Trust no One: Microsoft burns bridges with developers just like it did Xbox fans

Friday, 18th July 2014 14:38 GMT By Matt Martin

Microsoft is cancelling the last of its original Xbox One vision at the risk of alienating some of its best games developers, says Matt Martin.


“The Xbox One hardware has been in a state of flux since before it was even released. It’s a console still in beta.”

It’s easy to kick Microsoft around the floor for its pre and post launch Xbox One shambles – the jokes about u-turns write themselves and I’m not here to dredge through one about-face after another.

But the collapse of the original Xbox One vision continues even eight months after release. Where Microsoft alienated its own consumers pre-launch with its unwelcome online strategy and high price, it’s now sticking two fingers up to its developers by killing Kinect, not coming clean on its indie initiative and this week, shelving its TV plans.

Fans didn’t want Kinect, nor did they ask for Halo TV shows, but both had support enough from Microsoft that two highly praised development studios backed those particular visions. Harmonix’s Fantasia: Music Evolved is built as a Kinect-only game, while Remedy’s Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has been at the forefront of Microsoft’s obsession of combining TV and video game experiences.

Both projects still continue with the public support of Microsoft, but the development teams behind closed doors must be quietly fuming. With less focus on Kinect and multimedia, you can bet Microsoft’s marketing budgets for those games will be considerably slashed. And in an age where great games poorly marketed can sink a studio, no-one wants to only get the leftover budget from Halo or Forza.


“In an age where great games poorly marketed can sink a studio, no-one wants to only get the leftover budget from Halo or Forza.”

The whole indie initiative has gone remarkably quiet too. I believe the man from the Xbox Advanced Technology Group when he says there are no longer plans to turn a regular Xbox One into a dev kit, regardless of Microsoft’s recent denial – because Microsoft has such bad form when it comes to sticking to its original plans and following them through. The evidence is in plain sight. The evidence mounts every week.

Games development is a tight knit community. They see that Microsoft – platform holder, gateway to millions of fans, digital retailer to consumer’s with money to spend – is commissioning lofty projects and ambitious ideas and then canning them before they can come to fruition, let alone be part of a wider gaming ecosystem. Why would you get in bed with Microsoft now? You could sign on the dotted line only to be left high and dry way before your game is finished.

The Xbox One hardware has been in a state of flux since before it was even released – dare we say it – it’s a console still in beta. It drops massive, allegedly system-selling functionality only months after launch. The console you bought in November isn’t the same console you can buy today, for better or worse.


“Microsoft has sold the vision of a games system that no longer exists.”

I was a massive fan of the Xbox 360 last generation. But as a consumer I barely believe anything Microsoft says now about the Xbox One and I would imagine many feel the same way. The wait and see approach is the only one that makes sense with Microsoft today, because there’s no guarantee that anything else it announces will actually happen. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Microsoft has sold the vision of a games system – to fans and developers – that no longer exists. The original Xbox One’s reason for being has been completely replaced. Xbox One was going to be an entertainment system and now it’s “just” a games console. Hallelujah for that we all say, but at what cost? There’s no trust anymore.

The tables have turned. Where the Xbox 360 outpaced the PS3 in the U.S. last generation, the Xbox One is now trailing behind the PS4. Games developers can clearly and publicly see the company is failing to deliver on its end of the original deal, so why should they work with Microsoft at all? A games console without enough developers making games for it is going to struggle further – just ask Nintendo.

Right now, games is all the Xbox One has going for it. But if it loses the faith of developers it runs the risk of doing further damage and losing the games themselves.



  1. DARKFiB3R

    Quantum Break has nothing to do with original TV content, and Xboxs sold without kinect, are xboxs that would otherwise not have been sold.

    If the Fantasia: Music Evolved is good enough, it will be a kinect seller, if it isn’t, well you and your game suck.

    So the devs in your totally made up scenario, should stfu.

    #1 3 months ago
  2. FinalStar

    Um… you do know that Fantasia isn’t a game by Microsoft, right?

    And really, have you ever met anyone who didn’t think it was a joke to begin with?

    I like many Harmonix games, but this one just felt wrong from the very first time it was announced and it still does (actually, I did get a presentation on last year’s gamescom, I had never seen John Drake look this depressed before).

    How long has this been in development now, about two years maybe? Obviously, the only chance this thing ever had was to be a launchtitle, and they surely missed that by a mile. I dare say it was DOA (October? Right been all the big name games?) even before MS threw Kinect in the trash.

    I’d take a bet that Quantum Brak will still get all the major promotional support from MS that’s possible, starting in August at Cologne, but really, comparing Fantasia to it in any way… erm.

    #2 3 months ago
  3. polygem

    To be fair though, I think that the ps4 feels extremely unfinished and beta like as well.

    Especially the ui department. Dont get me wrong, i like that thing, they will improve this…just saying.

    The best out of the box and complete ‘new console’ feeling has been delivered by the wiiu in my honest opinion.

    #3 3 months ago
  4. Ge0force

    Great writing. Seems to me that Microsoft is reverting lots of the stupid descisions that Don Matrick made. That’s a good thing imo, but what’s left is a console without an own identity and without anything than the competetion doesn’t have. Nor Titanfall, nor free bundled games and pricedrops, nor a Kinect-less bundle could change the gamers mind about the X1. So I’m curious what’s left for them to gain the gamers’ heart and trust again. Sure, Microsoft did some moneyhatting to get a few 3rd party exclusives, but their 1st party studios are only working on sequels and reboots. More of the same, and we already got that a lot in the last years of the x360. At the moment, the X1 seems… unnecessary.

    #4 3 months ago
  5. Erthazus

    Xbox One is a failure and as a gaming system it is the same fuckness as a WiiU only more powerfull. I don’t know people who has a reason to buy a console that is much bigger then PS4, has a giant power AC brick with Windows 8 interface where every multiplatform runs lower then on the PS4 or PC. Games library also suck (PS4 library for now sucks too)

    Sony is really in good position with PS4. It’s message is still clear and it produces games more or less at resolution and frame rate that was designed from the beggining. They are even trying with Project Morpheus.

    #5 3 months ago
  6. selderane

    @DARKFiB3R Ummm… according to Remedy, “how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game.”

    So they seemed to think there was a television show component to the game. Or are they just another developer who should stfu?

    #6 3 months ago
  7. Ge0force

    @polygem I love playing on my Wii U, because it has some great exclusives. But I don’t think the console is better than PS4 or X1: the hardware is outdated, the UI is slow and clumsy, the tiny fan makes too much noise, and linking digital games to the console instead of your account is really, really dumb. Even the PS3 did all those things better when it released tbh…

    #7 3 months ago
  8. Dragon

    Well, at least they are trying to be better and had the balls to remove kinect 2, unlike a certain ninty and wiiu which still persists with the fatal disaster known as gamepad which has negligible number of people liking it (how many wiiu sold?) compared to kinect (which sold over 20 million). Of course, you will hear platform fans whining soon about facts.

    #8 3 months ago
  9. Legendaryboss

    We all know the deal Matt with this article, but I’ll play along. But these points stood out the most for me.

    “But both had support enough from Microsoft”
    All MS did for Kinect was Sports Rivals and some secret money hats (Ubisoft Kinect offerings), other devs weren’t jumping on (willingly) board even if Kinect was still in the box.

    “The Xbox One hardware has been in a state of flux since before it was even released – dare we say it – it’s a console still in beta.”
    So is PS4, albeit in different ways.

    “A games console without enough developers making games for it is going to struggle further – just ask Nintendo… But if it loses the faith of developers it runs the risk of doing further damage and losing the games themselves.”
    Which is it? Make sense, make up your mind but don’t make me laugh. Microsoft hasn’t lost third party support.

    “so why should they work with Microsoft at all?”
    Well there is money from exclusive content/first deals, theres moar money, money and theres also… Nope its just money. If third party devs are successful/profitable on Xbox One they will stay, it won’t get as drastic as the entire third party history of Nintendo home consoles.

    “Right now, games is all the Xbox One has going for it.”
    Oh well oh no! You’re more or less spot on elsewhere.

    #9 3 months ago
  10. Dog4life


    i actually like the semplicity of the ui of the ps4 system. Very simple and straightforward if you just interested in gaming.
    The install times of the games are really fast and can already start playing with the game partially installed.
    negative note : the PSN store is still quite crap, slow and not well designed. Battery life of the dualshock way too short. Party chat invites quite slow (x360 was way faster)

    X1 is just simply weaker HW…. and they pissed of too many players with a bad launch- did i mention in many countries it’s still not launched ?!
    Where i live it’s still not officially out (Switzerland)

    that said, i think X1 will have some great exclusive and will be worth buying. (for the games)

    #10 3 months ago
  11. polygem

    It has miiverse which gives the whole system an identity, a vision. Both, ps4 and x1 lack something like that. I am not saying that the wiiu is flawless or better than the other systems but I absolutely think that it is the system that feels the most complete and well thought out right out of the box. It just feels ready and fresh.

    #11 3 months ago
  12. Legendaryboss

    And I’m being very nice compared to the slaughter you’re getting over there:

    #12 3 months ago
  13. Judicas

    Ok so articles by Matt I’ll have to avoid as he’s obv a massive ps4 fanboy. So many assumptions in this article that your trying to twist into fact, just a sorry excuse for a news article.

    #13 3 months ago
  14. SlayerGT

    This article sounds like me from four yours ago.

    #14 3 months ago
  15. polygem

    I hope that you will never run a business bigger than managing a single chewing gum vending machine. THAT would be a disaster.

    #15 3 months ago
  16. majormayhem70

    @Legendaryboss Couldn’t have said it any better…

    #16 3 months ago
  17. Hcw87

    Oh look, another MS doom article for Sony fanboys to circlejerk around (80% of the registered users on this site).

    Microsoft invests heavily into Kinect, saying it will be a big focus for their console.
    People whine and complain about Kinect being useless and that it should be removed for a lower price-point
    MS releases a Kinect-less SKU so people have a choice (and to save money)
    People whine and complain about Kinect being removed, saying it’s dead and buried (even if Kinect will still function and have functions in games in the future).

    Microsoft is talking heavily about TV, integrating it into games (Quantum Break) and releasing movies/TV-Shows based on games (Forward Unto Dawn-esque stuff).
    People whine and complain about MS focusing too much on TV, that it should solely be a games console (like their saviour PS4, even if PS4 spent too much time doing the same thing at this years E3).
    MS scraps their TV shit and says they’ll focus solely on games.
    People whine and complain about their TV stuff are being removed, that it should be an ”all in one entertainment device” as it was announced to be from the start.

    Seriously? It doesn’t matter what they do, people will ALLWAYS find a way to teabag MS. It’s getting real tiresome, especially since people seem to have forgotten about the terrible PS3 release.

    These latest announcements from MS should excite the supposed Ex-360 fanboys who went over to Sony, not give them more ammo to make them feel better about their switch over to Sony.

    In short: Stop being fucking hypocrites.

    #17 3 months ago
  18. Legendaryboss

    Working so well.

    #18 3 months ago
  19. Sham8nix

    Good read, I definitely feel like the x1 has no identity anymore.

    @polygem I agree with you the ps4 feels like it is still in beta the ui seems unfinished… I mean they’ll probably sort that out with a update can’t see it staying like it is.

    On a another note quite chuffed at how the psn network handled the destiny beta had no problems my way……

    #19 3 months ago
  20. Dragon

    @Hcw87 ,
    I agree with you on MS part. Then again, no one who matters cares about internet opinion pieces.
    And Matt has objectionable writing quality from the start.

    #20 3 months ago
  21. Legendaryboss

    @Hcw87 “Seriously? It doesn’t matter what they do, people will ALLWAYS find a way to teabag MS. It’s getting real tiresome, especially since people seem to have forgotten about the terrible PS3 release. Sony had their turn, now its Microsoft’s. The rest of what you said is the basis of the article. Wouldn’t let this article get you down, it achieved its purpose.

    #21 3 months ago
  22. Sham8nix

    @hcw87 it’s not the fact that people are “whining” about them reversing their policies it’s the fact that even Microsoft don’t seem to trust their own vision! People would have more respect for them if they stuck to there guns and said f**k it, this is our vision this is how it’s gonna be…. Well I would have more respect for them anyway if this was the case

    #22 3 months ago
  23. SlayerGT

    @Hcw87 “stop being hypocrites”

    Internet is gonna whine. MS should have stuck to there guns and better yet, shown better reasons for doing so. Personally, I found my own reasons to shy away from MS consoles years ago. Mostly because I favor the PS ecosystem and a little less to do with MS’s.

    #23 3 months ago
  24. Hcw87


    There is no need to trust a vision they already know is not going to make it. People have been against TV and Kinect since day one, and finally they realized it’s not worth pursuing. Just like what happened with their DRM scandal.

    Yes they could be arrogant and not care, but it’s ignorant to think they’d gain momentum because of that. If anything, they’d lose even more customers.


    Opinion piece is a vast understatement, everything written is speculation and personal guesses written as actual facts.

    #24 3 months ago
  25. rafterman83

    I know it easy to thrown mud at Microsoft. But for me, personally, the X-1 has had a fairly decent start – especially compared to the 360 where there weren’t ANY decent games, party functionality wasn’t there and 99% of the consoles were broken within a year.

    Admittedly this time around ‘softs challenges are different but they’re listening; updating the console and givings us some discounts and free games – what more do you want ?

    So they cancelled some TV shows no-one cared about and that hadn’t even been revealed – is that really a big deal ? No.

    Personally I’m happy with my purchase. Two consoles is better than one so why no embrace the competition instead of trying to ruin it with your hyperbolic arse-gravy.

    #25 3 months ago
  26. Dragon

    @Hcw87 ,
    Facts are hard numbers which are indisputable. Everything else is inference, opinion, speculation, clickbait etc. I don’t read opinion pieces like this one, since they are almost always short on content and loaded with rhetoric.

    #26 3 months ago
  27. majormayhem70

    @Sham8nix Or maybe, just maybe, Phil Spencer’s vision is the vision that we now see as Xbox One. He said it will be all about the games, what more do gamers want? A year from now I believe much of the negativity associated with the X1 will be a thing of the past. A good start to douse much of this bad press will come in the form of “Halo The Master Chief Collection.”

    Legendaryboss made a valid point that I often think about to myself. “people seem to have forgotten about the terrible PS3 release.” How did they go about achieving this? By giving the gaming consumer what they want and then some. Seems to me MS is doing just that.

    #27 3 months ago
  28. wicktus

    They suck, they suck, they suck…
    How can you fail when you have that much money ? Is it hard to LISTEN to what players want WHILE designing your console ? Morons, thank god i got the slim black box not the vhs tape recoder ;)

    #28 3 months ago
  29. Erthazus

    @majormayhem70 “people seem to have forgotten about the terrible PS3 release.”

    Terrible PS3 release issue was about console message, poor hardware for it’s unjustified cost but they were all about the games even then. They just had no support from publishers and it’s gaming division tried to figure out how to program on Ken Kutaragi’s piece of garbage. PS3 today is what Sony wanted it to be from the very beggining.

    Xbox One terrible release is different. They shifted it’s original message and are trying to change it’s console pretty much at 180 degree and that is what Matt is talking about.

    #29 3 months ago
  30. Untold stories

    I find this a little biased myself. The fact that they did this was because of the amount of flak they were getting from the public. People accused ms for not paying attention to fans as to what Sony was doing. Everything was done for the fans and as far as the tv goes. That was just a restructure because of the big lay off. Nobody can stop that from happening. I was one person who thought the original vision was amazing. Developers didn’t even really care for Kinect. Remember that post you guys had up a couple of months back? Do you remember how much flak they were getting from indie developers? Look how far its gotten since. I applaud ms for listening to its fans and developers. Although I would have been curious as too how that original vision would have gone if people didn’t complain.

    #30 3 months ago
  31. Erthazus

    @Untold stories Original vision? TV TV SPORTS TV TV TV Call Of duty. A middle men around superior services and hardware.
    Their original vision was a flop and a failure from the start that was also supported by the lies where they said that it was impossible to make console offline and blah blah blah.

    In the end it is a PC box with half assed Windows 8 OS, terrible design and gigantic AC adapter. Lol

    #31 3 months ago
  32. Untold stories

    @Erthazus you can have your half assed opinion. But I would have liked too see how they would have gone with it.

    #32 3 months ago
  33. newtain

    “Right now, games is all the Xbox One has going for it.”

    Well that’s a crying shame, aren’t games consoles meant to be about playing games?!

    I’m having a lot of fun on my Xbox One playing games like Titanfall, Forza, Dead Rising. The PS4 was awful to navigate, whereas the Xbox One feels nice and intuitive (not to mention faster at sending invites, creating chats etc). For me it’s about gaming with friends, having a good online experience and a choice of games. At this moment, Xbox One wins for me.

    I’m getting fed up of this particular author’s articles I must say…stick to reporting information instead of speculating an opinion piece

    #33 3 months ago
  34. Doppleganger

    Mah, wha? Xbox one has only its games going for it? Doesn’t anyone use the console for its potential ? Does anyone use it for their home theatre (if even have one) or use it for tv? Cause it works amazing and I would buy an xbox one just for the tv feature and how it replaces a 200 dollar harmony remote for a theatre. If Xbox one has its games going for it this is why I don’t understand what the PS4 is good for as it does nothing but play its limited repetitive games.

    #34 3 months ago
  35. polygem

    “Facts are hard numbers which are indisputable. Everything else is inference, opinion, speculation, clickbait etc. I don’t read opinion pieces like this one, since they are almost always short on content and loaded with rhetori…..blablablabla”

    so you didn´t read the article but you believe that you can still judge it. ha. i can see a pattern here.

    you´re so full of yourself you probably even shit dragon eggs.

    seriously kiddo. get your shit together.

    #35 3 months ago
  36. onefivefive

    Excellent read. Certainly seems like worrying times for the Xbox. Hope it eventually turns around.

    #36 3 months ago
  37. Arcnail

    So they changed the head of the Xbox division, and he says he wants it about games.

    He’s making it about the games. Can’t please everyone with change.

    #37 3 months ago
  38. fearmonkey

    I bet that MS has another Xbox in design right now, one being prepped so they can release before Sony again like the original Xbox. Not saying they will do that, but the rate that MS is going, they need to be prepared in case they stay behind.

    I’d bet money on it,…. Not saying they will actually do it though, because I still believe that when halo launches, it could really turn around the Xbox. Im not sure if Sony has anything as big as Halo to lure them to PS4, even uncharted or God of War isnt as big, at least to Xbox fans. Sony wants to lure Xbox 360 fans to the PS4, and I think many Xbox fans are just waiting on Halo for Xbox One to migrate over. If that fails however, be prepared for a new Xbox before Sony releases the PS5.

    #38 3 months ago
  39. dazedonthemoon

    Although I don’t agree with how this article is presented, I agree with its main point. Microsoft does not stick to its guns, it has cast away every risk, every unique thing that separated itself from the other consoles just to sell a few more in the short term. Who knows, after a slow start if they would have kept most of the things that the u-turned on, they may have ended up selling big in the long run by hitting those things out of the park.

    But Microsoft is all about immediate money so like the title says, you can’t trust them. Albeit this was explained horribly and very bias by Matt.

    #39 3 months ago
  40. dontbescaredhomie92

    I’m literally at a lost for words at this shit bucket article, if you can call it that at all, does this guy think VG247 is his personal fucking blog!?
    The era and legacy of Don Mattrick will haunt Xbox for long to come and the focus has been shifted where it should of been in the fucking first place, the games and your closing comments only add to what a GAMES console should be about.

    This monumental bellend of a writer you have working for you needs to go, saying that the X1 is in fucking beta and somehow PS4 isn’t?
    To summarise, Matt you’re a complete tool mate, you contradict yourself consistently from article to article and to me at least are single handedly ruining this once great IMPARTIAL news site.

    #40 3 months ago
  41. majormayhem70

    @Erthazus look at the way #17 breaks it down, cause that is about as real as it gets. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. The Captain that was steering this boat, has long since jumped ship (more like pushed off or else) and now the new man at the helm is correcting its course. The best way to do this is to go back to the basics. Games, games , games.

    #41 3 months ago
  42. bobnice

    This writer seems like a total sony fanboy based on the recent articles ive read from him.

    #42 3 months ago
  43. ManuOtaku

    I dont know which is worse a company that for better or worse choose a vision, that had some ideas with potential, and bad ones as well, then completly did change it, because of consumer strong feedback.

    Or some media and some some gamers, that criticize with strong voice what they didnt like, rightly so, and when the companie change it, they start to criticize the the consequences of that changing, or turn around, with an even bigger voice.

    This reminds me the old venezuelam joke, a husband that had strong feelings against his wife for all the years together, did complain for the dinners that consisted on scramble eggs, he yell at the wife i dont want the eggs scramble. The next dinner she prepared poached eggs, then the husband, yell at her, i want my eggs scramble. The next dinner the wife did prepare two eggs, one scramble and the other poached, the husband yells again at the wife, the scramble eggs i did want it poached, and the poached i did want it scrambled.

    #43 3 months ago
  44. FoureyesZero

    Not selling the xbox one in a lot of regions must piss developers of too it limits their potential sales a lot.
    I live in The Netherlands and i can by a ps4 in a store right now if i want too.
    The xbox one isn’t even being sold here.

    #44 3 months ago
  45. antraxsuicide

    So your entire point is that MS should’ve stuck to their guns on stuff that the market didn’t like, in the hopes of good sales at a much later date?

    How’s that working out for Nintendo right now? Not well at all. If something isn’t working, you fix it. I’d love to see how screwed up your house/cars are. “The car’s not cranking? Don’t worry, it’ll work if we give it some time.” The idiocy.

    Here’s an open comment to the staff of this site: the quality of the writing has gone down considerably in the past year. This site has become nothing more than a collection of headlines designed to guarantee traffic instead of deliver information. The staff (with some exceptions, Dave and Brenna!) are barely competent at explaining their thoughts with the written word, and those ill-written thoughts are straight from the part of the human brain that caused the Darwin Awards to exist. Improve the quality of the site, or you’ll continue to see the traffic leave you (as we all know it has; no updates on site traffic after the redesign, correct? I wonder why.)

    #45 3 months ago
  46. pukem0n

    just read Matt Martin and instantly knew it was some biased piece of crap article, don’t even have to bother reading :)

    it’s articles like this that let me keep the ad blocker on now, because this doesn’t deserve any ad money.
    just fire that guy

    #46 3 months ago
  47. zoopdeloop

    the point is MS should have shifted their original ideas a little bit and not turn them down one by one just because their high self esteem asses could not stand coming 2nd for a while.Really pathetic. more so the sheep which are blidingly dance to their tunes no matter what

    #47 3 months ago
  48. ManuOtaku

    When Someone mentions dancing in their tune i remind this

    #48 3 months ago
  49. zoopdeloop

    or in this case this :P

    #49 3 months ago
  50. ManuOtaku

    @zoopdeloop yep, that was better ;-)

    #50 3 months ago
  51. Opalauge

    It creates trust if a company prooves to be capable of change.

    #51 3 months ago
  52. ddtd

    @zoopdeloop So…if a ship’s course is headed straight towards an iceberg then it should slowly turn away so as not to look like they screwed up, even though the passengers can clearly see the ice in the horizon?

    Lagging behind in sales is causing MS to lose more face than quickly correcting their course.

    And to all the people complaining about not sticking with their vision; Well, the people spoke with their wallets that their vision sucked. Why would anyone want to keep doing the same thing if it’s just not working, let alone a business that put millions behind a 5-10 year business plan?

    Last thing, directed to the adticle’s author; Quantum Break falls under Microsoft Games publishing, not the now basically defunct entertainment division. The 180 on TV has nothing to do with that game, and I guarantee that if it sells well out the gate and is reviewed well, MS will be more than happy to throw more money at Remedy for a sequel.

    #52 3 months ago
  53. illuminatusv

    Insert Article here

    #53 3 months ago
  54. zoopdeloop

    exactly,nothing’s wrong with losing face at least they would have reached their destination(slower but safer)…which is far better than turning around to the point of departure

    #54 3 months ago
  55. derpachu

    @Legendaryboss When’s it Nintendos turn? Who’s turn is it next?

    #55 3 months ago
  56. polygem


    #56 3 months ago
  57. unknown_gamer

    Now some people consider M$ a game changer and innovator with their system that has no vision no identity whatsoever just because it still brings Halo and more mindless shooters , smh at your logic people

    #57 3 months ago
  58. PlimpyD

    I love the way this article is listed under news when it’s clearly an opinion piece. And to make matters worse the opinion isn’t backed up with facts but simply speculation paraded as facts. 0/10.

    #58 3 months ago
  59. marporte

    MS launched the system too soon and revealing it to the public too soon. It should have came out in 2015 fall with a solid launch and did focus testing to see if Kinect was worth it. Having the current launch games and Sunset and MC collection and Titanfall would have been a slam dunk if the TV stuff was a suprise in a patch a month after launch. MS did leave a bad taste in Japanese developers for the two generations. Also, D4 one of the only X1 exclusives from Japan was Kinect based and before the system came out to Japan, Kinect became optional. That leaves a bad impression to a Nation of developers. It may not seem big but RPGs and Japan exclusives is a nice niche to have in the console market. I think the article is exaggeration but MS shows weakness and lack of resolve to some. Sony and Nintendo didn’t backtread this much so soon when the PS3 and Wii U failed to pick up as fast as the shareholders wanted. MS will be fine and not need to sweat the small stuff.

    #59 3 months ago
  60. aseddon130

    You (the gaming community) complain that the xbox one is becoming less of a games console then when they u-turn on a few decisions that go away from games to then concentrate on games you write tripe like this?

    This is just the usual box one bashing that is now getting old, I was pissed when they announced price drop upon price drop after I bought my launch console, but nevertheless i’m still loving my xbox one, with kinect too. To me it’s essential to using the thing. I barely have any reason to play my ps4 and only the destiny beta has had me turn it back on this week.

    #60 3 months ago
  61. realitybites

    What you have to way up is is your only interaction with MS through Xbox? If it is than

    #61 3 months ago
  62. realitybites

    The problem is with articles like this is if the readers only interaction with MS is through gaming than this concept that MS is a bad organisation just doesn’t gel. It contradicts their sense of reality.

    Unfortunately we have had over a decade of Ballmer (worst CEO ever) it remains to be seen how the new CEO changes the culture of the organisation. Sadly, though in one breath they talk up Xbox sales (in % no less) and than sack 18,000 people 24 hours later.It still speaks volumes that they still have a long way to go before I believe they have turned a corner.

    Phil Spencer is held up as an icon of reform but deep down he is a sales guys and he gets paid a shit ton of money to make you like him.

    Investors and shareholders want MS to focus on their core revenue which is Windows OS (27% of their revenue) and Office (34% of their revenue). If Xbox slides too far down the food chain it will find itself up for sale or worse put out to pasture. MS doesn’t need Xbox. They make billions from their software.

    #62 3 months ago
  63. Legendaryboss

    Um I don’t know about Nintendo. Sony is probably next on the arrogance train and they ain’t no arrogance like Sony arrogance!

    #63 3 months ago
  64. Phasmatis75

    @Hcw87 Two things, first it’s not so much that people are complaining both ways. The majority of people didn’t want Kinect, thought TV was a bad idea and really they were right and Microsoft thought they didn’t have to listen and it hurt them badly. Now that they have gotten what they wanted, they’re ether happy, or were at a point where they no longer cared so aren’t commenting on it. This leaves only the people who actually wanted the stuff, the people who loved the ideas and bought the Xbox One because of them. They’re the ones who are now complaining.

    Second and more importantly these were selling points for the Xbox One. Microsoft got companies on board with these ideas and these companies invested money in development of TV shows and Kinect games. Now both are loosing a ton of money and possibly a lot of people are going to loose their job. Personally I think they deserve it for showing a lack of intelligence in backing these schemes in the first place, but it’s still harsh to not have a means to feed your family.

    People aren’t really flipping back and forth. People who didn’t want anything to do with TV or Kinect don’t much care that Microsoft has gotten rid of them, and the people who bought the Xbox One and support this vision are the ones who are now complaining as Microsoft demonstrates they have absolutely no idea what to do with the Xbox One.

    #64 3 months ago
  65. bradk825

    I don’t get the points about alienating studios by dropping TV. The projects that already have investment are still happening. Quantum Break and Halo are coming, no changes.

    #65 3 months ago
  66. Butcher8

    I agree with most of this article, I was also a massive 360 fan and original xbox too all thanks too the excellent Halo series, the xbox one is a joke though, I personally see it as a write-off, I have become a pc gamer thanks to Microsoft (not their intention) and I doubt I will ever go back, heck Sony is doing better but only a little, this whole generation has been pointless so far. All the while the pc is getting better and better with the majority of the games I really want to play and being fully backwards compatible is the icing on the cake.

    #66 3 months ago
  67. antraxsuicide

    Oh, and Stephanie is a great writer as well as Dave and Brenna! Sorry Steph!

    #67 3 months ago
  68. Panthro

    xbox only burns bridges to rebuild stronger ones

    you pc fedora wearing freaks and ps ponys should know that by now why else would they keep making halos because thats what fans want.

    #68 3 months ago
  69. chuckyj360

    Here are the 2 MAJOR issues other than the DRM debacle.

    1) MS planned for Kinect 2.0 to be a pack in with the console for a higher price point and lower system specs, because of Kinect 2.0 pack in with NO Kinect 2.0 SKU available.

    PROBLEMS that occurred:
    1) NO Kinect games at launch and the BIG Kinect 2.0 game was Kinect Sports Rivals had a MAJOR delay at launch and when Sports Rivals did launch it was the worst Kinect Sports game in the series and NOT the definitive Kinect game MS hoped for. Here is the sad part… The definitive Kinect game so far? Xbox Fitness App you can download for free.

    2) Lower system specs b/c of Kinect 2.0 pack in lead to “Resolution” GATE. This will not be going away anytime too soon either. More developers are getting better at managing Xbox 1 development to get games at 1080p/30-60 FPS, BUT when it comes down to it X1 is underpowered under the hood and that will never change. ALL b/c of Kinect 2.0.

    3) How did MS not see this coming? All gamers saw the problem, but MS lacked the vision all gamers saw. SO the X1 a system dubbed by MS as a “System built by gamers for gamers” flopped, because of one simple reason…

    GAMERS hated where MS was going. They didn’t listen to Xbox game fans.

    The Future?

    This gen is all about just keeping up. MS will not win this generation period. It’s all about damage control and rebuilding the brand at this point.

    Luckily for MS, Phil Spencer is the Man in charge and with the right support can make this happen. Save face this generation and if he gets a chance at next generation I would expect GREAT things from MS once again.

    #69 3 months ago
  70. marporte

    @Panthro MS doesn’t really make stronger bridges. MS BOUGHT Bungie who was already making Halo for PC and Mac. Truth is we don’t know how much was “shoe horned” to make it play fluidly on the Xbox. The game that defines Xbox as a whole is a game that was going to launch on PC but MS just bought it and really didn’t do anything thing but port an unrealsed product on their console and hype it. The original Halo did have a lot of repetitive backgrounds and corridors probably due to familiarity with the hardware and time restraints to make the launch. Halo is an great awesome but on PC where there was less of a limitation on design what many call one of the greatest shooters of all time might have been that much better on PC. With Bungie’s original vision and control for Halo we might have gotten a better final product. Why I say this is Bungie left MS because they were tired of Halo this and Halo that and wanted to make something new because if your a true developer who loves evloving your not going to just milk a franches your going to make new ones. Bungie bought out thir contract went to Activision (which may not be an improvement) but MS could have still had Bungie let them work on projects and Destiny might have been a MS exclusive and people would have bought an X1 just for that and pummeled Sony. MS chipped away Rare and Lionhead and some developers are hesitant to bring some of their games to MS due to their internal infrastructure. Gabe Newell was the biggest PS3 hater and stated Sony should give this generation openly start from scratch 2 years into this genation and wouldn’t even work on the PS3 version of the Orange Box to make a sub par product The 360 version of the Orange Box was made by Valve and had intent on keeping Team Fortress 2 updates on par with the PC version. Valve wanted the content to be free (like Cliff wanted Gears of War content to be free) but MS insisted a charge was made for content and patches. The money MS could have made with the content people buy on TF2 is staggering but greed and arrogance burnt a major bridge there. This caused Valve to go from MS supporter to PS supporter with Steamworks for Portal 2 with full on community support which included DLC, patches and cross play between PC and PS3 version, this would have been MS future for Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and maybe even L4D2. MS gained many bridges in the 360 era but burned them with the last boss because he felt once they got on top it would last a few generations like Sony and developers would bend to MS desires. But his idiocy helped Sony catch up this gen and it didn’t help that Sony put work into making AAA exclusives in house when MS made nearly no new IP in the last 3 or 4 years. Phillip Spencer is doing a great job of cleaning up what the last moron did to help build bridges but as it is now there is too much to clean from internal polices to relations with developers to make a stronger bridge yet.

    #70 3 months ago
  71. kisame

    mhhhhh now that xbox one is selling well here we go with this non sens article i wonder how much Sony pays this guys really

    #71 3 months ago
  72. marporte

    It is a relevant article that brings a valid point. Sony and Nintendo worked harder and longer to bring people to the PS3 and Wii U. These changes took time and their respective consoles are got stronger for it and earned respect from developers. PS3 and Wii U didn’t back tread this soon it they took time and stood firm when both Sony and Nintendo got the same level of hazing from the world when people looked down on them infact they were trolled much at their launch and sales then the X1 which did better than both in terms of units sold. If MS really cared about listened to their fans XBL would have been free last generation and all apps and free2play games would have not been behind a pay wall but MS was profiting much better and didn’t care. Third Party support was one of MS biggest advantages to the Xbox brand but PS4 someone made a system that was more powerful and easier to make games on which is a surprise since MS made Windows. MS is swimming in money compared to Sony and Nintendo but lacked the courage to work to the top like their competitors now that it is MS turn to be at the bottom. Even with the X1 doubling it sales in the US due to the price drop and PS4 still outselling them but MS still doesn’t accept this. In my opinion if you make a product and it is doing well keep on going with your vision, if your competitor is doing better it doesn’t mean you got to freak out and play catch up. MS said this is a marathon when MS is galloping to catch up so soon. While I don’t think it is a big deal MS stock holders do and might behind some of the inconsistencies as well it gives the image MS has little faith in their system. MS is doing an awesome job in sales. Its the sense of urgency and desperation that MS gives off that feels a bit scary. MS has tons of supporters on this thread alone that probably would have stood by the original vision for the entire life cycle of the X1. The vision never got a chance to prove itself because MS feared what might have happened and buckled before the system launched.

    #72 3 months ago
  73. AppleRedX

    Matt a new member of Sonytology?

    #73 3 months ago
  74. dkpunk

    What is with this site? Seriously why does this site become more and more biased against MS. I think the name It’s like the Fox News of video gaming!

    #74 3 months ago
  75. flaminbanjos

    I made an account just so I could comment on this. This is very lazy writing- there are a couple of valid points but I would suggest this is more flame bait than a reflective piece. I could comment on most of the paragraphs but just as an example..
    ‘Games developers can clearly and publicly see the company is failing to deliver on its end of the original deal, so why should they work with Microsoft at all? A games console without enough developers making games for it is going to struggle further – just ask Nintendo.’
    - are you kidding me? It’s unfortunate that the developers backing Kinect had to go through that but to suggest that this is a significant proportion or by any means affects their relationship with the majority of developers is absurd. Many have been vocal yet praising of Microsoft’s about turns because they’re beneficial- if anything they’re now more accommodating to developers than they have ever been (particularly Indies).
    It’s the same for a lot of things. I agree that the goal posts have shifted but they’re currently losing the battle with Sony. Are you suggesting that they shouldn’t adapt, that the monthly updates and changes already introduced since Phil Spencer are a bad thing? Again, they’re listening, and that’s a hell of a lot better than stubbornly clinging on to your principles…. I’ve already spent enough time on this. Yep, I obviously fell for that bait.

    #75 3 months ago
  76. DARKFiB3R

    @selderane Is the TV show part of Quantum Break being produced by Microsoft Entertainment Studios?

    “The news of Xbox Entertainment Studios has not impacted our progress and we’re excited to share more details of Quantum Break at Gamescom in August.”

    Reading that quote, I would say no, they do not need to stfu.

    #76 3 months ago
  77. AHA-Lambda

    My God this article…Three’s nothing I can say about that hasn’t already been said; it’s worthless, and it’s scary such incompetent journalism can come from an editor. And the thing is it’s not the first and won’t be the last.

    I haven’t bothered commenting on this site for quite a while now but don’t intend to anymore. Straw that broke camel’s back and all that jazz.

    I can’t believe Pat let this site get to the state it’s in, by hiring this fucking incompetent. Matt has killed this site.

    This site used to be my one stop shop for all things gaming news related, now I barely visit and it all coincided with the site redesign and the hire of this bungling baffoon.

    It’s turned into the equivalent of a tabloid rag with click baiting controversy opinion pieces, late with news pieces that other sites run with days before (even forums like neogaf), and worthless gamer fluff articles like “oh wow isn’t this cosplay cool” etc.
    This would be better suited for a forum post but I notice that’s gone too >_>

    #77 3 months ago
  78. AHA-Lambda

    And you know what if that happens to be worthy of a ban for whatever reason, I can’t say I’d fucking care.

    #78 3 months ago
  79. hitnrun

    These post-mortems of the XBone all act like Microsoft is making some kind of mistake here.

    Yes, everything they’ve been doing since March has undoubtedly hurt morale among “the developer community.” But let’s be clear: they had no choice. None, whatsoever. These decisions were predestined years ago, when the EARLIER decisions to ignore the gamers who buy 11 of the first 15 million units of every console were made. Because the “developer community” is disposable. Everyone wants to work in games. What is not disposable is the “customer community.”

    Microsoft’s fate may have been sealed all the way back in 2008 when it decided to convert its universally praised console ecosystem into a dollar-filching carnival machine that pined after Wii customers by progressing through a series of increasingly hip and floaty interfaces that could have been designed by Zynga. The console’s destiny may have still been up in the air all the way up until they made the twin decisions on price points and Kinect integration a couple years ago. In any case, no later than that point in 2012, the Xbox One’s fate has been sealed and there’s absolutely nothing Microsoft could have done to prevent having to backtrack in 2014.

    There is no choice here. The accountants in Redmond have a much clearer picture than gaming journos pretending that they’re objectively calling a political campaign or foam-flecked commenters. The picture they’re seeing is undoubtedly a total rout, a rejection of everything Microsoft has thought about gaming since they decided that casuals could be more reliably more profitable than game enthusiasts in 2008.

    #79 3 months ago

    “…It’s a console still in beta.”

    Microsoft has used its Windows customers to be alpha and beta testers for over a decade.

    Bet on MSFT’s stock to flatline and become dead money again.

    #80 3 months ago
  81. eulajking


    #81 3 months ago
  82. polygem

    dude, xbox has halo, it could live as a dedicated halobox alone.

    #82 3 months ago
  83. marporte

    We have had articles on Sony’s lack of profits on this site which really don’t have anything to do with Playstation hardware being the sole purpose rather the other departments hemorrhaging millions and commentors more discuraging comments on this site you can look for those pages yourself. When Sony closed actual gaming studios closed due to saving money there were jabs at Sony and their ability to stay in the gaming industry and that Sony is a big failure by a good number of comments on this site’s thrad. When Sony execs didn’t take a raise to save money for Sony as a whole not just Playstation being at fault because it was staritng to turn a profit people did the same thing ON THIS SITE. Don’t get mad at the site now that it is MS turn to get burned by “biased journalism” that is how journalism works. When start taking a fall your that start becomes the target. That rule fallows not here but every gaming site and magazine out there. We all know that MS made bad choices that led them down this path because I doubt they even did a focus group with real gamers to see if this is something if Sony or Nintendo had followed the same path MS and did the same amt or retreads then their names would be on this article instead of MS. But then again like I even though Sony or Nintendo was on the losing side of a console and took a bunch of U-Turns it would be their names on the same exact article.

    #83 3 months ago
  84. marporte

    @marporte I meant to say star instead of start

    #84 3 months ago
  85. drewbles82

    this makes me glad i still not bought a nextgen console. Had more than enough money to buy one and bought a 360 day one. To me it didnt feel like such a big jump, graphics didnt seem that much better inorder for me to get one, esp when its gameplay and story i care about more. I been on Borderlands 2 for 3months now and nowhere near finished, over 100 arcade games, 50 disc based games, and games with gold, i invested a lot into track packs for Rocksmith and rockband etc so my biggest issue is backwards comp, if they had put that into the system where i can carry on with all my current stuff, id have got one day one and be buying some of the new games along the way.
    Yes a lot complain its stupid to do backwards comp but i see it as common sense, straight away you give people a reason to ditch their 360 as they can play both old and new, those who never had a 360, have new and old gen games they can buy.
    So me and many others i speak to are sticking with 360 as with all the u turns and things being cancelled on xbox1, its not giving me any hope or reason to get one.

    #85 3 months ago
  86. xx313xx

    Another pro Playstation/anti Xbox article…Now I remember why I stopped coming here……

    #86 3 months ago
  87. FoHammer

    Mr. Martin, you burn your bridges, because Microsoft listened when they made a turn around on their original concept. Microsoft is doing all the right things, and you sir need to go and just keep to your PS4. While I love both consoles, and I’m proud to support both consoles. Microsoft is doing what’s best for Xbox and the future of video gaming.

    This is without a doubt, the worst article with no reasoning at all. Pathetic. I felt like I was reading an article from FOX NEWS.

    #87 3 months ago
  88. Seventizz

    These anti Microsoft threads are getting out of hand. As a loyal customer – I don’t feel one bit let down by any of these stories and my console, just like the other two, provide me with quality games with a trusted and vibrant online community that the competition just cannot match. I know it’s trendy to bash Microsoft and to praise anything Sony does, but I don’t feel that way and neither do about 5 million other gamers and a slew about to join us.

    I no longer buy Sony consoles and these marketing threads won’t sway me either. Sony cannot produce the quality Microsoft can. My huge Microsoft catalogue and abysmal Sony library confirm that.


    #88 3 months ago
  89. torjs99

    xbox one: total mess.

    should cut their loses and move on to xbox two

    #89 3 months ago
  90. sebastien rivas

    Ok Microsoft fucked up in major ways.
    Ok Microsoft DID NOT listen to worldwide complaints, whines, and other cries (me included).
    Ok Microsoft is lazy’ing around with own system stability and/or integrity and “polishness”.

    With all those major disasters any console maker absolutely want to avoid like the fucking plague is a Microsoft trailing behind Playstation.
    Ok they “PROBABLY” will NOT make as much profit as 360 but it does not mean the system does not sell enough for devers to see attraction in the system. This is to me a ridicule assumption, I do not have the numbers with me but I want to believe Microsoft already sold more than a 3 million units worldwide which as a AAA pub would be a good mark for game system selling capability.

    One thing is certain. If Microsoft drops the sponge after Xbox one and I am likely to drop the sponge on Xbox and Windows altogether because that would be Anti-American attitude fuck face.

    Where there is a will, there is a way!

    Cocky Microsoft wanna display lollypops to share holders and not listened to its gamer base just felt it hard but it does not mean it should the end!

    #90 3 months ago
  91. marporte

    @Seventizz I agree that it is harsh but the reality is PS3 got the same amount of hazing previous generations for its lack of sales and financial situations so to support only MS is valid arguement because when it comes time for MS to come back on top and it is Sony’s turn you will not buy a PS4 or defend Sony. Also MS doesn’t really make quality titles. They buy them from developers. They bought HALO when Bungie was making it for PC and they paid money to keep Gears of War exclusive and then just bought the rights at the new generation. Also Sony made more new IPs. If we compare new IPs this last two generation MS has the smallest amount of orginal quality titles between the big 3. I bought an Xbox and a 360 and 90 percent of the games were available on PC (even Halo 1 and 2 and Fable). Even with the lack of real innovation what got me believing is MS was Steel Battalion. Not that crappy Kinect followup but the original that came with that massive 40+ button controller thick manual and permadeath. MS had balls and made choices and were willing to take risks and they made a bunch of IPs and most of them were complete garbage but you have to keep on trying to make a big AAA IP. Sometimes when Nintendo and Sony did it the results were not pretty but when they did it was amazing. But at the end of the 360 cycle and now all they have done is bought limited exclusivity, heck MS invented the concept that everyone uses now including developers for pre-orders and gaming stores. Dead Rising 3 coming to PC now and Titanfall on PC with sequel going to PS3 since the developer said that all games are going multiplat from here on in. Even Sunset overdrive is an IP owned by Insomniac MS paid to get it published so there is a chance any sequels to that will go to Sony since Insomniac still works with Sony. I supported two generations of Xbox at launch despite over reliance of limited exclusivity and milking sequels when coming out with maybe 3 or 4 new IPs each gen and stopping at that. I will support the X1 in given time too but unlike you I won’t blame some people on a thread because of the reason you won’t buy Sony. Just go back to the playstation launch and first two years on all gaming sites and see how the threads were. You talk like you were just born 16 years ago and you don’t know how the gaming world works.

    #91 3 months ago
  92. marporte

    @marporte not a valid arguement

    #92 3 months ago
  93. Seventizz

    @marporte I have owned 3 Sony consoles. None of them have provided me the type of gaming I enjoy and personally, I don’t think the quality is there. And to say MS buys all their franchises? Well duh – Sony does too. Nintendo is the only internal house who prioritizes first party.

    I hate to play fanboy here – but I must repeat…


    #93 3 months ago
  94. marporte

    @Seventizz Your argument is that people on these thread and marketing articles. Well they are not marketing and real quality comes form building within. Sony and Nintendo builds first party studios and work with them from the ground up to make new titles. Everything MS not really evolved RARE or Lionhead and they let Bunige were the big three and they are either shells or bought themselves out of their contract to do multiplat games. MS should have been the first steam box running titles with a tiny number of exclusives like it has now for the past two generations. MS hasn’t done anything worthy of a console truly it has games but they are not just games that almost would have came out to PC anyways but they had the inside track because of their software connections and buying rights to existing PC products. MS has innovated for the console generations like its info structure, achievements, and cross chat and custom soundtracks for example, but as far as games go they mostly just PC games with a fewer truly exclusive franchise than nearly any other console in existence. MS is a master of hardware and ideas to innovate that hardware but they are not that great in actual software in my opinion they should be doing better. Xbox has over 50% of their stuidos dedicated to Kinect and that is being downplayed. 343 and Black Tusk is emulating Halo and Gears of War in Bungie’s and Epic’s place (even though I hope 343 makes part 5 better than part4). Sony by comparison has more studios dedicated to actual gaming and a good number of these studios have multiple AAA IPs. I respect your fanboy choice but don’t blame people and articles for as part of your argument because it isn’t valid or saying that bashing MS is trendy because that is the trend for all journalism, when it comes to politics, Hollywood, or religion.

    #All Platforms

    #94 3 months ago
  95. Seventizz

    @marporte Well, MS must’ve done something right to ensure I buy more of their software and their latest system rather than show any interest in their closest competitor.

    Everything you mention may look well in theory, but in execution – not so much.


    #95 3 months ago

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