Satoru Iwata just got re-elected as Nintendo’s president

Friday, 27th June 2014 11:00 GMT By Dave Cook

Nintendo has re-elected Satoru Iwata as the company’s president, following its annual shareholder’s meeting.


It follows confirmation that Iwata missed E3 2014 as he was recovering from surgery.

Earlier this year we published an opinion blog suggesting that it’s time for Iwata to step down as Nintendo president, following the Wii U’s poor performance at launch and beyond. Interest in the console seems to be up however, after the strong release of Mario Kart 8, and the reveal of a new Zelda title at E3.

Now, IGN reports that Iwata has been re-elected by the board of directors, following a sharp drop in his approval rating over the last few years.

The site notes that his approval rating sat at 92.9% in 2011, but then fell to 77.3% in 2013. It’s not clear where Iwata’s approval rating lies following his re-election, but well update this story once we know more.

We’re still waiting for Nintendo’s official, English minutes translation, but we’ll let you know when it lands.

Stay tuned.



  1. polygem

    he´s a good one. long term thinker. true visionary. good for nintendo, really really good.

    #1 5 months ago
  2. Dragon

    Yaay. Hooray. Bring on Wii U 2,3,4,5, infinity.
    A pay rise, a trip to Hawaii, some more PA girls, a new 10 bedroom condo, and other perks must also be considered as he has taken ninty to new heights with the release of Wii U, the worlds most famous console ever and every kid loves and every SERIOUS gamer desires.

    #2 5 months ago
  3. polygem

    nintendo are smart atm and they very cleverly shape and pave their relevance in a market that is drastically changing. i have explained this in and out and i don´t feel like doing it again. we can just talk about this again in a few years dragon. you will see what i was talking about all the time.

    #3 5 months ago
  4. Dragon

    ^ I don’t talk with guys like you, but let me give you a tip. For all those Wii U and ninty salesmanship that you do here on VG247 (and probably all over net), did you manage to convince even one guy to buy the dead console?
    I don’t really care to break your little bubble, so go on. We have such guys on all sides here.

    #4 5 months ago
  5. polygem

    i detect a little insecure boy right here

    #5 5 months ago
  6. DarkElfa

    Nintendo owner and lover since release of the original here. My thought? They need new leadership at all levels. Ninty hasn’t really progressed as a company in a decade. Sure, they’ve released new hardware but their bread and butter is still rehashes of old games and old ideas.

    Gaming just isn’t a child only market anymore as you would have thought Ninty found out when old people were buying the Wii. They have had every opportunity and all the good will in the world to seize control of the market and yet they manage to piss on that opportunity every time through sheer force of will and boneheaded hardware decisions. I want them to wake up and give the market what it needs and what we want.

    #6 5 months ago
  7. Clupula

    Disappointing, but unsurprising. Nintendo will continue to be a company afraid of the future.

    #7 5 months ago
  8. ManuOtaku

    I am glad he has been re – elected, if it wanst for him, right now it wouldnt be a nintendo, the ds and wii kept them in the business, and both are his childs, i think he is the best option for nintendo atm.

    #8 5 months ago
  9. Game Hunter

    @ManuOtaku oh c’mon man not you too.I’m getting sick of this “atm” polygem always uses in his comments about Nintendo consoles.he uses it like he is stating a fact,not a personal opinion.”Wii U is the best console ATM”give me a break.just because you and 6mil other people bought it doesn’t make it the best console and your fanboyish “atms”doesn’t make it a fact.Wii U has potential,of course,but it has many flaws,starting with it’s name.Nintendo should have made a permanent console brand for themselves to be instantly recognised by even my country everybody,even non-gamers,know PlayStation and Xbox but other than Mario and NES nobody knows much about Nintendo and they know almost nothing about a console named “Wii U”except the informed ones like me,who are few compared to the others.

    #9 5 months ago
  10. polygem

    @Game Hunter
    what i post is always opinion. only opinion – all the time. i am here for the fun of talking about games with other gamers, for the fun of it, not for some fantasy mind competition games.

    i can´t see a problem with that. it´s just me and my 30+ years experience as a gamer posting my 2 cents.

    but you know, these wiiu is dead already, it´s doomed, a failure bullshit, this short sighted, one dimensional view about nintendos situation and completely ignoring all the right steps that they have taken in the past years and with the wiiu and the 3ds, completely ignoring the 30+ years of succesfull business they have made and to fail to put all this into context….this isn´t exactly fact either. it´s also just opinion.

    saying the wiiu is not doing so good is a fact. saying that the race is over, the system is doomed – well, that´s just speculation. people need to relax a bit in general and discuss this for the fun of it….at least, that´s my opinion.

    i love the wiiu and the 3ds, that´s true – both are my favourite systems atm with the best games hands down and i have never been a huge nintendo only fan (eventhough some aren´t getting tired of painting that picture – again, failing to seee the bigger picture).

    i bought the wii very very late for example. i was totally into the 360 but i wont buy a x1 atm because i do not like where ms are going right now so i criticise that. it does not mean that this wont change, it easily could, depends on the next steps ms will take really.

    i did not buy a wii at launch because i thought that motion controll is a damn gimmick. i wasn´t a fan of the ps3 and found the 360 much more enjoyable in almost every way but i wrote love letters to the psp on here a lot. i loved the psp.

    you know, i have been here for over 5 years. i have been called a sony fanboy often (true story), an xbot and halonerd (true story) and right now i am the nintendo fanboy but in fact i am not platform loyal at all and i have never been. i know it – that´s enough for me.

    i go to where the most fun is, where the games are that i enjoy the most and in the end i always end up playing them on all the platforms – i love games and right now, nintendo nail that for me and i am deeply convinced that they are making the right decisions overall by not trying to copycat their competition but to be even more nintendo than ever before instead. it might not lok that good right now but i still think that it is the correct strategy for them. it will pay off for them in the long run. i just believe so – no need to agree with it.

    #10 5 months ago
  11. redwood

    its all good guys.that surgery he had was actually a brain surgery.. he will be able to make much better decisions now.

    #11 5 months ago
  12. Game Hunter

    @polygem and you didn’t manage to understand my point.I’m saying in order to sell well,you need a recognized brand.constantly changing console names will leave many casual gamers uninformed about the true potential of the system.I think they should’ve stuck with Gamecube as the brand.and they were lucky with Wii,because the previous consoles like N64 and GC both sold bad compared to PSOne and PS2 sales,and that didn’t change until Wii.but now,history might repeat itself.both N64 and GC had fantastic first party games but those didn’t help it to sell as much as PSOne and PS2.Wii U is pricey,while Wii was cheap,innovative and offered a new way for gameplay.oh wait,price cut might not be able to save it,because GC was cheaper than Xbox 2001 and PS2,but it sold even less than Xbox.based on past events,the failure of Wii U is a high possibility, and saying that Wii U is doomed is 70% valid.

    #12 5 months ago
  13. polygem

    @Game Hunter

    Saying that the WiiU is doomed is speculation only. No matter how you look at it – it is just as much speculation as saying that the WiiU will be fine in a few years.

    The doomsayers also completely ignore the fact that the system does a lot of things right, completely ignore all the positives, exclusively focussing on current sales numbers – taking this as proof for an early WiiU funeral :D For the most part they don´t even own the system but still call it a shit, a dead system. I would personally never dare to do something like that.

    This gen has just started people. To me it is weird that people are already calling out winners and losers already. It is very naive as well.

    The WiiU will never outsell the PS4 but IT DOESN´T HAVE TO.

    The brand issue, the name of the WiiU, i do not think that it is a problem at all – i don´t believe that it was the most clever choice ever but i also don´t believe that a different name would have changed the situation – but all this – again, pure speculation.

    On the other hand branding the Wii and the Mii stuff has been pretty smart so maybe they should just stick with that.

    Personally though, i think that they should aim for only one system in the future and then just call it the Nintendo. It would fix a lot of issues, especially a steady flow of first party games will be pretty much guaranteed by doing this. Atm more devs work on 3DS games than on WiiU games resulting in too few releases for the WiiU and those few just take too long. That´s the only major issue the WiiU is facing right now. Splitting of your dev teams wouldn´t be an issue anymore if you´d only have a single system obviously.

    The flow of first party games on WiiU though – it can easily change during the next year – don´t you think this simple, tiny little difference could change a lot for the WiiU? Look at MK8 and you´ll see – it could. Writing the WiiU of as a failure is ignorant and super one dimensional. It´s short term thinking to the extreme.

    They are aiming for the hybrid homeconsole/ handheld – There have been many hints towards this, especially recently and it makes sense. If this will be happening (speculation) – The whole WiiU and 3DS situation must be analysed from a very different angle.

    So, with that in mind, the WiiU makes even more sense, Miiverse does, Mii integration does, Street Pass does, touchscreen gaming / button combo does and so much more stuff they recently pushed forward – all these innovative features people so easily forget about saying that nintendo are backwards, not innovating but then go on completely ignoring these things.

    It´s weird – as if these guys haven´t even played on these systems the last few years but still pretend to be some kind of games experts.

    These steps that they have made with the WiiU all work, with the system selling or not, they work pretty damn well and for a future system these things can only be improved on very easily. If only in that regard, the WiiU cannot be called a failure at all.

    Nintendo, obviously, everything points to that, aim for a very very nintendo centric system – a nintendo. a system that is very different to your playstations and xboxes, a system for all ages, that can be shared with your family members – and that will be the best option for them imo. it´s clever to do exactly that.

    iwata did a great job to shape this future, you can easily spot the plan behind this if you try to and actually play on these systems as well as the competitors and compare and look at this industry and it´s history.

    i am pretty confident that you guys will see what i mean in a few years.

    #13 5 months ago
  14. Dragon

    “Saying that the WiiU is doomed is speculation only.”
    “No matter how you look at it – it is just as much speculation as saying that the WiiU will be fine in a few years.”
    ” exclusively focussing on current sales numbers – taking this as proof for an early WiiU funeral”

    Thanks for the laugh . I really appreciate it :D

    #14 5 months ago
  15. Panthro

    Blah blah blah

    -My console is cool and I like it, its the best console at the moment.


    -I did not state it as a fact, WiiU may be doomed, or it may do well, it is all speculation.
    I have had a lot of consoles, this is just my opinion in the WiiU, I like it, that’s all.


    …15 Hours later.

    -lel I so funny, i take your quotes about your stance on the wiius success and make fun of them because i have nothing better to do, haer haaerr haaaerrr

    Tune in next time for more pointless arguments.

    #15 5 months ago
  16. The_Red

    I was a firm believer in firing Iwata but after the spectacular E3 showing, I want to give him yet another chance.

    Sure, Wii U is beyond salvation (doomed!!!!) but that doesn’t mean it won’t sell games like Smash. With that title combined with the surprisingly promising slew of new titles shown at E3, they may have a chance to let Wii U have a dignified death before releasing their new console / product line.

    The only bad move they made during E3 was Amiibo, which still feels confusing and useless unless you are a diehard Nintendo fan who likes plastic statues of Nintendo characters who doesn’t mind pointless gameplay interactions.

    Aside from that, Iwata and co made the best possible case for Wii U regardless of its undeniable troubles (and status as a dead console).

    #16 5 months ago
  17. Dragon

    @The_Red ,
    I think Amibo think would/could work. Ninty has made a kid-friendly image and such stuff may work. I didn’t really look into it though.
    Ninty software will do well, as always, latest example being MK8. Makes you wonder if pathetic hardware sales are hampering the software from even bigger sales, no?

    #17 5 months ago
  18. Dragon

    “you are a diehard Nintendo fan who likes plastic statues of Nintendo characters who doesn’t mind pointless gameplay interactions. ”
    Or you are into toys? I think that was the appeal of Skylanders, Infinity etc. They are aimed at kids generally. But I don’t know much about such games.

    #18 5 months ago
  19. polygem




    you do not play kids games. i get it. only man games. that´s fine.

    paint the world as you wish to make it more comfortable for you. if you think you should only play games aimed at your age and gender, if that helps you to get some orientation in life, if it makes you more secure about who you are and who you try to be, that´s fine with me.

    it also explains to me why you constantly try to mock people who enjoy these so called kids games. you do that because of fear and insecurity. you are not one of those childish guys. you want to make that very very clear. not you – i get it. if it makes you feel better – fine. you are one tough dragon…

    you said, multiple times that you are not talking with “a guy like me” though – and you are even right about it. you are only talking to yourself all the time, trying to encourage yourself that you are a tough kid.

    regarding the wiiu and nintendos future we just have to wait and see unfortunately.

    #19 5 months ago
  20. OrbitMonkey

    Its western sweat shop devs I feel sorry for. Forced under barbaric conditions, to churn out repetitive annual *blockbusters*, facing diminishing returns, online vitriol from game *fans* if they change a haircut & for what?

    To be dropped unceremoniously at the end of a financial year & nowhere to go, but kickstarter :(

    Then Nintendo come along with *another* Mario something & it sells great & to critical acclaim!

    Must be frustrating.

    #20 5 months ago
  21. Dragon

    @polygem ,
    Unfortunately, it seems you seem to continue your misunderstanding, maybe because your lack of English skills (I don’t blame you, since its your second language). There is no doubt games (any entertainment in that regard) are made with specific target groups in mind. No company is exception to that rule. Ninty has a targeted audience of kids, and dont greenlight more “mature” ( aka 18+) games.
    However, that, in no way means someone outside that audience group cannot enjoy it. Saying this is targeted at kids/any other group is not an insult and I dont think anyone should feel sorry for what they play.
    Just jog back your memory, do you remember a single instance where I chided you for playing games which targeted at kids? I am willing to leave VG247 right now if you could show me a single instance for that.
    Let me be clear, stop feeling inferior and think that you have to defend your choices, because it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what anybody says to me about my hobby. I think the same should be with others too.

    If you still want to jump on my comments, well, I don’t care. Same with your hilarious attempts to rile others.

    While I would have love to hear what exactly are your complaints, but I am quite sure that you just came in since I pointed out this-
    Anxiously awaiting your response.

    stupid console owner

    #21 5 months ago
  22. polygem


    i was spot on there wasn´t i?

    just google dragon246 (your old name) and you will find a lot of stuff to think about…

    i don´t give a fuck about you leaving this site or not.

    great job ignoring “a guy like me” by the way. kid.

    #22 5 months ago
  23. Panthro


    What about what I said?
    It’s true.
    If people ‘WHO ALREADY HAVE THE GAME’ buy it again I consider them a stupid console owner.

    I own a 360, PS3 and a PS4, I have already played The Last of Us and thought it was pretty good, I wouldn’t buy it again for better graphics, it’s ridiculous and is a just a way to water down an alread watered down library of games that the consoles currently have.
    So yes, I consider the people who already own the game and who buy it again a ‘STUPID’ console owner.
    Just like I am in no rush to upgrade my PC,

    #23 5 months ago
  24. Panthro

    I consider the same people who upgrade there GPU every time the almost yearly iteration of the Nvidia or AMD series comes out as stupid as the people who pay for better graphics.

    I can completely understand a remaster of a game from the PS2 era, such as God Of War or The Jak and Daxter trilogy, but The Last of Us came out last year.
    All it is is a cash grab and will only affect the games industry negatively if it does well, developers have already began remaking games from -5 years ago simply because they know they have a better chance at making some quick money rather than making something new.

    But if you want a watered down library full of HD remakes go right ahead, why do you care what I think? Go have fun and pay the extra £40 for a better resolution when really, graphics aren’t supposed to matter, remember?

    #24 5 months ago
  25. Panthro

    I consider the same people who upgrade there GPU every time the almost yearly iteration of the Nvidia or AMD series comes out as stupid as the people who pay for better graphics on consoles.

    I can completely understand a remaster of a game from the PS2 era, such as God Of War or The Jak and Daxter trilogy, but The Last of Us came out last year.
    All it is is a cash grab and will only affect the games industry negatively if it does well, developers have already began remaking games from -5 years ago simply because they know they have a better chance at making some quick money rather than making something new.

    But if you want a watered down library full of HD remakes go right ahead, why do you care what I think? Go have fun and pay the extra £40 for a better resolution when really, graphics aren’t supposed to matter, remember?

    #25 5 months ago
  26. polygem

    interesting, proves my point too.

    #26 5 months ago
  27. Dragon

    @Panthro ,
    Well, thanks for making your point clear. Much appreciated. I just don’t see why anyone is stupid for buying any stuff how many times they want. I know few people who buy everything related to a franchise (sometimes more than once) to support their creators or just because they love it. I don’t see why they should be judged on how they want to spend their own money.
    Btw, I don’t have a PS4, and no plans in near future, just saying.

    “better resolution when really, graphics aren’t supposed to matter, remember”
    Huh. I don’t get that logic. Better resolution and graphics, framerate etc. are preferred, aren’t they? People have their budget, house size, bills etc. and other reasons. But I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t like a graphically better version than an inferior one if they are equal in all other aspect (maybe because they like other controller etc.). I think that is one of the main reasons why people play on high end PC, or why ps4 is preferred over X1.

    That aside, you really think wiiu will be a success? Its forecast is in line with vita. Both are failures for the company and the world works on hard numbers. I think you would understand that. Aside from hardcore ninty lovers who like to profess the blessings of ninty on their every comment like its their part time work to sell wiiu which they failed at, I have not seen a single guy disagree on that. Dreamcast and GC had great games, but they were failures for their company.

    #27 5 months ago
  28. Panthro


    I don’t own a WiiU, I don’t even know how well it sold since I haven’t really followed any of it, I really just don’t care about that stuff, I just know that when it hits a certain number of decent games I will buy one, because it will eventually and that’s all that matters, I don’t care how many other people are playing alongside me, it brings me nothing in terms of satisfaction or acceptance or whatever people feel when they gloat about how many other people own an Xbox or a PlayStation.


    Yeah, I see what you mean with the ‘I love this so much I want to support the company more’ But I really just don’t approve of forking over money for what really is just a slightly better looking version of something which came out last year I would support the company in other ways if I wanted to, I would buy there other games, official merch, etc.

    I just don’t like the way games are going, it seems like developers are getting lazier and lazier when I see things like this taking place.
    Sure, the game was good but that doesn’t mean it deserves a redone version only a year later, seems massively silly to me.

    And I actually own a PS4 and I want more games for it, I am so excited waiting for Bloodborne and No Mans Sky. Seeing The Last of Us, Halo, Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and more to come being served as filler makes me believe the current gen consoles library is going to be quite boring and bleak.

    #28 5 months ago
  29. Panthro


    To evaluate, I should be looking forward to more than just 2 games.

    They need to put in more of an effort than using resources on ports and HD upgrades.

    #29 5 months ago
  30. Dragon

    @Panthro ,
    ” I don’t even know how well it sold since I haven’t really followed any of it, I really just don’t care about that stuff”
    Ok. Well then, what did your first comment meant? I know (like many others) that Wiiu hardware is a complete failure. That is a fact, admitted tacitly by ninty themselves. Anything on the contrary is ninty lover assumption. So how was my point “pointless argument”?

    #30 5 months ago
  31. ManuOtaku

    There we go again, nintendo games are not aimed at kids alone, they are aim at family, which are the main target, most of nintendo titles, especially their more sucessfull ips, have an everyone clasification, which includes kids, for sure, but the games are also for all ranges of ages to be enjoyed.

    But Of course is better to call it kiddie, just for kids, etc, because it makes people feel better about their choices. Now everyone means just kids, go figure.

    #31 5 months ago
  32. Panthro


    You just answered your own question.

    I don’t care for the subject of ‘which sold more’ so arguing about how many units sold/ how many of my friends have one is completely pointless to me.

    Back when I only had a PS3 and a 360 none of my friends had gaming PC’s and contrary to the vast majority of toxic console gamers I know, spoke to online, seen on messageboards the PC was a platform for “PCFag neckbeards”… That didn’t stop me from being massively interested in them resulting in me building one.
    Now around 6 of my friends bit the bullet and jumped platform after they saw first hand how good PC gaming was.
    So I care nothing for ‘which is more popular’ and like to make fun of the people who do, why do people even care how many other random people are playing on a PC alongside them? It baffles my mind and I put it down to insecurities they may have and wanting to feel like they are part of a larger group when really, I just consider it as a bit mindless, be your own person, like what you like, don’t let ‘the crowd’ influence what you think is good or bad which is what (coming from a console AND PC gamer) is what most of console gaming culture has turned into.

    #32 5 months ago
  33. Dragon

    Uh? This is an article about a president being re-elected and the only way his performance will be measured is by how much money he made the company earn.
    So in this thread, the numbers matter. Hence I still don’t get why you would jump in if you didn’t like numbers.


    I feel some people are too touchy with their hobbies. Why does it matter if its kids, family, dudebro etc.? Your hobby, you like it. Too self-conscious isn’t the best thing imo.
    Still they love their dear company, so cannot blame them.

    #33 5 months ago
  34. polygem


    #34 5 months ago
  35. ManuOtaku

    @Dragon Personally, iam not touchy with the hobby, is with reading the same comments since 2011 on this site, is like a constant need to prove something, with nintendo, comments like being just for kids, not making new ips, etc, those comments just keep coming back from time to time. Iam just posting my opinion, because when something it is not be heard, it bares repeating. Thats all.

    #35 5 months ago
  36. Panthro


    It really has nothing to do with numbers though, he has been doing a great job for the time he has been doing it and he has been there for a loooong time.

    Some of the best gaming experiences I have had on a console have been with Nintendo while he was in charge, the WiiU might have failed on a sales figure level but so far it isn’t failing in decent games (in my opinion anyway) The recent spout of games they have been releasing is peaking my interest each time, whereas with the PS4 the sales are off the charts yet I never play on it due to my lack of interest in the software, all I have to go on is “promises” games will eventually come, fuck that.

    The WiiU’s release was just bad timing, it was the wrong time for them to release a console.
    From the videos and the times I have played it in-store it seems like decent hardware and a lot of very good software so far.
    That’s what matters, not how many other people own a WiiU, Why should I (the consumer) care about that as long as good software is being continuously released.

    Anyone who lingers on ‘Well my PS4 sold more than your Xbox/ WiiU which means my gaming is better’ is simply an insecure little child.

    I can name plenty of terrible games which have outsold amazing games, the fact that more people were playing X while I was playing Y doesn’t take away from what I was playing, it has no affect at all.

    #36 5 months ago
  37. DarkElfa

    @Panthro Sometimes you just need fresh leadership with a fresh perspective. Ninty needs new blood and new ideas, not the operations that got it to where it is now.

    #37 5 months ago
  38. Panthro


    Its always good to get something fresh, which is why the new gen of consoles has been so disappointing for me.

    I dunno though, with the software the WiiU is building at the moment I don’t know if I am ready for them to change.

    #38 5 months ago
  39. polygem


    the position nintendo is in isn´t half as dramatic as the internet crowd is making it look like.

    i do not want to repeat myself too much :D but the wiiu problems are pretty easy to fix really. like panthro said, the timing wasn´t ideal but it really isn´t something that couldn´t be fixed.

    dragon compared it to the vita but he forgot that the vita doesn´t have some true system selling games on the horizon, sony pretty much abandoned the system – that´s not the case for the wiiu.

    the wiiu has plenty of them. mk8 showed that software can help to push the hardware and in fact that has always been the case.

    nintendo can adjust the price of the system too next year and they probably will.

    so, i really cannot see the wiiu dying, not at all. i think that´s a myth created by people focussing on curent sales, analysing a situation with their blinders on. it is a myth for the most part created by fanboys, jerking off, looking at sales numbers.

    the wiiu wont outpace the ps4 but it doesn´t have to at all.

    the invention of miis, the fantastic miiverse, street pass the 3ds in general, the upcoming and promising QOL…all iwata, al innovative new, fresh ideas that work well and have very long term staying power.

    the wiiu is struggling in sales but it is a fantastic system with lots of potential. if you look at the software that is already out you can see that.

    it wont become the best selling console nintendo has ever made but writing it off as doomed or a failure is just extreme short term thinking and really just speculation.
    maybe some people will have to eat their own words one day.

    i also think that nintendo follow a long term strategy with unifying their systems, making it one – in that sense the wiiu makes a hell lot of sense.

    people should give it a chance, try it, play it. they would find out that the system is actually pretty great.

    the wiiu will be fine. nintendo will be for sure. they are the last ones of the bunch one needs to worry about really.

    #39 5 months ago
  40. DarkElfa

    @polygem I own a Wii U, its the only console I own and I want it to do good, but it has more issues than you’re willing to admit.

    #40 5 months ago
  41. polygem


    what issues then? i enjoy the crap out of miiverse, i think it is an extremely innovatice and unique take on social online. i love the software it has – some of the best games i have played in years. i dig dual screen gaming and i use off tv play a lot, especially for the VC stuff. i thought the asking price was very fair. the only issues i can see is the lack of Xbuy, the lack of a unified account system and that the first party games just take too long to hit the system – all those things can be adjusted.

    #41 5 months ago
  42. Dragon

    @Panthro ,
    “It really has nothing to do with numbers though, he has been doing a great job for the time he has been doing it and he has been there for a loooong time.”
    Yeah ok. I don’t know where you work, but no MNCs work the way you think. Financial meetings which guy takes the fall, and they don’t give a damn about anything else other than money. If you give a guy 10 years, surely he will do something good somewhere.
    Hardly few people have the skills to manage big companies and they get fatter checks per month than many people here would earn in a year. Why? Because they need to perform every year, without fail. Iwata has failed for past 3 years.
    So yeah, its all about the numbers. “Gamers” may bitch and cry that ninty shouldn’t make mobile games, but if the red ink stays for too long, that may well be where ninty is heading.
    In the end, the byte-
    “wiiu problems are pretty easy to fix really”
    I wonder if ninty should hire some of their fanboys to run the biz, because surely, they will do a better job than what Iwata is doing. Man, I never realised that Iwata wasn’t able to solve “easy to fix” problems even after almost 2 years of wiiu launch.
    Some people never cease to amaze me.

    #42 5 months ago
  43. polygem

    yeah dragon, bring it. it´s usually not my style but i cannot wait to rub this thread into your dragon visage one day :D

    #43 5 months ago
  44. DarkElfa

    @polygem The overly expensive controller, the hard to work with, under powered architecture, The overly rehashed properties, the lack of third party titles…

    Like you, I love Ninty, but they need to be able to directly compete with PS4 and XBone. Releasing one or two good games a year on a last gen hardware setup just isn’t getting it done. Nintendo has it within itself the ability to get back to domination and I want that to happen.

    Nintendo needs powerful and easy to develop for hardware and access to third party gaming at the same level as its current gen partners or it will become just another Dreamcast.

    #44 5 months ago
  45. polygem

    I see where you are coming from but I think nintendo should not try to compete directly with these consoles anymore, trying to dominate the console gaming sector but instead look for their very own niche in this market.

    They do exactly that right now imo. It is not something that will pay off immediately of course and you see it with the wiiu but it is smart thinking nonetheless. I think that’s the biggest misunderstanding atm when people are looking at nintendo. People expect nintendo to act like the old nintendo.

    It is not happening. They clearly have a different vision now. my links up there show that. Qol shows that. Many of their latest statements show it actually. they seem to have realised that they must be more nintendo centric than ever before to stay relevant in the future.

    Creating a feel good zone for third parties should not be their focus at all. They should become even more nintendo centric and only focus on their very own strengths. I think that it will pay off for them in the long run.

    #45 5 months ago

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