Sony steals the show at E3 2014 to prove console gaming is in rude health

Tuesday, 10th June 2014 15:25 GMT By Matt Martin

Sony has the stronger portfolio of games at E3 this year and isn’t shy of telling everyone.

white-ps4-3 (2)

“As much as Microsoft’s briefing was a welcome re-focus on core games and honesty, Sony’s offered the cocky punch-up we all know and love at E3.”

Sony wasn’t in any mood to be modest about its line-up of games at E3 2014 and it didn’t need to be. It’s got a much stronger portfolio of titles than Microsoft and it knows it. It’s undeniable and clear to see that the PS4 is the console system trying its hardest to deliver on the next-gen dream.

While Microsoft was humble, delivering a stripped-back presentation of good quality games, Sony went out all-guns blazing, taking full advantage of the hype wave that happens once a year. Exclusives, new IP, shiny hardware, big numbers, confident executives and and a roll-call of stunning trailers and gameplay footage – this is what we pay for. We were on the E3 hype train from the moment Destiny burst across the screens. Choo fuckin’ choo!

Straight out the gate, Sony turned heads with a white Destiny PS4 bundle and beta access, a mix of gameplay and trailer that showed The Order: 1886 as a Resident Evil throwback, and then rolled into an experimental art project called Entwind that’s available right here, right now on the PSN store. This was a show were indie and blockbuster shared the stage.


Sackboy returned for Little Big Planet 3, and even though the dev team behind it weren’t very good at playing their own game it didn’t matter – the crowd were clearly loving what they saw, and not just the hired fanboys front and centre at the auditorium. From there the next 90 minutes was chock-full of new titles, actual gameplay, genuine surprises and confirmation of games we’d all hoped for.

It wasn’t a full run of glory and adulation. The briefing dragged in the middle when the Share button stats came out and the fun began to get sucked out of the room with all the talk of unique TV shows and free to play games.

“Microsoft has been waving a white flag for a couple of weeks now, only for Andrew House to come along and plant his boot inbetween Phil Spencer’s legs.”

And it was also a little too cocky. There were a couple of digs at Kinect and Xbox Live Gold that felt unnecessary. Microsoft has been waving a white flag for a couple of weeks now, only for Andrew House to come along and plant his boot inbetween Phil Spencer’s legs. Be careful with that, Sony. Public opinion can change with the wind and we all like to back an underdog…


But when the briefing sagged and came across as bolshie, Sony pulled it back by coughing up more games and having genuine fun on stage. One of Sony’s strengths is that it has the characters in its executive team and knows how to play them. Andrew House is the right side of business casual. Shu Yoshida is the quiet exec who plays games and understands the creative process. Adam Boyes is a fanboy doing his dream job. Even new chap Shawn Layden managed to kick-start his own what-are-his-hands-doing meme.

Games were everywhere and in welcome variety. Far Cry 4 and its wild elephants, No Man’s Sky’s sense of exploration, Bloodborne’s dark adventure. PC strategy darling Paradox was welcomed to the PlayStation family, The Last of Us seeped into Diablo III, Grim Fandango was raised from the dead, Let It Die ushered in the return of Suda 51.

PS4 was the focus, but Morpheus and Vita got the right amount of love too. Sony has a big games business and a bigger story to tell than its rival, so the conference rambled in places. Microsoft’s briefing had been a bullet point list of games, release dates and extra content the Xbox One can offer. Sony’s show took a more scattershot approach. Some games are available right now, others are due in 2015. It was a little confused but it didn’t really matter because here’s that new Metal Gear trailer and, oh, excuse me – Grand Theft Auto V on PS4.


“GTA V might well be available on Xbox One and PC this autumn but at the point of reveal it didn’t exist anywhere else on earth than on the PS4.”

Holy shit. GTA V might well be available on Xbox One and PC this autumn but at the point of reveal it didn’t exist anywhere else on earth than on the PS4. Sony scored a massive coup and used its platform to announce the game for Rockstar and Microsoft as well. And then to cap it all we got the pay-off we all expected – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Want to talk about games? Sony could have done it all night.

As much as Microsoft’s briefing was a welcome re-focus on core games and honesty, Sony’s offered the cocky punch-up we all know and love at E3. It came out swinging with the muscle to back up its mouth. It’s weakness is the immediate future, where remakes of existing games like GTA V and The Last of Us have to fill the gap left by a lack of new IP, but when it comes to setting an agenda, Sony is happy to do that for next-gen consoles and anyone else who wants to come along with them for the ride.



  1. Hcw87

    Good to know we have a fanboy writing bait-articles on this site aswell.

    Slowly turning into Neogaf.

    ”Sony has the stronger portfolio of games at E3 this year”

    That’s some funny shit right there.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. BULArmy

    @1 Yeah and to remember this site from its humble origins. Now some of the writers are worse fanboys then some of the rabit ones in the comments.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Mike W

    Sony nor MS didn’t steal shit, both conferences were the same.

    #3 6 months ago
  4. Froseidon

    This article is pathetic, its on par at best and worst. You reeled off nearly all multi-plat games. Good joke. A flame bait article is not what this site needs.

    #4 6 months ago
  5. bobnice

    Thats weird, because the IGN journalists covering the shows said Mocrosoft knocked it out of the park and said Sony started and ended strong but lost them in the middle.

    I do feel like this site is very pro Sony.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. djriful

    Yeah, site has feel this way toward console PS4.

    #6 6 months ago
  7. Mike W


    It doesn’t matter what IGN, VG247 or any site for that matter say…… it’s just some journalist stating their opinions on the conferences.

    Why is it so important for anyone of these manufacturers to win E3? And what are they winning exactly?

    #7 6 months ago
  8. BULArmy

    @bobnice I think sites are picking sides in order to bait the owners/fanboys of certain crowd. Last gen was 360. because it was winning for the most time, this gen is the PS4, because of the all bad publicity Xbone got after its reveal.

    This generation looks very much like the same just inverted. I am sure we will soon get the “Xbone has no gaemezzzzz ” like the popular slogan that was used in the early days of the PS3.

    #8 6 months ago
  9. Kelzus

    @Hcw87 “That’s some funny shit right there.” How is it though? Microsoft didn’t exactly do anything wrong but all of their games were shit besides project spark which you can get on PC. Sony’s conference was alot better though it weakened a bit in the middle.

    #9 6 months ago
  10. mreko3230

    I actually thought the MS show was better as far as presentation. It had a nice pace while Sony’s kinda dragged in the middle with LittleBigPlanet 3 and that TV show that I can’t remember the name of. We’ve known about Destiny’s exclusive content and The Order for awhile now. And GTA 5 on PC and XBOX One is kind of a foregone conclusion. Absolutely love what I’m seeing with ‘No Man’s Sky’ and I can’t wait to get my hands on it, but once again, they didn’t really tell us what it is you exactly *do* in that game. I really don’t think MS or Sony “won” E3, they both just kind of just did their thing. If I had to pick a “winner”, I guess it would be the Ubisoft conference.

    #10 6 months ago
  11. melonbuster1

    That’s a damn lie.. Stop the hype train. . They have 2 games coming this year and indies. Microsoft has more coming this year and indies. Stop the lie sony failed and fooled no one. They want to do tv. And movies. So please cut the crap. They lost hands down

    #11 6 months ago
  12. harr0w

    Absolute complete dogsqeeze of an article

    #12 6 months ago
  13. derpex

    For the rest of 2014 PS4 has TLOU Remake, Driveclub, LittleBigPlanet 3, Infamous side story, and other indie games. They both had a pretty good E3 show.

    #13 6 months ago
  14. gomersoul

    Sony did edge it this year, not the smash face to bits it was last year but still the best conference overall. It had something for everyone but there’s no denying that it would’ve been better if they’d confirmed titanfall sequel on ps4. Then Ms would’ve been spanked for sure

    #14 6 months ago
  15. Sethos

    lol people praising Microsoft’s conference. A bunch of shitty cartoon graphics games and nothing else. Biggest thing was a fucking rehash of old Halo games.

    top lel.

    #15 6 months ago
  16. Froseidon

    After re-reading this article a few times, I realise why I don’t much like it. Its an opinion piece, but it doesn’t read like one. It reads like its fact, which it isn’t.

    #16 6 months ago
  17. JonFE

    To be honest, what I got out of the two conferences is that there’s no immediate need to purchase either “next-gen” console at the moment; I can certainly wait for a year or so…

    #17 6 months ago
  18. Erthazus

    Sony was better… but not by much.

    the question is still in the air. Where is next gen gaming or new iP’s. They need to answer that next year or let em die.

    Because so far Ps4 is not really worth it except for few multiplat titles that you can get on the PC or Xbox One.

    #18 6 months ago
  19. infernalism

    @BULArmy Well, except that it has games. Just that half of them (we’re talking console exclusives) are on the PC, and the other one is Halo…I even expect Remedy’s new game to come out on PC eventually, just as Alan Wake did (probably the best xbox exclusive for me until that happened). I was more excited for AW than I am for their next title though, and I am willing to wait a year or two until they inevitably release it on PC. I play all of my multiplatform games on PC anyway.

    However, when Sony has an exclusive game, it is never coming out on PC (except maybe in the form of Playstation NOW), let alone xbox. That’s Why I think a combo of PC & PS4 is everything you need for a couple of years, throw in a Wii U for good measure if you’re a fan of Nintendo and their software.

    Maybe MS will come up with something after that, that will make me personally feel a need to own their hardware, but after their latest E3 showing, I am in no hurry to buy it.

    #19 6 months ago
  20. Legendaryboss

    Now we’ve gone off the deep end, but refrain from calling editors/staff assumptive labels.

    Worldwide trends far outrank meaningless babble, take from that what you will.

    #20 6 months ago
  21. CyberMarco

    @Erthazus It’s funny that you keep bashing the PS4 for its lack of content but you already got one. Paranoid much?

    #21 6 months ago
  22. infernalism

    @Erthazus Not a fan of From Software I see. ;] Bloodborne alone is worth buying a PS4 for me (though I already own it). Your argument can also easily be reversed for multiplat titles (no reason to buy an xbox one if I already own a ps4). All of them (and I am sure you agree), look and play best on PC.

    #22 6 months ago
  23. ChristopherJack

    I think in contrast to previous years, Sony had just about nailed the ideal E3 conference.

    -No celebrities/personalities.
    -Only just enough time to remind us they are a media company too then move on (perhaps a little too much time on Powers).
    -The more casual games were kept short & sweet.
    -Indie games got just enough publicity to remain relevant without overshadowing blockbusters.
    -GTA V, Last of Us & Uncharted! (Idgaf if the first 2 are upgrades, I’ve never properly played them yet. I intend to get GTA V on PC but props to Sony for securing the next gen reveal).
    -Little on gimmicks (they mentioned Morpheus, the camera & probably Move when I went to take a piss but they were all short enough to forget- they’re really something that needs to be experienced first hand).
    -PlayStation TV may well be an attempt at mashing the Ouya console with the Apple TV but it looks more promising than both combined.

    Sony should have done a little better with Vita but it looks as if it doesn’t have Mario & Pokemon, people just aren’t interested in handheld consoles.

    #23 6 months ago
  24. Mike W


    It’s just this author’s opinion, take it easy. :D

    #24 6 months ago
  25. ysleiro

    “Class welcome to Trolling 101″.

    #25 6 months ago
  26. Hcw87


    Read @16. If it was actually labeled (and written) as an opinion piece, i wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    #26 6 months ago
  27. Joe Musashi

    Wow. “Butthurt fanboy” is alive and well I see.

    All we need now i s Super3001 to arrive and tell people to quit journalism and we’re done.


    #27 6 months ago
  28. ChristopherJack

    Ya know what’s funny? How the supposed anti-fanboys are worst than the fanboys.

    #28 6 months ago
  29. Mike W


    Regardless how it’s written, you know the bottom line is……that it’s just opinion piece and nothing more. Would you have the same respond if he said MS won the this year’s E3?

    #29 6 months ago
  30. polygem

    i can certainly say that both conferences showed me very clearly…that my personal taste in gaming is not in line with the mainstream market anymore. not even slightly.

    both presentations have been pretty straight forward and done well – to the point. they have been pretty good.

    BUT most of the content just didn´t click with me at all.

    it´s great if the stuff they are selling sells but i just wont buy it.

    all hope on nintendo at this point.

    please deliver some passion.

    #30 6 months ago
  31. salarta

    Uhh, I saw absolutely nothing in this E3 that looked like Sony was bashing or ridiculing Microsoft. The closest part that came anywhere close to it was when House stressed the Playstation Eye was a completely optional peripheral that wasn’t bundled with the system at launch, and I can shrug that off as an attempt to stress how eager people are to adopt such a technology when it’s by choice; the narrative of having those cameras with systems has otherwise been very negative.

    The only true slam to Microsoft I can recall was last year’s E3 when Sony trotted out that they weren’t going to make radical and stupid changes to how games are played for business reasons. THAT was an actual slam at Microsoft, but it was very much needed.

    If it does go too far, then of course opinion of Sony can change, but I don’t see them at risk of going too far just yet. Maybe in a couple more years, or with the launch of the next console.

    That said, I was a bit underwhelmed by Sony’s conference. That’s largely because personally and selfishly, there weren’t a lot of games that I would buy and play that were new reveals. Only ones that come to mind are Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and the Second Son DLC. That’s still great stuff, but within 2 hours, I was kinda hoping for more. I was also bored with all the TV and movie talk for about 15 minutes of the show.

    Microsoft’s conference wasn’t as good as Sony’s, but it was much better than last year. The main thing Microsoft desperately needed to do this year was stress that it is, in fact, a video game console. They achieved that very well.

    #31 6 months ago
  32. stretch215

    I think Sony had the better conference, but ms has me interested. I think both companies had some interesting things to show/say.

    #32 6 months ago
  33. super3001

    vg247 writers are a bad joke

    gone much downhill

    #33 6 months ago
  34. AppleRedX

    Cool. So which PS4 exclusive Soony Games can I play this year? Any Greatness that arrives in 2014 …

    #34 6 months ago
  35. KAP

    This was a good read, Sony definately knocked it out the park. Another E3 did really well at. Looking forward to the rest of E3 this week.
    People still getting pissy over it and continue to strop lol No on cares bro.

    #35 6 months ago
  36. A Zombie Riot

    Sony stealing the show? LOL.

    #36 6 months ago
  37. GK

    easy win for Sony again.
    Sony does not need to do much,m$ have had hanged out themselves :D

    #37 6 months ago
  38. salarta

    @AppleRedX inFAMOUS: Second Son is already out.

    #38 6 months ago
  39. Joe Musashi

    @33 Woah. Totally didn’t see that coming from you, dude. Great post! +++


    #39 6 months ago
  40. Doc Robotnik


    As if the MS article wasn’t a clear-enough indication of Matt’s unnervingly subjective attitude,

    At least he isn’t trying to hide his inner fanboy.

    #40 6 months ago
  41. Obernox

    Ummm no.

    #41 6 months ago
  42. Rockstar Vienna

    Seems people are praising Microsoft’s conference just because they focused on games this year. That’s funny ^^ Sony definitely had the bigger games on their conference, simple as that. But overall both, MS and Sony did a good job imo. Far from excellent but still good! So give Matt a break! I don’t agree with everything but some good points overall!

    #42 6 months ago
  43. diego-rbb-93

    With all the respect, Matt Martin:

    “Vita got the right amount of love too”


    Man, Im Sonyer, but are goddamned fanboy I found here, this is f*cking Journalism!? I expect a lot more from this place than this guy. In fact I expect some balls-articles denouncing Sony´s abuse of the Vita users.

    Please, do you have balls to explain me that statement whithout having in mind that all your damn article is for your PS4 Loving affaire?

    #43 6 months ago
  44. Legendaryboss

    Hostility over 9000!

    #44 6 months ago
  45. marporte

    @AppleRedX Littlebigplanet 3 and Driveclub are still 2014

    #45 6 months ago
  46. jomac3db

    @Mike W exactly, they were both mediocre. No big surprises from either party

    #46 6 months ago
  47. xx313xx

    Sony was impressive but, that good? No. A bunch of games that are on everything with exclusive stuff, maybe an hours worth at best of content. Games most people already have and probably beat getting remakes. Some nice indie games a few timed exclusives. A teaser for Drakes, and a pretty RE4 type game(1866), and that kill MS conference? I’m sorry absolutely not. Don’t even have an XB1 but I can say they had a great show, hell both companies did actually,

    #47 6 months ago
  48. fearmonkey

    What did MS Have? – They had Halo:Master Chief edition, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 if you like that series, Fable legends which Looked meh (and im a fable fan) and the rest all third party games. Nothing about Gears of war which was expected, but what happened to Quantum Break? Too many CGI videos for my taste. It was a decent show, no megatons at all.

    Sony had a cool new destiny package, The Order:1886 which was nice but could have had a etter demo, looked good though. Little big planet 3, A new Suda game, a remake of Grim Fandango which is sweet, Bloodborne looked interesting but is it a exclusive? Sony had a ton of third party showings as well. Nothing about Morpheus, nothing from the makers of Beyond two souls, no mention of guerrilla games new RPG, barely any mention of vita,, more on the last of us remake, and a teaser for uncharted 4 (i expected more) No megatons either.

    This was a safe E3, no megatons, no big surprises, and in my opinion it was Ubisoft that wowed, AC:Unity looks spectacular as does Farcry 4, The Division, and Rainbow siz. EA looked anemic in comparison.

    I loved the article headline though, I knew Super3001 and Melonbuster would be in the comments to whine about the PS4 “bias” lol.

    #48 6 months ago
  49. Game Hunter

    @Hcw87 it’s funny that always when somebody says”Sony did better in this part”you come crashing in yelling: YOU’RE A BLIND FANBOY!but when somebody says “Microsoft was better”you keep sitting on your ass and your “Anti-fanboyism”doesn’t show itself.this is an opinion piece.if you can’t tolerate it,GTFO!they’re the editors and have the right to express their opinion,even if your Highness doesn’t like it.

    #49 6 months ago
  50. jomac3db

    @xx313xx I’m looking forward to halo collection more than anything this year and I’ve beena Sony guy forever. Face it, Sony was not that good this year. Nobody won

    #50 6 months ago
  51. KAP

    Microsoft did an excellent job this year at E3, Sony did an incredible job too.
    Isn’t that all that matters?
    Why do we have to fight each other of this fact? Many people might not want to hear it but some of us look really f’ing sad fighting over this subject.

    Lets say Sony won last years E3, did that really stop you buying an Xbox One?
    Lets say MS won this years E3, will that stop people buying PS4 this weekend? Hell no. So whats the issue here guys ffs. Grow up!

    #51 6 months ago
  52. marporte

    We also got to rememeber that Sony has also done huge reveals at VGA gamescon and tokyo game show. MS almost always lays out everything at E3. MS probably will not even be at the TGS. Sony’s style has been showing reveals at multiple game shows since 2010 so we judge Sony based on an E3 presentation alone. If Phil Spencer is paying attention he which I am sure he is Microsoft will soon follow the same strategy.

    #52 6 months ago
  53. marporte

    @marporte sorry I meant to say we can’t judge Sony’s presentation on just E3 alone

    #53 6 months ago
  54. bradk825

    I’m really surprised by this article. Over on the IGN boards everyone is talking about how MS won E3 this year and what a big surprise that is, how they had better titles and steered away from TV and sports while Sony did some TV stuff and a movie reveal. To each his own I guess, but at the very best I’d say it was a tie, there was certainly no “stealing the show” done by Sony this time.

    As a matter of fact they didn’t even have to try hard to steal the show last year. Once they announced the price they were pretty much all good.

    #54 6 months ago
  55. ManuOtaku

    For me the conferences so far:
    1.- Microsoft, better than i expected.
    2.- Sony, worst than i expected.
    Now Is nintendos turn.

    #55 6 months ago
  56. Game Hunter

    None of the shows were mindblowing. Although the games shown on Sony conference were better IMO,because:
    1.Scalebound was interesting, but I lost all interest when they said it’s multiplayer.
    2.Microsoft showed a middle finger to us 360 owners by not announcing a standalone Halo 2 anniversary edition for 360.oh wait,they showed nothing at all for X360.
    3.Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne.nuff said.

    #56 6 months ago
  57. TheWulf

    Huh. That’s a bit of a lie by omission though, isn’t it Matt?

    E3 was essentially created as a way for console manufacturers to advertise their games and systems, and that’s how it’s always been. The computer platforms were around long before E3, and they’ve never really needed it, because the extrovert herd tends to veer more towards consoles than computers.

    It’s an ESA thing, after all, and the ESA has never had much stock in computers. It’s kind of a corporate circlejerk, a launching board for marketing to draw in the herd and expose them to all of the new products. An individual doesn’t have much interest in E3, as they all ready know what kinds of games they’re interested in, and they don’t require marketing, brands, or peer pressure to tell them.

    So, to say that the E3 proves that consoles are in good health is not unlike saying that this sign I’m holding that reads ‘the grass is blue’ actually proves that the grass is, indeed, blue. It’s designed to make consoles look good.

    I mean… I always figured this was kind of a well duh sort of thing? I understand click-bait, yes, but this isn’t a particularly intelligent bit of click-bait, really. The only reason I bothered is because, frankly, I’m amused.

    You can do better.

    #57 6 months ago
  58. newtain

    I’ve enjoyed reading this site (without comment) over the last few months but this article sucks a bit. Sony changed the goalposts and announced their big hitters for 2015 not 2014.

    I don’t think there are going to be any amazing new IPs for a while on this gen, companies are far too scared to take a risk. And until we get a new IP like Mass Effect was for the last gen, it’s going to be an even battle between the two consoles.

    Exclusives are great but they’re pretty much all sequels…who didn’t see an Uncharted sequel coming? Doesn’t mean it won’t be any good, i’m sure it will be really decent, but it’s nothing groundbreaking or that has much replayability.

    Sony can dig at MS all they like, but many of Sony’s games won’t be out till around the next E3, so why make such a song and dance about them? Does 2014 not exist? Yeah there are games like Infamous, but will anyone really plough more than 15 hours max into that game? And i don’t think remakes count for too much either.

    Also what’s the deal with having a multiplat presented in your show? Who cares that GTA was on during Sony’s show and COD was in MS’. We all know they’ll be on the other platform too!

    I think i agree with one of the earlier comments, so many of these games don’t really interest me which is sad.

    #58 6 months ago
  59. diego-rbb-93


    #59 6 months ago
  60. KAP

    @Game Hunter

    In regards with Hcw87, I too have noticed his disregard of MS fanboys. Quite a hypocritical chap but then again this is the internet, there are many like this unfortunately. :-(

    #60 6 months ago
  61. zoopdeloop

    Bloodborne is confirmed as ps4 exclusive.
    So this is how it goes:
    Bloodborne (Miyazaki), Let it Die (Suda 51) :PS4
    Scalebound (Kamiya): XboxOne

    #61 6 months ago
  62. Hcw87


    Oh the irony. Don’t tell me you’re not in Sony’s camp.

    I don’t get how calling out an editor on this makes me a fanboy. The only fanboys here are a) the author and b) the fanboys in denial supporting him (the usual suspects as usual).

    It’s NOT an opinion piece, it would have been stated as such if it was. This is just clickbait at its worst, and it worked obviously, looking at the comments.

    Also in regards to @29:

    Yes i would. Please show me a rulebook where it says how you can ”Win” E3 (last year being an exception where Sony clearly won by a landslide). This year neither conference had something truly negative, but in my opinion (noticed i said MY opinion) one of them focused more on games, which is what E3 is all about to me personally. Could not care less about TV-peripheral and movies/TV-shows.

    #62 6 months ago
  63. Michael Ireland

    This comment section reminds me why I left.

    What a miserable bunch of people. Cynicism truly is the artform of our generation. Passion for anything is practically a crime.

    A genuinely depressing sight.

    Hope all are well. Stay safe.

    #63 6 months ago
  64. zoopdeloop

    Does 2014 not exist? Yeah there are games like Infamous, but will anyone really plough more than 15 hours max into that game? And i don’t think remakes count for too much either.

    multiplatform games within 2014 don’t count?

    “Also what’s the deal with having a multiplat presented in your show? Who cares that GTA was on during Sony’s show and COD was in MS’. We all know they’ll be on the other platform too! ”

    The difference here is that we already know COD is coming every year,GTA V was a bit of a surprise

    #64 6 months ago
  65. polygem

    @Michael Ireland
    hope you are well. better stay out. it´s indeed ugly :D

    #65 6 months ago
  66. POOhead

    “Matt martin” lol try harder

    Anyways sony was alot generous with deals n shit but there games were lame, almost all of the indie games they showes were just crappy violent pixelated games and how original was uncharted 4 by having drake stranded in the middle of nowhere just lije uc2 and 3

    #66 6 months ago
  67. fearmonkey

    @Hcw87 – You have always been a bit of a MS defender and fan, though fanboy is too strong a word, thats more fitting of Super3001. It’s all good though, seriously why get mad about Sony/MS being though of as having a better show than MS/Sony?? It’s great for the industry and the consumer, I want to Play Halo 2 anniversary multiplayer again, I wish it would come to PC! No megatons, both had a good show, neither wowed me like Ubisoft’s game did.

    #67 6 months ago
  68. OmegaSlayer

    Since VG247 got famous it has been flooded by a swarm of idiot ignorant kids that started to play videogame 2 years ago.

    This E3 has been the worst EVER.
    And I don’t mean ever as an internet meme, but as a reality.

    Activision played it safely.

    Ubisoft for the first time in years didn’t announce a new IP

    EA conference was simply NOTHING

    MS had a wonderful pace with lots of dlc first content, best game though seems to be an indie (Ori); I don’t trust Insomniac anymore in making good games so Sunset for me is run of the mill, and Platinum Games, known for his godly gameplay present a CG trailer…WHAT?
    MS did a lot of right things, but they were the underdog and they had to do more in the eyes of people.

    Sony did just what everyone expected, no more no less but in the end it was very underwhelming.
    Still it won in the eyes of people, because it came after Microsoft conference where people saw 70% of games coming to PS4 as well with better resolution and framerate, and because, let’s put it clear, it’s in the lead and kept the lead comfortably with no efforts, because there wasn’t any true competition.

    So yeah, Sony won and you guys are in denial if you don’t realize it.
    Still, this E3 gamers lost.

    #68 6 months ago
  69. Nintendo1985

    Lol wow, this website is just runned by a bunch of European Sony Fanboys.

    No professionalism, especially when it’s clear Sony did not “win” at all. None of the games shown have yet to entice me to buy a PS4…

    I, as many others, were thoroughly disappointed.

    #69 6 months ago
  70. POOhead

    @Legendaryboss look at all the articles matt has written, its clear hes a fanboy, he even think rehashes are a good thing yet he attacks nintendo for doing it.

    #70 6 months ago
  71. polygem

    well do you really think that it makes sense to explain that to lb?

    #71 6 months ago
  72. newtain

    I thought we were judging E3 and Sony’s supposed white wash. So multiplats aren’t really Sony’s win, and yeah there are some in 2014, but we knew about them before E3 and they’re out on Xbox One too so they hardly give the PS4 any sort of an edge.

    As for saying a GTA V remake was somewhat of a surprise, I don’t think it was really, we all knew it was coming.

    #72 6 months ago
  73. Nintendo1985

    Had to post..

    #73 6 months ago
  74. Legendaryboss

    I’ve seen Matt’s articles and while the majority of them is reactionary and controversial, the one thing it has in common is that individuals on one side of the fence are making reactionary assumptive labels. I remember the Titanfall hype era, “VG247 is paided by MS”, now we are at “Sony Fanboy”. People clinged to those claims for the most obvious, hypocritical, laughable and irrational reasons. Do we really need a opinion piece disclaimer, when its obvious? Opinion pieces have been all the rage on VG247 (much to my disdain), why do we need a disclaimer now?

    Oh and opinions how do they work?

    #74 6 months ago
  75. Untold stories

    What surprises me the most about this E3 is that no one here is bashing Sony for their tv talk. In every website including this one last year said Sony won E3 last year for the big FU to MS and the no tv talk. I don’t mind fanboyism much but at least be fair.

    #75 6 months ago
  76. Joe Musashi

    For the outraged complaining about the clickbait nature of this article..

    ..why are you still clicking?

    “IGN is better and more truthful because they express opinions more in line with my personal views”.

    You are a beautiful and unique snowflake.


    #76 6 months ago
  77. tiko257

    Still, the best games I saw yesterday are coming to most platforms, incluiding pc…….

    #77 6 months ago
  78. OlderGamer

    Tbh, I liked Nintendo Direct better then either Sony or Msft.

    What Isaw this year were too many games that aren’t going to be out this year from just about everyone. I saw way too many timed release window exclusive content. Too much focus on old franchises that I got tired of last gen.

    So far not too much is exciting for me.

    No body had a bad show, but no body had a great one.

    #78 6 months ago
  79. GK

    you have to ask yourself,if you a noob,and you don’t know anything about consoles,which conference helps you more to understand what is what? even if sony have non games to show,they anyway win by a mile,and this not about sony or m$ fanboy.

    #79 6 months ago
  80. Arcnail

    If you are going to write such an article, at least do a comparison of games, and don’t waste peoples time.

    #80 6 months ago
  81. zoopdeloop

    didn’t say that Sony has the edge with multiplatform titles ( although most of them do perform better).
    but your last post made it sound like ps4 owners have nothing else to play than Infamous.Where actually there is TLOU (rehashed i know,like HALO),Little Big Planet 3,Driveclub plus any other multiplatform game also on XboxOne

    @untold stories
    the whole TV talk took 10 minutes of their conference,do you need to be reminded how much time the same talk took at Microsoft’s conference last year and how many times they mentioned the word TV?

    #81 6 months ago
  82. Kreion

    Driveclub isn’t out yet and, let’s be honest, it will never beat Forza.LBP 3 is also not out yet…what can I play on my PS4 again? TLOU rehashed like Halo? No.The new Halo collection is 4 games with two of them looking far prettier than they did on release, TLOU is one game looking a bit better. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but in terms of value Halo wins that, then again TLOU is obviously a better game.

    As for Multiplat I’m not going to lie I proabbly wouldn’t notice the difference in performance – but I’d buy them on PC if that was an option *shrug* but the PS4 certainly has more power on hand.

    Eh, I don’t think Sony did much this E3 or last E3 – I mean last time they spent half the presentation going “L0L MS done fucked up, we ain’t doing that”. They had a good show, but nothing outstanding. MS also had a good show – really there wasn’t much difference aside from the general internet hate towards MS . But they did exactly what people asked for, all games and indie games.

    #82 6 months ago
  83. newtain

    It wasn’t my intention to say that there is nothing on PS4, I try to be as neutral as I can. My main point is that I don’t see quite where the resounding win for Sony was at E3, especially not to the extent the author suggests.

    Maybe one company did have a better E3 than the other, but will we the gamers see a massive benefit having one console over the other? Especially this year? I don’t think so unfortunately, that’s why I was saying it’s great to point to Uncharted etc, in the same way MS pointed to Halo 5, but we won’t get to play them for ages and by that time who knows what other gems may appear for one console and not the other.

    I think we can all agree that we want some nice surprising successes coming from out of nowhere to do well, instead of overhyped lacklustre drivel.

    #83 6 months ago
  84. lubu

    wow, what an article, looks like a 3 years old sony ass licker wrote bunch of crap. shitty article in a big scale, sorry dump

    #84 6 months ago
  85. Untold stories

    @zoopdeloop if i remember correctly MS did not mention tv at E3 last year but in a conference before E3 yet everybody counted that as their E3 announcement and they gave shit to MS. And Sony s thing this year was longer than 10 minutes.

    #85 6 months ago
  86. lubu


    “E3 2014: Sony press conference – GTA 5, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and much more”
    see the “much more” in the end ?

    and see this:
    “E3 2014: Xbox press conference – Crackdown, Tomb Raider, Scalebound announced”
    Much more ? no. nothing.

    now see this shit:
    “Why PC games need E3 now more than ever before”
    bunch of horse shit about how PC is inferior to anything, wrote by some one who didn’t played or saw a PC or a gaming PC. in short, a consolefag

    #86 6 months ago
  87. Untold stories

    But even if MS did show a lot of dlc stuff they showed more games hand down no matter the preference.

    #87 6 months ago
  88. RussellGorall

    Holy fanbait.

    #88 6 months ago
  89. zoopdeloop

    Beat Forza?What kind of retard thinking is that.That’s what games really are?I though that games were about fun and choice.
    I was actually mentioning 2014 games.You have no games to play on ps4 right now while others have no games to play on One and others have no games to play on both of them combined (i’m one of them hence i haven’t purchased an 8th gen system yet)
    HALO vs TLOU?Value doesn’t only count with how many hours you spent on games,for many people value is in the depth and the meaning of some games.Different strokes for different folks

    i completely agree although it needs to be said that Sony had to cover more ground with the TV talk,Project Morpheus etc.They handled it nicely plus they showed the same amount of games as Microsoft
    As i have said though pre E3.This show is nothing like the press and the industry makes it out to be.People get over hyped and expect a lot from this show while in the end they’re always left a bit underwhelmed. That’s the epilogue…not who won E3

    #89 6 months ago
  90. Clupula

    @Nintendo1985 With your screenname, I can’t imagine there’d be any sort of bias towards a particular company, right?

    #90 6 months ago
  91. Rosseu

    You can deny it all you want, but this article is saying the truth. Sony’s was a little bit better, even if some of the MS games were impressive.

    #91 6 months ago
  92. zoopdeloop

    @Untold stories
    Imagine MS needed a whole conference for all the TV talk while Sony took roughly 10 minutes (starting from Powers to R&C for their TV talk).
    As for who showed more games?(multiplatforms,exclusives,teasers,dlc… all in one)break them down to a list and see the answer ;)

    #92 6 months ago
  93. Jonabob87

    Never knew VG24/7 was into writing joke articles.

    #93 6 months ago
  94. POOhead

    @Legendaryboss no one said vg was, only matt and hes clearly using it for flamebait

    #94 5 months ago
  95. Gheritt White

    Sony may have had a better overall conference, but Sunset Overdrive was the overall game of the show.

    #95 5 months ago
  96. redwood

    the only +1 that sony got was BloodBorne, and that was like a +1X20, but since bloodborne is gonna be out in ’15, I guess UC4 is a plus one too, thing with that however is that we already knew uc4 was happening.

    #96 5 months ago
  97. AppleRedX

    Hahahaha. Nintendo has beaten em all and easily won the E3
    Zelda. StarFox. And the best new IP this E3: Splatton

    #97 5 months ago
  98. Judicas

    This article is pure bullsh*t. I suspect you didn’t even watch the streams and are a pure fanboy. Microsofts was clearly better this time around and Sony was a letdown.

    #98 5 months ago
  99. Dog4life

    Wasn’t impressed by Sony honestly. And generally by E3

    –> Uncharted was really short sneak peak…. i wanted see real gameplay. Not a tech show off , that looks to good to be real
    –> no god of war. from the leaks i was hyped
    –> Far Cry 4…. seems pretty standard FC3 sequel, not bad at all. But nothing groundbreaking. looking forward for the coop.
    –> Driveclub. wrong genre :)
    –> Doom… give me moaaar
    –> Order looks stunning, but for now seems just a Gears clone
    –> Destiny. YES YES and YES! my winner. Love it. cant wait.
    –> COD. lets be honest i hate cod after MW2. The new one looks quite stunning i must admit. nice new engine. Sort of Crysis 2 / COD mix gameplay wise. maybe the first cod i will buy in years.
    –> BF HARDLINE…. i love battlefield, but this looks just like an Urban DLC. What i love most is gone, huge open warfare , long distance combat. Well i’m waiting for my beta access for a proper judgement.
    – Phantom Pain, awesome. cant wait. Though i suck playing mgs games.
    –> No hitman… No splinter Cell….

    Damn i want a Wii U asap, their line up looked amazinggggggggggggggg !

    #99 5 months ago
  100. Nintendo1985

    I got the 100th comment with this:
    I don’t think I’ll be going back to this website.
    It reals Sony fanboy-ism, very unprofessional.
    Ba bye amateurs!

    #100 5 months ago
  101. Nintendo1985


    #101 5 months ago
  102. Gheritt White

    @Nintendo1985 Sorry, but who the fuck are you again?

    #102 5 months ago
  103. CycloneFox

    i wonder whats the Problem with Most people posting here. i Feld the Same as the articles writer for the Most Part. Microsoft was strong, yes. but Sony was, as every pk, just stronger. while Microsoft delivered three or four really exciting and new Games (which is like a record for ms), most of the Games were already known since Xbox ones reveal.
    on Sonys pk, on the other hand, they didn’t loose too much Time with already known stuff and kept on showing new and completely unknown games. they even announced new hardware, while Not loosing too much time with project morpheus (which is also really exciting) or tv shows.
    we also have to keep in mind, that Sony is the only One supporting three platforms at once, while Holding back some announcements for gamescom and tgs, what both Microsoft and Nintendo don’t. they just focus on e3 and are still not even “beating” Sony there.

    #103 5 months ago
  104. dontbescaredhomie92

    Matt you are an absolute joke mate, fuck off to IGN.

    #104 5 months ago
  105. sebastien rivas

    What the heck guys at VG247,

    Do not get me wrong I like playstation.

    Although it is not because something is said from someone that it needs to be bolded out, italicized, and underlined where even the wildest metaphor could prove a point.

    I still wonder WHERE IS THE RELATION BETWEEN PLAYSTATION DOING WELL, MICROSOFT WAVING A WHITE FLAG in comparison or contrast with the dam title “Sony steals the show at E3 2014 to prove console gaming is in rude health”.

    Yo mama undies ain’t white today, rain is upon us all ….!!!! the sky is falling run for your livesssss.

    Anything more biased dear Martin?

    #105 5 months ago
  106. Darkfield

    “For me the conferences so far:
    1.- Microsoft, better than i expected.
    2.- Sony, worst than i expected.
    Now Is nintendos turn.”

    Best comment that summarizes the confs.


    #106 5 months ago
  107. Seventizz

    I don’t want to play the fanboy card here, but this E3 belongs to Xbox – clearly.

    Shouldn’t ‘opinion’ be stated somewhere in the heading? Because it seems to be claiming fact which simply is not true. Most journalists that I’ve read don’t have Sony on top this year.

    #107 5 months ago

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