War Thunder: Ground Forces – 1500 beta keys to give away

Thursday, 3rd April 2014 13:01 GMT By Staff

To be in with a chance of grabbing a beta key for War Thunder: Ground Forces on PC just drop us your email address.


The expansion to the popular online war sim adds much-requested tanks to the fray, expanding Gaijin’s open world battlefield with ground and air combat.

Simply drop your email in the box below and we’ll email you a key from tomorow if you’re one of those chosen. Good luck!

Instructions for activation:

Login or register at

On the main page, click the “Redeem code” button in the right menu

Download the CBT-launcher and let it download the beta

If you have any issues you can find help on the official forums

ATTENTION: Beta-access is valid only for one PC that was used for the first launch of beta (ip-address doesn’t matter, only hardware).

Current Test Schedule
Monday – 01:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT
Tuesday – 13:00 GMT – 19:00 GMT
Wednesday – 01:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT
Thursday – 13:00 GMT – 19:00 GMT
Friday – 01:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT
Saturday – 11:00 GMT – 16:00 GMT
Sunday 1:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT & 11:00 GMT – 16:00 GMT

Players can obtain exclusive vehicles and other bonuses once the Open Beta starts (in addition to CBT-access), there are special Packs available at the official Store.



  1. jmg24bad

    I want to try.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. LordBitterbobo

    Sounds legit

    #2 9 months ago
  3. LordBitterbobo

    Can’t Wait!

    #3 9 months ago
  4. Macan_Bali

    When they will send the key (if we win one)?

    #4 9 months ago
  5. opiron

    во сколь раздача начнётся?

    #5 9 months ago
  6. alex_balex20

    I whant to try also. sent a request from yesterday….

    #6 9 months ago
  7. zme-ul

    i don’t think they sent the keys yet .. the key request form is still active

    #7 9 months ago

    Hello :3

    #8 9 months ago
  9. alex_balex20

    @zme-ul . yes it might be…hope its not another scam where they take your e-mail adress and hack it. hope i will get a code thow. ROMANIAN??

    #9 9 months ago
  10. CookieKing

    Has anyone actually got a key yet?

    #10 9 months ago
  11. zme-ul

    wondering the same

    #11 9 months ago
  12. LordBitterbobo


    #12 9 months ago
  13. adrianpixel


    #13 9 months ago
  14. LordBitterbobo

    Hoax maybe

    #14 9 months ago
  15. CookieKing

    Only time will tell, I guess….

    #15 9 months ago
  16. LordBitterbobo

    I’m always late to the other giveaways, this one seems like the only one left.

    #16 9 months ago
  17. adrianpixel

    wait for tomorrow.

    #17 9 months ago
  18. LordBitterbobo

    Yes, one more day, if nothing happens tomorrow this is just a scam.

    #18 9 months ago
  19. opiron


    #19 9 months ago
  20. Michael Ireland

    I have to laugh at people coming to a site only to get a code, with no interest in interacting with the community, and then screaming scam when they don’t get their freebie.

    They either haven’t gotten around to it or there’s an issue with the email system. Have some patience.

    And check your junk mail.

    #20 9 months ago
  21. opiron

    кому что прислали?

    #21 9 months ago
  22. Dragon

    @Michael Ireland ,
    +1 .
    I had to restrain myself writing any further on that forum post.

    #22 9 months ago
  23. LordBitterbobo

    About 500 keys left

    #23 9 months ago
  24. zme-ul

    @LordBitterbobo 2 hours late to the party … no keys left

    #24 9 months ago
  25. Macan_Bali

    Have anyone get the key?ive wait for 2days . Still no keys tho.

    #25 9 months ago
  26. adrianpixel

    still nothing

    #26 9 months ago
  27. RunBabyRun

    This is scam,two days and still nothing in my mail box.

    #27 9 months ago
  28. Michael Ireland

    This isn’t a scam, but it would certainly help if the staff replied and actually said something.

    #28 9 months ago
  29. adrianpixel

    By twiter have not responded.

    #29 9 months ago
  30. epaepa

    I got mine today :D, seriously not kidding.

    #30 9 months ago
  31. PZ5

    Мне пришел, специально создал почтовый ящик на гугл почте.

    #31 9 months ago
  32. TackleVille

    Thanks a lot!!

    I sent in my email the 6th of April (yesterday) so I got it today, can’t explain how happy I’m right now.

    Again, Thanks!

    #32 9 months ago
  33. TackleVille

    @epaepa Same here! Got it about a quarter ago

    #33 9 months ago
  34. NS89

    I got mine today, but it says it isn’t valid. Did it actually work for anyone else that got it?

    #34 9 months ago
  35. NS89

    @NS89 scratch that, just had to login to gaijinent instead of and it worked! Thanks a bunch

    #35 9 months ago
  36. adrianpixel

    I’ve had bad luck, I do not get

    #36 9 months ago
  37. Bati93

    Holly f..k
    My suprise , when i open e-mail was priceless.
    Thanks very much for the key.

    #37 8 months ago
  38. RunBabyRun

    @Bati93 When did you send ur e-mail?

    #38 8 months ago
  39. komixe

    Can I get one? Please.

    #39 8 months ago
  40. kuretis

    Кто получил?

    #40 8 months ago
  41. adrianpixel

    Congratulations to the winners, I’ll have to wait for another opportunity

    #41 8 months ago
  42. tetsuosnakes

    Can i get one pls :(

    #42 8 months ago
  43. adrianpixel

    I want one too XD

    #43 8 months ago
  44. RunBabyRun

    @adrianpixel why we cant get that key :( :(

    #44 8 months ago
  45. tetsuosnakes

    Why not me? :’(

    #45 8 months ago
  46. Araet

    Maybe someone will spare key?)) Please Present really want a friend tank to manage *)

    #46 8 months ago
  47. bugmenot

    It worked, contrary to my friend’s belief (who thought it was a scam). the form is still active as of 4/14, does that mean they are still giving away keys???

    #47 8 months ago
  48. minimi65

    i sended my email yesterday (21.4.2014) but i still have no key i hope they send me one.

    #48 8 months ago
  49. maks28382

    Отправил мыло уже дней 7-9 назад, но так и не пришел кеу :-(

    #49 8 months ago
  50. Pabloxox

    Please give me the key on my e-mail

    #50 8 months ago
  51. DawidKali

    I hope , Can I get one?

    #51 8 months ago

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