Media Molecule confirms E3 2014 no-show

Wednesday, 4th June 2014 11:38 GMT By Dave Cook

LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule has confirmed that it wont be showing anything at E3 2014 next week, putting to bed all the usual LBP 3 and PS4 rumours for another year.


That’s not to say that the studio is taking it easy of course. There’s still the little matter of Media Molecule’s PS4 sculpting and creation demo from Sony’s initial console reveal.

Here’s the team on Twitter, dashing your dreams:


Via Videogamer.



  1. Legendaryboss

    Gamescom it is then!

    #1 3 months ago
  2. Erthazus

    Sony so far disappoints. Lay offs from new iP so here you go… New GoW. No Media Molecule, than ND backlash… Driveclub development issues. Remastered The Last of us they see as a big deal…

    Come on. this is a great time to launch new iP’s Sony. Not just Gow or Uncharted 4.

    #2 3 months ago
  3. POOhead

    @Erthazus they have always been bad tbh, they killed afew good ips on the ps3, they also killed the vita ha ha

    #3 3 months ago
  4. GuuR

    Rather see some new GoW stuff than LittleBigPlanet or other gimmicky boring games from Media Molecule.

    Even though there aren’t many exclusives out this year I am very happy with some upgrades I haven’t bought/played last gen such as the Metro Redux games.

    And, Destiny is coming so no complaints here!

    #4 3 months ago
  5. psxman

    So, the mystery is still a mystery.

    #5 3 months ago
  6. mistermogul


    #6 3 months ago
  7. dazedonthemoon

    You be hatin’ foo. Vita is one of my favorite things to play. So many games, especially rpgs but maybe not for casual shooter crowd or the pooheads tho.

    #7 3 months ago
  8. Savan

    #8 3 months ago

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