8 things PC gamers are always wrong about

Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 16:19 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Come on. They call themselves “The Master Race”. They have to be wrong about everything. Especially these things.

1 – “It’ll look better on PC.”


It depends on the PC, doesn’t it? If you’ve dropped a mortgage on a graphics card and have 14 times more RAM than it’s actually possible for Windows to access, the yes, it might. Tell you one thing, though: Destiny looks better on PS4.

2 – “It’ll perform better on PC.”


Because PC ports are always so well done. And, again, it depends on whether or not you bought your PC within the last two years. The last time I checked, frame-dropping, windowed resolutions and all the things you have to turn off to get anything running properly are pretty much standard on older boxes. It’s like saying jet fighters perform better than seagulls.

3 – Console gaming’s for kids.


Seriously, just fuck off. If you’re bringing this one out it’s nail through the foreskin time.

4 – PC gaming’s no more expensive than console gaming.


It really, really is. You may be able to build a respectable unit for not-a-million-pounds, but then you have the monitor, the keyboard and whatever else. Yes, you have to buy a TV to play console games on, but if you don’t already own one you’re probably either over 90 years old or you’re some kind of book-reading Luddite (and that’s the worst kind of Luddite).

5 – Building a modern PC’s an easy as LEGO.


LEGO doesn’t involve crawling around on a dusty floor with a Phillips screwdriver in a mess of wires praying you don’t snap the mounting off a PCI slot.

6 – You can build a gaming PC for a fiver.


Yes, you can build a “gaming PC” for under $300, if you use absolutely the cheapest gear available. It is possible. But that’s assuming you already have all the peripherals and you’re content with running on lower settings. And avoiding most of the bigger modern games. And not having any storage. And being the sort of person that sits it dark rooms because lightbulbs cost money.

7 – FPS is better on PC.


No it isn’t. It’s a matter of preference. Both PC and console FPS works just fine.

8 – Online is better on PC.


If you honestly think that the online experience on consoles isn’t solid, then you should buy one just to educate yourself. Don’t forget to gloss over all those evenings on PC when no one can hear each other, someone’s getting constantly kicked and there’s so much lag you end up shooting shadows until bedtime.

9 – Indie is better on PC


Yep, fair enough. You can have that one.

Tomorrow: why console gamers are blinkered and insane!

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  1. TenPint

    Troll bait, move along.

    #1 5 months ago
  2. Legendaryboss

    Oh dear.

    #2 5 months ago
  3. Badumtsss

    Trollbait of the year.

    #3 5 months ago
  4. Patrick Garratt

    I’ve got nothing better to do, to be honest.

    #4 5 months ago
  5. lexph3re

    Oh I can’t wait for the blinkered and insane article.

    #5 5 months ago
  6. joshua nash

    I see this article is nothing more then the site poking “the master race” with a sharp pointy stick, gee you guys must really need the views to put something like this up

    #6 5 months ago
  7. truekeitaro

    Is this copied and pasted from every multi platformed game comment section with some pictures added in?

    #7 5 months ago
  8. Obernox

    You forgot about being omnipotent.

    jk jk.

    #8 5 months ago
  9. runbmp

    Must be a slow news day at VG… trolling with this misinformation on such a grand scale. I feel a bite coming!

    #9 5 months ago
  10. Aton


    #10 5 months ago
  11. Erthazus

    #11 5 months ago
  12. jecba

    I like that wrong is a tag, pretty much sums up this article…

    #12 5 months ago
  13. markusfenix74

    hehe. Console gamer: “8 things PC gamers are always wrong about,” and wrote 9 things :D

    #13 5 months ago
  14. digmouse

    I don’t really get the point Pat, despite you are right about some of it. Let’s just play games and live happy together no matter what you play on.

    #14 5 months ago
  15. Hunam

    I guess being a newsite wasn’t good enough.

    You guys aren’t even trying anymore. It’s getting sad to watch.

    #15 5 months ago
  16. jmg24bad

    Let the pc master race butt hurt begin

    #16 5 months ago
  17. naffgeek

    @markusfenix74 but there were 8 things they were wrong about :) (allegedly!)

    #17 5 months ago
  18. Catalyzer

    Brace yourselves , a storm is coming !

    #18 5 months ago
  19. FabioPal

    @Patrick Garratt You might not have anything better to do but this… this is just a clusterfuck (you said you like this word) of pointless, biased bullshit.

    This site was far, far better than this.

    #19 5 months ago
  20. Ge0force

    I guess this article was meant to be funny, but it reads too much as fanboy nonsense. And to be honest, there’s enough of that already on almost every gamessite :)

    #20 5 months ago
  21. DacoitONE

    To think I always thought this was a reputable site that was open minded and above all else completely non biased towards any one particular type of gamer, that’s what made me visit it all these years. That was until today – fuck was I wrong.

    Whoever allowed this so called article to be put up needs bloody shooting.

    #21 5 months ago
  22. HyperDerp69

    If you’ve nothing better to do Pat, perhaps you could try and stop this website becoming an awful Buzzfeed pastiche and write some decent news posts for a change. This site has never been a paragon of journalism but it’s getting ridiculous.

    #22 5 months ago
  23. FabioPal

    @DacoitONE +1

    #23 5 months ago
  24. DacoitONE

    Never thought I’d ever unfollow VG247. Tis a sad sad day.

    #24 5 months ago
  25. DonnyChi

    So, is this meant to be satirical or are you 12? Seriously, Destiny looks better on PS4? As opposed to what? All the other shitty-console versions? It’s not even on PC!

    #25 5 months ago
  26. markusfenix74

    from reddit:
    “There are so many half-assed arguments in that article its not even funny. Was it written by a journalist or a 5th grader? FPS isn’t better on PC, its a matter of preference? – I can prefer to eat shit that doesn’t mean it taste better than steak, it just means I’m likely retarded.”

    #26 5 months ago
  27. Se_7_eN

    Pat you should stop writing articles, you are bringing down the site you founded…. Leave it to Stephany, Brenna, Matt and Dave please.

    #27 5 months ago
  28. ChristopherJack

    When people talk about gaming & mention PC, they’re talking about gaming PCs & on that basis alone I disagree with the large majority of this article.

    1- Yes, almost universally games look better on PC with the right gear.

    2- Again, almost universally games perform better on PC with the right gear. There are a few half arsed ports but the real issue is driver support but again with the right gear you’ll find yourself with a higher resolution, better frame rate & for those bugs that the devs won’t get, mod support.

    3- I agree with you here, console gaming isn’t just for kids but it’s much simpler & in turn, more popular among kinds.

    4- Disagreed, most places you can build a PC for a similar price & comparable(if not better) specs than a console. You mention monitors but a PC can be used in an existing TV too & you’ve not taken into consideration the prices after the initial purchase which are significantly lower on PC, by that I mean games through digital channels & accessories are also much more varied & can universally bought at a significantly reduced price.

    5- I disagree, building lego models is harder, much harder. Computers have simple instructions an 8 year old can follow. All that is required is the knowledge of the name of parts & what they look like.

    6- You can build a good computer for a respectable price, just shop around.

    7- While it is a matter of preference the, the keyboard & mouse approach is much more accurate & allows for many more hotkeys so while in some ways better maybe subjective, the genera consensus shows that speed & accuracy is indeed better.

    8- Generally online is better. For starters it’s free, minus MMOs, secondly higher player counts, then there’s also more dedicated servers & often more features.

    Consoles have their positives, mostly their simplicity, uniformity & standardizations but they can also be considered negatives. Truthfully the only real advantage to own a console if you can get a good PC is for exclusives & imo, atm, neither PS4 or XB1 offer enough good exclusive content to consider.

    #28 5 months ago
  29. foofly

    I thought I was on Kotaku for a moment then.

    #29 5 months ago
  30. orren

    “8 things PC gamers are always wrong about”

    You are contradicting yourself in the first ‘thing’.

    If it depends on the PC, then they are not always wrong about this, are they.

    #30 5 months ago
  31. Legendaryboss

    @Patrick Garratt Plenty of things on this site you could be doing, or you could play Destiny or…

    #31 5 months ago
  32. Panthro

    Hahahaha nice one.

    I felt like ignoring this one, but I too have nothing better to do.

    1 – “It’ll look better on PC.”

    Yep, they always do.
    “But you have to have a super PC to run better looking games”
    No you don’t, but guess what, with that perspective, you also need a new console to get better looking games, you aren’t expecting to be playing Destiny on your PS2 either are you? If you don’t have a PC up to par that’s your fault, also, PC’s don’t just ‘expire’ within a few years like you are making them out to, don’t be so silly.

    I built my nephew a £300 PC (includes monitor, keyboard etc etc) which close to maxes out BF3 at 720p, which is what he’s playing at, he’s 9, he doesn’t need 1080p so no loss.

    2 – “It’ll perform better on PC.”

    And GTA IV DID perform better on PC, it was a terribly made game for all platforms, I completed it on PS3 first, it’s borderline unplayable when I go back to it now.

    3 – Console gaming’s for kids.

    Is technically, it has a far larger fanbase where children are one of the leading demographics.
    Cannot argue with that, due to the believed initial price of a PC along with how cheap consoles become and the peer pressure of owning the same system as your friends.

    4 – PC gaming’s no more expensive than console gaming.

    You could build a good gaming PC for £400, under the price of an Xbox One, don’t believe me? probably don’t care enough to learn, should I post the link? Why not,

    Thats actually an overkill build to, it would ‘keep up’ with “next gen” (if you need that) if you don’t an R9 270 and the 750k could be replaced with cheaper components and still give you a great gaming experience.

    5 – Building a modern PC’s an easy as LEGO.

    Not as easy as most make out, also no as hard as people would like to believe.

    6 – You can build a gaming PC for a fiver.


    7 – FPS is better on PC.

    Ha, first person shooters with a controller, clunky as fuck, after using a mouse I cannot go back to it, all about preference, choice and if you have ever used anything other than a controller to game with.

    8 – Online is better on PC.

    This is debatable for what you want, when I gamed on console it seemed like I was at the top of the leaderboard 90% of the time, on PC it”s different, there’s a big learning curve, people seem waaaay better on PC than console gamers.

    Also, “online” is a pretty broad word, if you mean gameplay and experiences you will get far better and unique experiences in games on PC due to mods, flexibility of what you can do with a server etc.
    With a console it’s basically just what the developers make for you, which is boring imo.

    9 – Indie is better on PC

    Atleast you got that right.

    #32 5 months ago
  33. budoshi

    1 lol. was thinking the same. .. moving along.

    #33 5 months ago
  34. DarkElfa

    Sorry, but go and fuck yourself Pat.

    #34 5 months ago
  35. CPC_RedDawn


    Troll Bait this is,

    You are pathetic, I had this site bookmarked and visit it almost everyday for my gaming news.

    You just lost a customer in me, this is the most trollbait article I have ever seen in my life and if you call this journalism you need to have your heads seeing to. Also whoever wrote this needs firing right now.

    Goodbye VG247 I will never ever visit this site ever again.

    #35 5 months ago
  36. Panthro

    If you are going to sit and create an entire article trying to belittle PC gamers at least either do it properly or put a creative spin on it, this is embarrassing.

    #36 5 months ago
  37. thegrimmling

    @Patrick Garratt Do you live off the hate & tears from your users?

    #37 5 months ago
  38. The_Red

    “console gaming isn’t just for kids but it’s much simpler & in turn, more popular among kinds.”

    Funny. I didn’t know EVO champions were lame idiots who love “simpler” games.
    This is it. This is PC fanboyism in its purest form. This is the school of thought that truly believes console games are “simplified” experiences for “masses”.

    #38 5 months ago
  39. mamu-ti


    #39 5 months ago
  40. DacoitONE

    @thegrimmling If he didn’t he fucking does now.

    I fail to believe VG didn’t even question the response this pathetic click bait article would receive. I thought you were better than this VG.

    #40 5 months ago
  41. Narcotic

    Wow…just from a journalistic standpoint, the existence of the article is pretty disguisting and/or amazing. There is literally no point, no statement here. This is the very definition of clickbait. At least Buzzfeed actually tries to entertain you after you clicked on their misleading, terrible headlines…you didn’t even try that. But i’s also kind of the logical conclusion to the headlines and articles this site has been publishing during the last few months.

    It’s a shame.

    #41 5 months ago
  42. Panthro


    That’s what a console is though; a very simple, locked down PC for people who just want to pay, plug and play.
    Is he wrong? I don’t think he is at all.
    His point is completely valid, they are for simple experiences for people who literally just want a locked down simple gaming experience.
    In all the years I only gamed on a console (18 years) I would sum them up as pretty much: story mode and deathmatches, the experiences never really went beyond that.

    #42 5 months ago
  43. MrArthas

    This post first of all is just a bunch of click bait for one.

    1. This point I can agree with to an extent. The way a game looks is always hardware dependent but generally, most ports from the consoles will look better on equivalent hardware as they can have greater post processing effects, higher resolution visuals and better frame rates but that depends if the dev puts effort in to make these possible

    2. Similar to the first point, its down to hardware and quality of the port but if you have capable hardware, it will run better and you forget to mention that PC gamers can modify the settings of the graphics to fine tune the game to their systems and make a great compromise. On consoles, its either graphics or performance, users have NO choice in the matter. I have no doubt by the end of the gen we will have 720p, no AA, 30FPS, blurry games on the consoles but some graphical sparkles.

    3. Consoles gaming isnt FOR kids but they are the main demographic present on consoles. Its simply down to financials with this, Joe Public isnt going to spend $1000 for his kid to play Minecraft and CoD on PC, he’ll plonk down $400 for a PS4/XB1 or less for a 360/PS3. If cost wasnt a barrier(at least perceived), more kids would come to PC as there are numerous games kids would like. Its best they remain on consoles though, i was on a GMOD server last night and they had 14-15 year old moderators on there acting childish.

    4. You didnt exactly go for with this. Sure, a DECENT PC that can match next gen will cost a fair bit but not everyone wants a PC that can play next gen games, the beauty of the PC is that you can buy hardware appropriate to YOUR needs, not Microsoft and Sony’s needs. PC games tend to be 25% cheaper, you dont have to pay a multiplayer subscription yearly and games lower in price over time as they SHOULD.

    5. Eh, thats accurate

    6. Like I said in point 4, you buy hardware that is appropriate for your needs. You can spend $500 to build a respectable system that can run recent games well and they look good but it wont do many next games, the great thing of the PC is that devs arent all graphic obsessed like on the consoles

    7. Yes, it is preference, someone gets it. I myself prefer M&K.

    8. Online…..I’m sorry but it just is better on PC. Firstly, outside MMO’s, its free. No dumb susbcription that treats it like its a luxury, its not, its standard. Online communities on PC live MUCH longer on PC than on console for MANY games. Steam and Origin provide wholesome multiplayer experiences that equal and better XBL/PSN/Nintendo Online. Trust me, I was an Xbox Live member for 4 years so I know what I am on about, it wasnt a special experience at all. Party Chat….PC already does it with Skype and others and with better quality, xbox live doesnt offer anything different than what PC provides really.

    9- Yep, PC is the indie haven but not just indies. PC has the most exclusives, the largest back catalog and the greatest varieties of games ever. Period. To me, only the PS2 can rival that truly. Its a shame that consoles just cant do backwards compatability because Microsoft and Sony chose funky architectures( PowerPC, boy I hate IBM) that screw up recompiling and optimising code for backwards compatability. I hope from here on out that Microsoft and Sony stay x86, Nintendo has to stay PowerPC to maintain backwards compatability unless it does something funky

    #43 5 months ago
  44. Legendaryboss

    “This is the very definition of clickbait.” And it works every single time, otherwise we wouldn’t be getting them.

    #44 5 months ago
  45. MrArthas

    @Panthro I’m sorry but that whole plug and play argument died after the 6th gen ended. Since they went online, the maintanance of these systems just became as stressful as maintaining a PC, that and constant updates all of the time

    #45 5 months ago
  46. DacoitONE

    VG247 ‏@VG247
    It’s supposed to be a joke :(

    I hope it was worth it.

    #46 5 months ago
  47. Narcotic

    @Legendaryboss Sure it does. But if we are using that argument, VG247 should probably start creating Booth Babe slideshows or do a few Top Lists with the HOTTEST GIRLS IN GAMING. That wouldn’t be too big of a step.

    Most sites aren’t doing that because they value their readership’s trust and know how important it is to keep your integrity in this business. You CAN always go for the cheap, easy way if you don’t have a sense of integrity or if you don’t care how you make your money. I understand that VG247 will probably gain quite a few clicks by doing that. Going forward, I just won’t be one of those clicks.

    #47 5 months ago
  48. Panthro


    Regardless, they are still regarded as plug and play.

    #48 5 months ago
  49. ChristopherJack

    @The_Red Since when did simple exclusively mean dumb? It’s the simplicity of the controller which is why fighting games are more successful on console, in this scenario camera accuracy is a non-factor so the mouses accuracy & movement speed become irrelevant & while I suppose someone using the keyboard exclusively could compete with someone using a dualshock (being generally able to press more buttons at once), it’s just easier[AKA simpler] to use the dualshock & your thumbs.

    Similar reasons apply for racing games & sports genres & why both still sell best on console but keep in mind you can find controllers for PC too, the issue there is compatibility isn’t generally universal so again, it’s just simpler to use a console+controllers for these 3 genres & even more.

    #49 5 months ago
  50. Stardog

    Boring. They’re all easy to disprove using evidence.

    #50 5 months ago
  51. fearmonkey

    Lol Patrick :) You certainly reeled them in with this article, I love it haha.

    A million comments are coming to tell you why you are wrong, tons of fish that will pick up the bait :)

    #51 5 months ago
  52. Panthro


    Not arguing with your point about the sports genre being more popular on console (because it is) but go find me a popular sports game on console which is also on PC that doesn’t have controller support.

    IMO it has nothing to do with controllers/ keyboards and more to do with the demographic of people who own either platform, there different, hence the difference in sales between genres.

    #52 5 months ago
  53. Matt Martin

    It’s a fun article. Relax a bit. Don’t take it personal. Have fun.

    #53 5 months ago
  54. undermyrules

    Everything you said before you started expaining about that is true.
    1 – “It’ll look better on PC.” yep
    2 – “It’ll perform better on PC.” yep
    3, – Console gaming’s for kids. yep sry bros
    4 – PC gaming’s no more expensive than console gaming. agreed
    5 – Building a modern PC’s an easy as LEGO. correct
    6 – You can build a gaming PC for a fiver. yep
    7 – FPS is better on PC. obvious
    8 – Online is better on PC. obvious x2
    9 – Indie is better on PC this shoulndt be even asked

    oh yeah you are just butthurt consoleish gamer

    #54 5 months ago
  55. Obernox

    I’m all out of popcorn.

    #55 5 months ago
  56. Hcw87

    ”Destiny looks better on PS4.”

    Nah, dude. Parity.

    For once it’s pretty obvious this is a non-serious random article though, compared to some we’ve had in the past. Still, i think it’ll work against you ultimately.

    The article tomorrow should balance things out a bit more.

    #56 5 months ago
  57. Panthro


    #57 5 months ago
  58. Panthro

    Beter guurb mur purpcurrrn huuurrrr derrrrrr

    #58 5 months ago
  59. primey0

    What a terrible article. I expected better from you vg247

    #59 5 months ago
  60. Neuromancer

    #60 5 months ago
  61. archaven

    this is the worst site i have ever been to. a site made by console fanboys for console fanboys. i dont have hate against console gaming but i’m wondering why each day i kept seeing more fanboys hate on pc gamers especially the growing popularity of MOBAs. to me, PC is much better than a console in every aspect. even a controller can be used on a PC. the only reason i game on a console is due to their exclusives. i said the hate and platform racism has to stop. we are all gamers and we should all get along.

    #61 5 months ago
  62. al_b_614

    To the author of the article, alot of what u said was kind of wrong. #1 destiny looks better on consoles because its a console game, there isnt a pc version to compare it to. I dont see dota 2 or lol on consoles so i guess they look better on pc right? #2 games do look better on pc especially older software from x360/ps3 gen. Games look totally different on pc at max settings 60 fps, Take titanfall for instance whats the res on xb1? 792? Lol, i get 1080 60fps on pc, And i dont have super rig. # 3 game price, clearly u dont know that u can get brand new pc games for under 40 bucks before they even come out, a new game gets down to under 20 bucks before a console game i dont think they make brand new out of the store console games for under 20. It can be expensive for a high end pc but u get so mich more than a console. When u figgure xb1 hides most services behind the xbl pay wall it adds to the overall cost. #4 “Its not hard to put a pc together” i dont know i paid a 100 bucks to have it put together money well spent, mouse keyboard 20 bucks speakers 20 bucks, u can plug a gaming pc directly into your tv, so u dont even need a monitor. But theres a catch to that argument regardless of what sytem u play and here its u are better off playing on a 2ms or less response time monitor than your 50 inch tv. I use to play bf4 on my ps4 on a 47 inch tv and i use to get slaughtered. I switched to the monitor and i continuously get 10 or more kills and usually under 5 deaths. Thats just my experience, and the monitor is 24inch, 1080, 60 hz, 2ms, response time. I didnt know if the guy who wrote this was just being a smart ass or if he got into an argument with someone or if he genuinely feels this way. Idk cause idk him personally, I’ve been using a gaming pc since February 2014, and its been great. I do agree that cosoles do have an edge online but only if u play games like cod, fighting games, or sports titles. But on pc they have way more mmo users than any 1 game on consoles, so what ever. I personally own a ps4, and a solid gaming pc. I dont use a mouse and kb, i use my ps4 controller or my xb1 controller. If i had a higher res display i could play games at 1440 but i dont. Also a lot of pc games look like they could of been on ps4 that were on ps3/xbox360. I saw a sleeping dogs re release was in the works the ad said hd eddition. Wasnt it in hd on 360? Idk i play it with a high res texture pack, maybe thats what they ment. “Now with high res textures.” Look idk about the pc master race crap, but what i know is i have a ps4 and pc and due to a lack of content on ps4 ive been gaming on pc. I played the destiny beta once. it was alright it felt like a halo game with bad writing. It was fun but it wasnt the greatest game ever made. I also dont have to play with anoying kids as often on pc. Im 32 i dont want to play with teenagers, sorry but i dont. There isnt as many kids on pc thats for sure. Boht have pros and cons but dont knock it before u try it. That would be like me saying dont build a cheap pc cause u wont max games, but i dont know that im just talking out of my ass. Im not one for calling people trolls but u did come off as angry in your article. U mad bro

    #62 5 months ago
  63. thegrimmling

    I am now waiting for the article declaring The Nokia N-Gage or Tiger R-Zone as the best gaming systems of all time.

    #63 5 months ago
  64. KesMonkey

    @Matt Martin “It’s a fun article. Relax a bit. Don’t take it personal. Have fun.”
    It’s fun? It’s immature. It’s unprofessional. It’s cringe-worthy. It’s click-bait trash. This is an astonishly poor article by any measure. Shame on you Pat.

    #64 5 months ago
  65. TheWulf

    I’m amused. Though, Pat, be careful about the online one. That just sounds like computer illiteracy and a PC so loaded down with malware and shit that it can’t even do anything any more. I’ve encountered PCs like that, and I’ve had to sit down and have a little cry — for the PC. :I

    #65 5 months ago
  66. Hunam

    @Matt Martin We’re all disappointed because our favourite website is now churning out pointless articles in some misconceived stab at popularity.

    VG247 is now in the Hitman Absolution era if you want a videogame analogy

    #66 5 months ago
  67. TheWulf


    Can I have a new title that isn’t ‘PC gamer,’ please? I own a PC, I use it to play games, but I am apparently not very regular.

    #67 5 months ago
  68. TheWulf

    I mean, come on, it was outright lies, straw-men, and idiocy. It was intentional. It was the same as what Yahtzee does with his game reviews. I just… I’m disappointed in people. I thought it was funny??

    It’s the kind of thing that console gamers usually write about what PC owners say, it was a parody of that, and it’s not the first one on this site, either. Who else did it? XBone?

    Tomorrow, we’ll get to see what PC gamers usually write. 8D

    But yeah. Parody. Satire. I don’t understand the anger. I am disappointed in PC gamers.

    #68 5 months ago
  69. ojinnvoltz

    Console gaming is for kids because any reasonable adult should be able to afford a gaming PC. If you can’t, either go back to school or start selling drugs. Pull yourselves up by the bootstraps, console peasants! 1% banzai!!!

    #69 5 months ago
  70. Dunno

    hahaha too much stupid shit all over the site lately. Every single argument is made in the article just backs up the author’s stupidity. Time to change the site

    #70 5 months ago
  71. TheWulf


    Can I just apologise for the human race, Pat?

    This is why I have to draw some kind of damn line in the sand.

    #71 5 months ago
  72. sebastien rivas

    Does Patrick Garrat have a console complex or a PC complex?

    This whole article left me perplex. I want to assume the guy was drunk and he lashed out deepest secrets

    #72 5 months ago
  73. Gekidami

    Ha ha wow. You PC gamers.

    #73 5 months ago
  74. sebastien rivas

    Who knows,
    perhaps Pat was abducted before website revamp and replaced by a undermining technological alien to subdue each of our individuality.

    #74 5 months ago
  75. mickeytorrez

    This site has the most sensitive ass users i’ve ever seen on all sides. Sony users, Microsoft users, PC users. You all literally bitch 24/7 whenever something doesn’t fall in your favor. I’m sure you guys have something better to do than take a personal vendetta against an article on a video game site

    #75 5 months ago
  76. undermyrules

    And know it will end up like…..” oh but cant you see im trolling im just kidding jeez”

    #76 5 months ago
  77. polygem

    LOL at your IQ

    #77 5 months ago
  78. polygem

    There is one simple fact: all of these platforms have their pros and cons. you should choose the one you think fits your taste the most, if you can, pick a few of them, do that. it makes sense if you game a lot………..the rest is just internet drama.

    #78 5 months ago
  79. ChristopherJack

    As mush as I respect Matt & despite this article I preferred this site when Pat was editor(aka before the revamp.

    #79 5 months ago
  80. Gekidami

    Pat wrote this.

    #80 5 months ago
  81. sungin

    No it isn’t. It’s a matter of preference. Both PC and console FPS works just fine.i dont know if this trolling or stupid

    #81 5 months ago
  82. ExLee

    Oh man, this… I don’t even…. I’ve been reading this site for 3 years and I think it’s time to leave. I kinda felt it was going the wrong way when they did the redesign. But these pointless and not funny click-bait articles are just to much for me…

    Anyone knows any sites with pure objective gaming news coverage and nothing else ? Do these even exist anymore ? Or I’m too naive too expect such a thing ?

    #82 5 months ago
  83. Obernox

    This is rich :D

    These comments :D

    #83 5 months ago
  84. Legendaryboss

    Oh for fuck sake someone place joke in the title!

    #84 5 months ago
  85. NotPanthro

    FINALLY this site starts to make proper game articles and not this “”oh look league of legends is cool”" shit NEWS FLASH no it aint its on PC

    if it were good microsomuchbetterthanpcsoft would have bought it for money and put it on xbox but guess was NEWS FLASH they didnt and and neither did sony but thats probably because they are bankrupt and cant afford the games that microsomuchbetterthanpcandsonysoft can

    NEWS FLASH all 8 points were right apart from the last one since who the fuck wants indie games anyway have you see what microsoft bought for indie arcade and those were the best of indie otherwise they wouldnt of bought them and put them on the store

    QUALITY OVER QUANTITY PC has more indies but thats not a good thing. you had a good article a very good article but kind of spoiled it with that last point so take it down and I will comment again saying its all good

    #85 5 months ago
  86. Panthro

    This sounds like such bullshit.

    But if you go to Origin and redeem this code:


    It will give you the Sims 2 + All of the DLC for free.

    I know, it sounds like bullshit, it’s weird as fuck they are giving the game away free this way, but try it if you like the Sims 2, I thought it was awesome.

    #86 5 months ago
  87. Panthro

    Sry 4 spam

    #87 5 months ago
  88. tacwold

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    #88 5 months ago
  89. Hunam

    @Legendaryboss We know it’s a joke. But it just sums up the attitude of the site ever since the redesign. Lazy attempts at trolling for clicks with full retard headlines.

    When ever I read an article by Steph, who I feel is one of the best writers in the game jurno industry, and then it’s attached to a “Here is how xxxx derp derp” headline I nearly give my self a black eye with the strength of the face palm. Everything this site has been doing since the redesign just undermines the incredible quality of news and analysis the site cut it’s teeth on.

    I know I’ve been saying things like this for a few months now, but it’s because I was a part of the community here, I thought it was the best place on the net, even during some of the bad times with flame wars. But I never expected the site to just turn around and start trying to foster a terrible and negative vibe from buzzfeed style stuff.

    #89 5 months ago
  90. Xflasher

    welp vg2147 went full-peasant, time to find another website

    #90 5 months ago
  91. Untold stories

    Haha love the article! Can’t wait for tomorrows

    #91 5 months ago
  92. Darksider123

    Looks like I will be turning my AdBlock and on again…

    #92 5 months ago
  93. DiodeX

    Mostly a bunch of over sensitive people with 0 GSOH

    #93 5 months ago
  94. Brenna Hillier

    *eye roll into another dimension* it constantly amazes me how many people can fail to see a joke when it is flashing on and off in front of their faces

    #94 5 months ago
  95. primey0

    @Brenna Hillier We know it’s a joke but it’s not funny or professional

    #95 5 months ago
  96. justanotherdude

    @Brenna Hillier “I was only joking! I swear!” Yeah, uh huh. You all know that this was clickbait…I’m just…sorta upset that it worked.

    #96 5 months ago
  97. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    vg247 is fucking useless only clickbait

    #97 5 months ago
  98. Dr. Jimmy Rustles

    @Patrick Garratt Yeah we noticed but clickbaiting is kotaku tier never go full kotaku

    #98 5 months ago
  99. PubstarHero


    EVO is cool and all, but the real place to watch is SBO. Those tournaments are super legit.

    #99 5 months ago
  100. Not The Eyes

    Either this pointless trollbait that makes a professional website look pathetic, or it’s just plain, retarded and uninformed, which makes the author look like he’s just too scared and pathetic to get into PC gaming and do a tiny bit of work to build a PC. Pretty much everything on this list has been proven wrong consistently.

    #100 5 months ago
  101. Nacelle

    Get back to me when consoles can do triple screen

    #101 5 months ago
  102. TheChronoGamer

    The peasantry is just to real with this one. Probably the most one sided article I have ever read. At least have experience with PC gaming in the past 5 years on a gaming capable PC before making something like this. Stop getting your “facts” from YouTube comment sections. My god! LMFAO

    #102 5 months ago
  103. luieburger

    Here we see a prime example of the alpha peasant. When the truth doesn’t conform to his tiny mind, he flails about angrily in an attempt to assert his dominance.

    #103 5 months ago
  104. SpacemanSpliffz

    Fuck all of you, my Nintendo Entertainment System and 22 year old cartridge of “Karnov” kicks everything’s ass

    #104 5 months ago
  105. Cometer

    Are you a professional? If yes then you’re not doing your job.
    I’ve been gaming for more than 30 years. And have played on all platforms.
    All have their pros and cons but for me the PC offers more advantages overall. With that said any serious gamer will always want to play console exclusives. At the moment I have a decent mid range PC a PS4 and Xbox One. Being a gamer these days sucks. If I want to play Halo I need a Xbox. If I want Uncharted I need a PS4. If I want Elite Dangerous or GTA V with mods or other games that only come out on PC I need a PC.

    So now looking at the 8 things the professional mentions.

    1 – it does look better even on hardware that costs as low as $500 with all accessories included.
    2 – Most of the times it does perform better. And even if it doesnt , solutions are provided quickly something that is not the case on console. My FIFA on Xbox one still has issues in multiplayer. And the party system still has occasional failures.
    3 – Do not distort the argument. Many consider gaming a kids activity. Be it on consoles or PC. We gain nothing by dividing gamers between platforms. We gain everything by working together and promoting gaming as an all ages activity.
    4 – Because it isn’t. On top of a console price you also need to consider more expensive games and online subscriptions. I play on all platforms and the services I have on PC offer the same features and quality of service at no extra cost. Competition on PC also leeds to lower price points since people have more places to choose where to buy their digital content.
    5 – building a PC is as difficult as many tasks a person needs to take care at home. Bricollage and so on. Its not for everyone but most people can do it. Then again you don’t need to if don’t want.
    6 – No comment.
    7 – Higher FPS

    #105 5 months ago
  106. Cometer

    Are you a professional? If yes then you’re not doing your job.
    I’ve been gaming for more than 30 years. And have played on all platforms.
    All have their pros and cons but for me the PC offers more advantages overall. With that said any serious gamer will always want to play console exclusives. At the moment I have a decent mid range PC a PS4 and Xbox One. Being a gamer these days sucks. If I want to play Halo I need a Xbox. If I want Uncharted I need a PS4. If I want Elite Dangerous or GTA V with mods or other games that only come out on PC (GW2, Arma…) I need a PC.

    So now looking at the 8 things the professional mentions.

    1 – it does look better even on hardware that costs as low as $500 with all accessories included.
    2 – Most of the times it does perform better. And even if it doesnt , solutions are provided quickly something that is not the case on console. My FIFA on Xbox one still has issues in multiplayer. And the party system still has occasional failures.
    3 – Do not distort the argument. Many consider gaming a kids activity. Be it on consoles or PC. We gain nothing by dividing gamers between platforms. We gain everything by working together and promoting gaming as an all ages activity.
    4 – Because it isn’t. On top of a console price you also need to consider more expensive games and online subscriptions. I play on all platforms and the services I have on PC offer the same features and quality of service at no extra cost. Competition on PC also leeds to lower price points since people have more places to choose where to buy their digital content.
    5 – building a PC is as difficult as many tasks a person needs to take care at home. Bricollage and so on. Its not for everyone but most people can do it. Then again you don’t need to if don’t want.
    6 – No comment.
    7 – Higher FPS is higher FPS. Its not a matter of preference since a higher frame rate ALWAYS offers a better experience. I’m playing and loving my experience with Destiny but its more than obvious that it’s not running at 60fps. But the PC version will.
    8 – When was the last time you played on PC?
    You do know that pretty much every feature on Xbox Live is available on PC right? Actually more features than Xbox Live.

    #106 5 months ago
  107. Cometer

    @NotPanthro The Witcher 1 and 2. PC only.

    #107 5 months ago
  108. Johanz

    Imagine seeing an article like this on a respectable site like Forbes on their game section.

    Wait, you can’t? No, me neither. This is bad clickbait or just a simple 15 min job to drive some clicks. This is why games journalism has such a bad rap, because so few strive to do better.

    “I’ve got nothing better to do.”. Well, actually, you sit and think about writing something decent. That would be far better. With articles like this, you only your own credibility and this sites credibility and stoop down to blog/tabloid levels.
    Come on, you are better than this and you know it.

    #108 5 months ago
  109. Cheeseman

    After publishing some really good articles, like the controversies surrounding Areal, now, VG has gone back to posting troll baiting crap.

    Come on, why not put more effort for better quality articles than shit like this?

    #109 5 months ago
  110. Legendaryboss

    The article isn’t close to as funny as the comments expressed here. Thats the popcorn worthy moment.

    #110 5 months ago
  111. _LarZen_

    There is nothing wrong with the article. It’s the people commenting and going crazy there is something wrong with.

    #111 5 months ago
  112. dookxzr4u

    #PCMASTARACE. You dissapoint me vg247 the only thing my consoles are good for is to watch blu rays

    #112 5 months ago
  113. Templar0929

    @ojinnvoltz Console gaming is for kids? Do you really think every successful businessmen goes around and creates a gaming PC just to score a bargain? Do you think they care about saving a couple of hundred quid? Most adults who have jobs don’t have time for the PC’s crap (DRM, Stream’s patches, poor ports etc) and just get a console.

    I myself have both a console and PC to play games but I’m not childish like the “#PCMasterRace” and recognize that both console and PC have benefits.

    Anyone who speaks of being the PC Master Race clearly isn’t an adult and that makes most of the people in this article.

    Grow up kids and stop being butt hurt.

    #113 5 months ago
  114. ninjakenzen

    PC gamers need to grow up and just accept that they may not be the main platform of gaming/revenue in the gaming industry.

    If you don’t have a console, you have very little business commenting/hating on console exclusives.

    It’s because pc gamers complain on console boards that give the notorous PC ‘master race’ a platform to work on. But how often do you see Console gamers on PC boards going, we want this game on console?’ barely ever.

    Are you noticing a thread?

    Not because it’s better on PC [which it may even be at times] or because it’s only on PC. But console gamers are content with what they have. Obviously PC gamers aren’t.

    The biggest and latest commotion can be seen with GTA 5. Back when it was only a console exclusive, bitching on a large scale, and petitions were made. This is certainly not the last time it will happen.

    #114 5 months ago
  115. DailyFantasyDad

    Patrick Garratt, wow! What complete garbage. I mean, did you even attempt to put thought into this article. Have you ever seen any game on a laptop or desktop over that cost over $1500 or are you basing this on “gaming” laptops or desktop that are the cheapest? That would make a difference.

    Have you ever played a game on PC and experienced almost no load screen at all at the start of a game and in the middle of a game? Have you heard of unlimited mods?

    You just stick with your console and shut up. When you are done playing a game like Skyrim and bitch and complain that the game didn’t last long, just remember that the “master race” is still playing the game because there are unlimited mods that create more storyline. This article is a complete train wreck and Dave Cook should be completely upset with you.

    I believe in having opinions but this article is just you spewing ignorance. I own consoles and PC and I’ll take my PC any day of the week. This site use to be a great source for news, but it’s getting sketchy lately.

    #115 5 months ago
  116. Vice

    How the fuck this piece of shit article from some braindead 12 yo asswipe was posted?… You just lost all my respect, vg24/7, congratulations. I expect a fast removal of this shitstain, banning of an “author” and public apologise.

    #116 5 months ago
  117. ManuOtaku

    Very late to the article, but one honest question, just because this is a serious news/opinion site, it cannot do a joke article on daily basis?, why it has to be considered click and bait 100%, and not a moment when the staff tries to reach with a piece that tries to makes us laugh ?.
    Where Is the legal contract, where stablishes Vg247, should never detour from the news and serious phormat? I think all readers are from england, we need seriousness all the time, except on tea time thar is, this is tea time.

    #117 5 months ago
  118. OlekKing

    I thought this was a legitimate gaming news and journalism website, looks like I was wrong. Fucking disappointing, I’ve noticed some stupid crap and sensationalism before here but let it slide…you just delivered the knockout.

    #118 5 months ago
  119. OlekKing

    @ChristopherJack Every single AAA title has xbox360 gamepad support, also almost every single smaller/indie game.
    You’re either ignorant or dishonest.

    #119 5 months ago
  120. OlekKing

    Willfully ignorant, dishonest people like you comprise the laughing stock for the PC community.

    #120 5 months ago
  121. blaakies

    Who ever said this was true is utterly retarded. Watch this yt vid of the real facts from a person that actually knows something about consoles vs pc’s
    Please could the original poster delete his account and never try be intelligent again.

    #121 5 months ago
  122. blaakies

    By Patrick Garratt you’re a fucking idiot

    #122 5 months ago
  123. OlekKing

    @blaakies Delete his account….yeah we fucking wish, he’s one of the original founders of the site.
    This is not satire, this is in bad taste, dishonest, ignorant and unprofessional.

    #123 5 months ago
  124. therealcowlife

    i had to triple facepalm on this one…

    #124 5 months ago
  125. BushwookieBandit

    lol “FPS is better on PC. No it isn’t. It’s a matter of preference. Both PC and console FPS works just fine.” Say that to my PC running BF4 on 120+ FPS. Oh, and I guess that means you pesents are happy playing COD 10 FPS then, if it doesn’t matter?

    #125 5 months ago

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