Driveclub: 1080p/30FPS is, “absolutely the best thing” for game, says director

Wednesday, 30th April 2014 16:00 GMT By Dave Cook

Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed to VG247 that Evolution Studios’ PS4 racer will run at 1080p and 30 frames-per-second. He has explained why he feels this is the best fit for the game.


Speaking with VG247 as part of our new Driveclub interview, Rustchynsky said, “[Striving for 60FPS] was something that we stated as an early target to ourselves.

“As we’ve got more familiar with the hardware, and also, looking at what we wanted from the game, we decided that 1080p, 30 frames per second is absolutely the best thing, because what that allows us to do is to deliver the most detailed cars in-race that you will ever have seen.

“It’s allowed us to create some of the biggest tracks you will ever see in a racing game, with the most visually-dense environments, as well as a full global illumination system which allows us to make time of day, where shadows are cast, full-on reflections. It’s allowed us to push all those various areas.”

Rustchynsky added that Sucker Punch’s PS4 debut inFamous: Second Son looked gorgeous thanks to various techniques and mechanics made possible by keeping the game running at 30FPS.

Driveclub will launch on PS4 on October 7 in North America, October 8 across Europe, and October 11 in the UK.



  1. mxmassef

    Sounds good. If it is solid 30 fps like infamous sc (which looked sometimes like 60 fps :) ) it will be better than fine.

    #1 8 months ago
  2. Iliad

    60fps is pretty essential for a racing game. I’ll pass on 30fps.

    #2 8 months ago
  3. Xbone

    You know what is better? 1080p/60fps
    Racing game with 30fps IS CRAP!!!

    #3 8 months ago
  4. Reddpayn

    Maybe its 30fps, but atleast it is free. I could gues that the game will be an experience worth gaming ( hope it has splitscreen :))

    #4 8 months ago
  5. mxmassef

    If its rock solid 30 fps everything will be alright.

    #5 8 months ago
  6. Bomba Luigi

    Racing Games are the one and only Genre where I really think 60fps is very important. So no, its not the best Thing, not even close.

    #6 8 months ago
  7. Erthazus

    There is no such thing as solid 30 fps on consoles. Never was the case. It’s going to drop multiple times.

    Ahh, so funny. Console gaming. Full of limitations.

    #7 8 months ago
  8. Hcw87


    Yes. Even though i most likely won’t pass on it. This is just an excuse by the devs, as the console obviously can’t handle 1080p/60fps with these visuals (yes, the XB1 would struggle too). PC though, that’s another story.

    #8 8 months ago
  9. Reddpayn

    Well 60fps would have been too smooth for me. I like it around 10-25fps when its nice and simple, like in warframe eg when somebody with lowsy connection joins your match.

    #9 8 months ago
  10. mxmassef

    A Pc with gtx titan and best i7 or pc with intel hd 2000 and cheapest i3 :)

    #10 8 months ago
  11. Reddpayn

    Aahh, pc gaming with intel hd 2000. Full of strict limitations

    #11 8 months ago
  12. mxmassef

    Atleast driveclub is coming to “consoles” :)

    #12 8 months ago
  13. Reddpayn

    Btw, are some of you guys stalking vg like 24/7 (hah, little word play) like i am? Just checking it out with my phone everytime when i get a chance :)

    #13 8 months ago
  14. Erthazus

    @mxmassef good for you. No one is interested in this social driving game.

    #14 8 months ago
  15. pluggermon

    i can smell someone butthurt because it’s not coming to Xbone or PC

    #15 8 months ago
  16. pluggermon

    @Erthazus none ? he is interested, me and more people interested. you said that was none. pathetic. none = 0

    #16 8 months ago
  17. Nintendo1985

    Wow this news is pretty sad,
    Considering forza 5 was a xbox one launch title running at 1089p and 60fps.

    Drive clubs 30fps is sad news… :(

    #17 8 months ago
  18. Nintendo1985

    I meant to say 1080p

    #18 8 months ago
  19. PSOCecil

    What a wonderful new generation of consoles, unable to even hit 60fps. 60 is kind of vital for a racing game.

    #19 8 months ago
  20. mxmassef

    Well its still a free game so this was a pretty good day to driveclub :).

    #20 8 months ago
  21. Reddpayn

    I would also consider lords of the fallen 1080p 30fps :ps4
    720p 30fps:xo
    To be a very sad piece of intel for the box owners, if this is the direction we`re going, you know what i mean eh ;)

    #21 8 months ago
  22. mxmassef

    It is pretty wonderful considering the games that are coming this and next year. ( though most of them are propably 30 fps. But 30 fps is not that bad :) )

    #22 8 months ago
  23. Rockstar Vienna


    If you haven’t heard already… He speaks for ALL of us! :D Period!

    #23 8 months ago
  24. Doppleganger

    should have went with 720p/60fps and throw even more detail which will make the game look gorgeous. Its only you to blame with this 1080p nonsense with your 42″ LCD tvs that still complain for something that isn’t noticeable.

    #24 8 months ago
  25. Edo

    Those sour grapes.

    #25 8 months ago
  26. lubu

    if it’s a rock solid or dead serious 30fps then it is a shity racing game

    #26 8 months ago
  27. aseddon130

    shove you’re 30fps complaints up your arses you idiots, as long as the game is fun then who gives a f***?????

    #27 8 months ago
  28. Eregol

    Knew it wouldn’t be long til someone mentioned Forza.
    Let’s not forget that they made a lot of concessions from the original E3 build to get Forza running at 1080/60.
    Cardboard crowds, terrible trees, worse reflections, no time of day, amongst others.

    #28 8 months ago
  29. aseddon130

    you know what?? i hate comments sections of all gaming websites. I should stop myself from posting since you can just argue like absolute idiots all day, Pointless.

    #29 8 months ago
  30. lubu

    a racing game with 30fps could not be fun, specially when its a freeplay, pay2win title. so angry right ? don’t worry, i’m hope they will push it more in the future to get better car details with 37fps and 800p etc…

    #30 8 months ago
  31. lubu

    i meant 27fps not 37

    #31 8 months ago
  32. Rosseu

    I thought infamous wasn’t locked at 30fps thats why animation is really smooth at certain times? Theres even an option to lock it at 30fps

    #32 8 months ago
  33. melonbuster1

    The Sony Fan boys are like 30fps is good.. no its not 60fps.. isn’t that what you would have said had it been on Xbox1. . But Xbox1 has a 60fps racer. Forza5. But some Sony slime ball would say they had to change the game for it to fit on the Xbox1. . To that I say 1080p 60fps. Not 30fps. This is a problem. The ps4 is so powerful they themselves said 1080p 60fps is the game changer. Well change the game Sony Because Microsoft is..

    #33 8 months ago
  34. Ekona

    I have to say I’m disappointed but not entirely surprised that there’s a minimal amount of posts here decrying the fact this is 30fps not 60fps. Had this been an Xbone game, we’d have had 100 posts by now ripping it to shreds.

    As I’ve said previously, if the game is good then that’s all that matters. Hopefully the delay will make this worth waiting for.

    #34 8 months ago
  35. reversj


    #35 8 months ago
  36. bobnice

    This is the kind of crap im talking about. Because of all this media attention resolution is now getting, games are now slaves to resolution for fear of bad publicity. I would much rather see this game drop resolution to 900p in order to squeeze out 60fps or possibly higher detail, but more importantly a racing game needs 60fps. Fuck 1080p/30fps, give me 900p/60fps in a racer.

    #36 8 months ago
  37. Panthro

    They are saying this to comfort those sony gamers…

    30fps is the shitty bare minimum and everyone (with there own mind) knows it.

    Don’t fall back now and say 30fps is now ok once a game on your precious playstation gets it, the xbone and ps4 are just as poo as one another.

    You mindless monkeys always make me laugh with all your backpeddling, fucking hilarious.

    #37 8 months ago
  38. Panthro

    Those poor consoles not hitting modern standards of gaming…

    #38 8 months ago
  39. Arcnail

    I can’t wait for a game developer to NOT say what the fps/resolution is, and instead says, try out this demo, and if you have fun, then you can buy it.

    People freaking out over this shit, saying they now won’t buy it are completely stupid.

    #39 8 months ago
  40. lubu

    +this. so true

    #40 8 months ago
  41. ysleiro

    I’m enjoying watching some of you argue tooth and nail that what matters is “how fun” the game is.

    I would like to remind you that many here INCESSANTLY troll Xbox One when a game comes out that features less resolution on the One. Bear in mind that FPS is actually in many cases more noticeable are more important that pixel count.

    So thank you guys. Now hopefully the next time a game comes out you’ll decide to focus on what is important. Although in this particular case I would say (from what I understand) low FPS on a racing title is a problem.

    #41 8 months ago
  42. Panthro


    Low fps on any title is important, not just racing.

    #42 8 months ago
  43. ysleiro

    @Panthro What I meant by “low” was 30FPS.

    #43 8 months ago
  44. dazedonthemoon

    Aww the xbone trolls and PC elitist douchebags now have something to finally go about. Well done guys, I hope you know I read all of your comments in a super uptight , pompous British accent. With a monocle. And your pinky finger waving like a flag. Bravo.

    #44 8 months ago
  45. ManuOtaku

    I dont want to sound like a broken record, but this main focus on resolution is getting in the way like the most important target to reach on games.

    It Wouldnt be better to have less resolution but better framertes, but again devolopers and manufacturers know that gamers in order to prove some sort of superiority, want it, so we get what we want. I hope sooner rather than later developers try to push better framerates wih devent pixel counts

    #45 8 months ago
  46. mxmassef

    “modern standards of gaming”
    And I thought consoles set these standards and not pc with gtx 780 ti :).

    #46 8 months ago
  47. Legendaryboss

    We will nearly get to 60fps comments!

    #47 8 months ago
  48. Reddpayn

    Of course 60fps would have been cool, but 30fps doesnt bother me at all while im racing in gtav. Best and funniest game and racer out there imo

    #48 8 months ago
  49. Panthro


    You by all means DO NOT need a 780 ti to achieve 60fps.

    I do not know where you got that information but you are very wrong.

    #49 8 months ago
  50. Panthro

    ^ that came across way to stern.

    #50 8 months ago
  51. Exsecratus

    Wow, with PS games 30fps is good enough! For smelly xbox it allways should be 60fps or is crappy tv tv tv tv…


    #51 8 months ago
  52. DarkSoulz

    Anyone pointed out yet Forza is 60? Sony fans must be chocked LOL

    #52 8 months ago
  53. POOhead

    game looks bad anyways

    #53 8 months ago
  54. bobnice


    those were the good old days when journalists werent focused on questions about resolution. Unfortunately i feel that nowadays developers are pushed into this 1080p nonsense because those are the questions asked by journalists, I hear more focus on resolution and less about gameplay, I really hope we dont see devs sacrifice gameplay, graphics or FPS just to hit 1080p. And I feel they (journalists) ask about resolution all the damn time because it fuels the fanboy war which gets their articles more views.

    #54 8 months ago
  55. wally10975

    @Erthazus Good thing these consoles ARE PC’s then hey?

    #55 8 months ago
  56. wally10975

    @DarkSoulz I’ve also seen Forza 5, and played it, and it’s sidelines look like they were taken right out of GT5. Like seriously, they look like the same images of people and flags that GT5 had. All in all though, Forza did a good job of hitting 60fps and making the cars look beautiful! To everyone saying 60fps or bust for racing games, pretty sure that Forza 5 was the FIRST console racing game to hit 60fps, so stop being whiney butt-hurt a-holes. That’s what I hate most about this console gen, no one cares about the games, only about how differently the games run on different consoles, or what games can reach what stat, not about how good the games themselves actually are.

    #56 8 months ago
  57. JPickford


    Console racing games have been hitting 60fps since the NES (and probably earlier).

    #57 8 months ago
  58. Panthro


    Thats the problem though, the games are pants… we need something to argue over.

    #58 8 months ago
  59. ysleiro

    @wally10975 the fact that you don’t know racing sims have been hitting 60fps for a LONG time makes me cuestion your opinion on anything “gaming”.

    I know it might not be obvious but you care enough about gaming to come to a site and comment. So I’d wager you are passionate about it. I’ll chalk it up to a mistake on your part.

    #59 8 months ago
  60. Reddpayn

    Could my gtx 660 hit 1080p and 60fps in a similiar game? Just asking.

    #60 8 months ago
  61. FreeZZa

    I think it’s pretty dumb to sacrifice fps for a higher resolution. I don’t care about this game because I don’t have a PS4, but still.

    You know whats also dumb? To debate which console can handle what resolution and is therefore better. Also dumb: PC fanboys. If you like shiny graphics on a 24″ screen, good for you, that’s your choice. It’s not mine and thats okay, so shut the fuck up.

    #61 8 months ago
  62. derpex

    PS4 will have the graphics advantage the entire gen. PS4 hardware and software will outsell Xbox globally the entire gen. PS4 will have more dev support and more 1st party games the entire gen. PS4 will make a net profit, and Sony won’t go bankrupt.

    Exclusively 1080p 60 FPS games on PS4: MGS V, CoD Ghosts, FFXIV, Tomb Raider, MLB The Show 14, Resogun, Trials Fusion

    Exclusively 1080p 60 FPS games on Xbox: Forza 5 (LOL)

    #62 8 months ago
  63. lubu


    lol, Exclusively 1080p 60 FPS games on PC almost all of them, so shut the fuck up you sonyboy and deal with 1.2billion$ loss, profit ? lol

    #63 8 months ago
  64. super3001

    not good enough. racing need 60fps

    forza 5 is 1080p 60fps racer on console. why not driveclub.

    #64 8 months ago
  65. solz

    this totally unacceptable 30fps is not a great experience this is why i am holding off buying a console, most games are not 60fps and they are struggling to even have 1080p@60fps PC is the way to go,
    most of the console games will be coming out on the PC, except for a few exclusives, and those games that are on the new consoles are struggling, but i will enjoy on a PC at 1080@60fps and can play them with a wireless 360 controller

    #65 8 months ago
  66. Panthro


    Yes ofcourse would.

    I have seen plenty of games with better visuals being played at 1080 60fps on a 660.

    #66 8 months ago
  67. Panthro


    Also, don’t assume this game will be running on ‘ultra spec’ in comparison to PC settings, this NEVER happens.

    You might get fancy reflections but that means the framerate has been capped, you might get cool 3D crowd models but that could mean the shadow resolution has been cut.

    Unless you actually know what you are looking at to appreciate it most console gamers won’t even notice and that is why they are still playing on consoles.

    Just because you never actually see what has been turned down in text doesn’t mean they are running everything to the standard of a decent PC.

    They cut corners that they think people will notice the least in order to improve performance.

    #67 8 months ago
  68. Reddpayn

    Actually i dont have a pc with gtx 660, i was talking about my ps4, which has it ( really hd 7850-7870 so its actually better). So you are saying that ps4 should be able to run this around 1080p 60fps, not ultra maybe high settings while it cant? This only shows that your knowledge of the console hardware and gpus overall is outdated :)

    #68 8 months ago
  69. ysleiro

    @Reddpayn and you know better than he does right? (keep in mind your guess is just a guess since Sony never said what model GPU they have; essentially all you have to go on are assumptions).

    So tell us what have you proven here? That the Developer could have made it 1080p 60fps but didn’t? that the developer sucks? That Sony were more interested in shipping than they were in delivering a quality product?

    #69 8 months ago
  70. Panthro


    I’m going off my knowledge of what I have seen a 660 do and what a PS4 has done, I have a PS4 in my living room and it is nothing short of a disappointment with graphics which are being extremely exxagerated.

    I have a EVGA 670 FTW and it tears through everything on ultra 1080p 60fps and rarely EVER dips as I cap everything at 60fps since I have a 60hz monitor.

    Going from that the 660 is only 2 cards below mine I know with a lot of confidence it is more capable than you think.

    And as the guy above me said, Sony never actually revealed the GPU as it is actually an APU, very different than an actual GPU.

    APU’s are made for small devices like laptops, notebooks and now consoles.

    #70 8 months ago
  71. Reddpayn

    Well, watchdosg’ recommended settings require 660 and ubisoft said that ps4 will run on like them. Also if we look at bf4, which runs on 900p 60fps high ultra with aa on ps4, a pc to run it like this would require a hd7870xf edition, so ps4′s gpu ,which officially has 1.84tflops, is something like gtx660 or hd7850-7870.

    #71 8 months ago
  72. Panthro


    I’m sorry but you can not use 900p and high/ultra in the same sentence.

    Ubisoft want as many people as possible to think that Watch Dogs on console will be as good as the PC version, until a comparison comes out that’s all I have to say on that subject.

    Regarding thins which I have actually seen, a 660 has blown through War Thunder with no issues, including full AA which the PS4 copy lacks, I see them jaggies, they can’t hide them.
    Same with Warframe.
    Same with Thief

    I am only going off what has happened previously, I have seen a 660 rip though the multiplats with a better performance than what the PS4 has shown.

    #72 8 months ago
  73. Panthro

    People need to stop believing that the new consoles are magic graphics boxes because they don’t have access to the graphics settings to see what they are missing out on.

    #73 8 months ago
  74. mxmassef

    Yes ps4 is not a magic box but after a bit research I am 100% confident that a pc with gtx 660 wont be able to run games as good as ps4 can in a year or two. This will go like last gen and people will need two steps better gpu than ps4 hd 7807. Like your 670 will ultimately be par with ps4 performance ;)

    #74 8 months ago
  75. Reddpayn

    You might be right, but like you said, direct comparisons will show us how it really is with the watchdogs. Bf4 and ff xiv have been almost identical (except the bf 900p) to my eye. Maybe more aa but hey, ps4 is definitely bang for buck. 400 euros and same looking games as 700 euros pc. Not bad at all.

    #75 8 months ago
  76. Reddpayn

    And about the warframe, its solid 60fps when you play alone or with people who have good connection. Sadly there are people with bad broadbands who play it online, so you will experience lag if playing online.Pretty good game though, atleast when ps+ members got 100 extra platinums and boosters.

    #76 8 months ago

    sounds like a long way of saying the the hardware cant cope. I own a PS4 and i will be getting this game but still lol

    #77 8 months ago
  78. spoffle


    “I have a EVGA 670 FTW and it tears through everything on ultra 1080p 60fps and rarely EVER dips”

    It just doesn’t though, unless you don’t actually mean everything, 1080P, and ultra. You are either not monitoring your FPS, or playing a small selection of undemanding games.

    #78 8 months ago

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