85

    WTF? People really pushing this gay shit these day really hard… Fuck out of here gaystation? Give me a fucking break good cause fuck out with this shit!

    #27 5 months ago
  28. unknown_gamer

    I highly despise fags , but this design looks fancy
    PS : the pixelated heart looks so good

    #28 5 months ago
  29. nephilimscumustdie

    Funny how more people these days are more tolerant towards sodomites than Christians. I think that’s bullshit. This should be called the Sodomitestation. If you’re sooo proud…

    #29 5 months ago
  30. PCMasterRace1991

    Man fuck this shit its all bullshit quit telling us gays are normal and deserve not to be rejected you western people have so missed up minds you encourage all forms of deviation from the straight path gays trans lesbians all those people are freaks and will cause more harm to humanity than benefit men with men cant raise a family the female has some rolls that no man in the world can provide every child has the right to have mother and father not fucking 2 men who love their assholes to be filled !

    this is so wrong you people have washed up minds by western media that gay is normal its not at all ! If it was normal why gay people have to come out and say their gay ??? Every one of you know that gay is the devils way and even in the bible it says its wrong men should not have sex with men as well women with women all true religions ( islam – christian – jewish ) reject homosexuality and says its devil way !

    This gay thing is so wrong in the next few years usa will fall because their will be no strong families no great society all people want is to fill their sexual animal desires no body want to get married and raise kids in healthy environment most children of usa are bastards with single teen moms fuck this shit you promote gay lesbian tranny teen sex so missed up people you gonna see the bad outcomes really soon ( no proper family – STDs – bastards every where ) which will lead to high crime rate and failure of community

    Transsexual is the most fucked up shit I have ever seen you fuck them as women but with dicks !!!

    No thing is better than man marry a woman and have kids just like our father and mother Adam and Eve and thats how humanity will continue to exist every other way will diminish humanity from earth end of story

    #30 5 months ago
  31. mineral4r7s

    @PCMasterRace1991 Damn. You are insane. You should seek professional help. And tune down a bit on the religion it’s poisoning your mind. Also please look up the meaning of gay. It was supposed to mean colorful, happy, joyful before it got turned into a word to harass homosexuals. Even though I find it strange that being called colorful, happy and joyful is harassment but hey it’s society.

    #31 5 months ago
  32. Rafa_L

    I’m actually surprised with the nice comments, made me happy =]

    And the offensive ones are so insane I can’t take them seriously, so I don’t mind.

    If it was at retail price I would get it!

    #32 5 months ago
  33. Digital Bamboo

    Was wondering where all the ignorant fools were after reading all those positive comments.

    Aaaand they’re here. They’re just late, like their antiquated beliefs. I think I actually lost a few IQ points reading PC1991′s comment. Welp, there’s 5 bans incoming, anyway.

    @ManuOtaku, waltran While this paint job is not really my style (though it does have a certain 80′s Apple computer charm to it) I don’t think the “gaystation” name is offensive. In Canada, men and women who are gay use the word to self-identify, and there is also a yearly Gay Pride Parade, which includes men, women and anyone else in the LGBT community who wishes to participate (“gaymers” included). I attended it one year with my wife–they had a gay Cloud Strife!

    #33 5 months ago
  34. PCMasterRace1991

    @Digital Bamboo you are so hypocrates ! You pretend equality for everyone ( including gays to prctice their love in public and marry and adopt children ! ) but when it comes to muslim women wearing Hijab you all reject the right for them to practice their religion freely and say its old shit and they are crazy people why ?? every one who wears Hijab or have a beard is terrorist untill proven otherwise !! Isnt this discrmination at its ugliest forms ?! Or muslims are fillthy bastards who doesnt deserve to live and do their belives freely but gays have all the rights to do so ? See how missed up your minds are ?

    #34 5 months ago
  35. Darkfield

    @nephilimscumustdie Your religious beliefs offends me, bigoted cave dweller.

    So riddle me this, where’s your ploughing god? He who used to flood the earth, where’s the bleeding fire and brimstone? why has he abandoned his ignorant flock? Are we not drowning in sin? aren’t these LGBT movements bigger than whatever was going on back when the God had time to rain down fire and water upon the creation? Aren’t we Godless heathens reason enough for him to run one of his correctional programs to eradicate us and his mistakes altogether? Where hath he gone when his flock so desperately need his wrath and attention? Why aren’t we burning already? at least drown us with a flood so the faithful can start anew and save the human race from sin and all of the other crap. Where the ploughing hell is the miracle baby? Where’s Jesus?! He should’ve been back by now.

    Oh, no it cannot be! The God is surely dead otherwise all the terrible things dropping down from the sky should have erased his mistakes by now.

    PS: I’m just having a piss, it’s fun

    #35 5 months ago
  36. Darkfield

    @PCMasterRace1991 How comparable! Forcing people into rags is entirely opposite of what freedom means. I for one don’t care if someone wants to wear hijab. But where I live women are forced into wearing it. So that’s why I only say this people like you: Sod off.

    I have beard, I rarely shave because I like it, Dave Cook has beard and he’s rather found of it, I’m positively sure that there are bearded people all around this site and in the world that are not Muslim or religious for that matter. Beard is not a Muslim trademark. Again, Sod off.

    #36 5 months ago
  37. derpex

    Big surprise, the poster calling themselves “pcmasterrace” is the most hateful and mentally ill one here.

    #37 5 months ago
  38. Digital Bamboo

    @PCMasterRace1991 What in the hell are you talking about? You just fabricated that entire “argument” out of thin air–check the state of your own mind.

    #38 5 months ago
  39. Vice

    Fuck off with this faggotry shit, these sick fucks don’t deserve any rights. They only deserve research to cure them from this shit.

    Swedish people are seriously not ok in the head…

    #39 5 months ago
  40. Darkfield

    @Vice And how do we cure you of your shit?

    #40 5 months ago
  41. nephilimscumustdie

    @Darkfield I never mentioned anything religious. Sodomite just happened to be the original term. Homosexual is a pretty new word. I will say this about “religion” or what I refer to as truth. Hell is real. For those that do not believe in Jesus that is where they will be headed. Not just for those that are gay. Also it’s a sin to lust after a woman, like Jesus said. Christ died on the cross for our sins. So those that believe in his love and sacrifice would be saved. I love everyone and hate no one. The most intolerant are those that scream from tolerance. I pray God gives you a vision of hell. May you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ before its too late. I pray that the Holy Spirit convicts your heart. If I didn’t evangelize to you; I would hate you. Even Penn Jillette says that if a Christian does not proseltize he hates you! In love…

    #41 5 months ago
  42. The_Red

    Dude, you are arguing with either:
    1. Troll clickbait accounts that enjoy your reactions (A provoker).
    2. Bigoted, extremist religious fanatics who will kill you and your whole family just for looking at them or their god the wrong way.

    Either case is fruitless (Though at least the first group is not committing crimes against humanity and innocents every day so the asshole net troll is the better of the two by default!).

    #42 5 months ago
  43. Raynor

    what the hell! Why the hell “GAYstation” ?? being gay is a Betrayal against Mother Nature. just don’t bring these craps in gamers world .

    #43 5 months ago
  44. Darkfield

    @The_Red I know, I’m just having a laugh at their expense.

    #44 5 months ago
  45. polygem

    to all those people bringing religion into this. god is about love and compassion. that is the key message right there. always was. it is a simple message, a strong one, an important one.

    religions seem to forget that because they try to abuse faith in order to gain power.

    it is wrong on all levels and it results in the chaos we have today. the churches and religions are responsible for a lot of problems we are facing because they abuse their power to gain more power. it is no spiritual power though but a very very egoistic and secular one, materialistic power.

    the message is easy. show compassion. always. for everyone.

    get that rule straight first, act by that in real life…then you can teach others about religious beliefs.

    if you can´t deliver that, like most of the loudest so called religious people can´t unfortunately…you just look like a fool because you didn´t even understand the key elements of what you are preaching.

    get one comma wrong in a mathematical formula and the whole result will be wrong. the same applies here. your result is wrong.

    sit down, look for the error, solve it, then you can start to educate others (compassionately educate others though please without that hate filled nonsense – that´s just narcissism anyway).

    #45 5 months ago
  46. Raynor

    totally agreed! but don’t mind . many of them end up killing their self when its too late for marriage and having someone to keep their legacy.

    #46 5 months ago
  47. silkvg247

    @Raynor It’s hilarious that you use mother nature as an excuse, given as she’s the one creating gay people and animals in the first place. :)

    I think the console looks great, I’m kind of envious that I could never afford it.

    #47 5 months ago
  48. kisame

    i wonder with what will Xbox fans come out now cos the GayStation is a realty lol

    #48 5 months ago
  49. Raynor

    @polygem . think about it … one: if it was right then why every religion prohibited “it”? two: I love my friend but it doesn’t mean I should put my thing into his hole ! instead we R like brothers we always help each other in every matter … like every normal human in the world . don’t you have such a friend ?

    #49 5 months ago
  50. Raynor

    @silkvg247 no its hilarious that how you ignore this fact the mother nature doesn’t create any one as gay or lesbian . she made “man” and “woman” so humans can continue.

    #50 5 months ago

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