No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games testing VR, posts Vine clips

Friday, 4th April 2014 09:06 GMT By Dave Cook

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has revealed it is now playing around with VR tech. That’s not to say that the game will use it of course, but what’s that about stairs?

It comes several months after this No Man’s Sky trailer blew VGX attendees away. Watch it again through the link.

“Received our new VR headsets today! So excite!” tweeted Hello Games. “Putting gaming laptop into backpack, with headset attached, so we can run about WIRELESSLY.”


“Problem! There are less steps in the stairs in this VR demo, than there are in our office. Will probably be fine.”

That’s a problem indeed. The team has been having a grand old time with VR it seems, as highlighted by this series of Vines posted by the studio’s Jacob Golding:

It’ll be interesting to see what the Joe Danger team does with its VR kits, and we’ll have more if it transpires.

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  1. TheWulf

    I’m so excited about this one! It has such a raw feeling of exploration about it, I love it. I can even tolerate the CRT monitors on their ships (which bugs me so much) because their Universe is so, so colourful, so vibrant, and so beautiful. I dig it. It’s something I hope we get to see more of. Unrestrained artsy, alien Universes aren’t something I get to walk around in, often. Obsession with familiarity and all that, you know?

    Same reason that X for the Wii U caught my eyes. The city is boring, the humans are boring, the mechs look boring… but then they step outside, into the wilds, and there are all of these beautiful giants, I loved it. It’s sad that the point of the game is probably killing them, but there were shots of walking alongside them, and that’s what I’d like to do. I’m an explorer, I like seeing new things, I enjoy finding new life and discovering stuff. I’ve always been more inclined toward that than combat.

    That’s why Ryzom and Gothic III got me.

    I’ll admit, Gothic III has a boring storyline, but they also had weird creatures and they coded a fully functional ecosystem. Every animal behaved in believable ways. I’d get distracted from my questing just to sneak around, following them, and watching them behave in emergent ways. Then I got various spells to disguise msyelf, and most of my time was spent hanging out with animals and pretend to be them, seeing how the AI handled that. It was fascinating.

    I mean, if you could disguise yourself as a tiger and go and live among tigers for a bit just to see what it’s like to actually be a tiger, wouldn’t you? I would! And that goes for any animal, from ant, to dog, to elephant. There’s just so much damn life out there, and there’s only so much you can know through observation. I mean, consider that a dog can detect cancer on a person’s breath, that they have (at the very least) 25 times the olfactory receptors we do.

    Consider that, then consider how it changes their life. Consider that they have such a greater variety and resolution of smell that we do, and they have very different ideas as to what smells good or bad. What would it be like to experience that? I’m very much into that.

    And I also love seeing people trying to get into the heads of alien animals or societies, trying to figure out what it would be like to be them. Because then I get to walk amongst these alien animals/people and observe them, learn about them, and see what makes them tick. I am very much an introvert, very much an observer. I mean, I totally get Uatu’s gig, yeah?

    If I found humanity to be weird and completely alien, I’d probably be fascinated by it, too! I’d want to go and watch all of the people, and all of the animals, and then I’d end up being like Uatu’s people. Just watching and trying to figure out how the Universe works through all the life in it, trying to figure out the macrocosms that lead to the mega-systems of reality itself.

    Of course, it’s all bullshit, but I just like meta-thinking. Okay?

    But yeah, I’m excited for this in the same way that I was for Ryzom. I just want to go and look at all of the things in this Universe they’re building, and if they have complexities to them in the way that Gothic III and Ryzom did, then I’ll be watching them for quite some time.

    I’m a looker, rather than a doer. I don’t want to accrue things for myself, belongings, possessions, and lives. That’s not my dealio. I like to just wander in, see how it all works, then wander back out again without disturbing it.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. wyshouldi

    @TheWulf So glad I took the time to read your comment. I’ve never thought of playing a game like you described, to be completely consumed by this artificial world. There’s something very special about what you’re saying, so thank you so much for sharing (I made an account especially to write this very comment). I thoroughly hope this game lives up to your expectations :)

    #2 9 months ago

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