UK game charts: inFamous holds at first, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls debuts at six – full chart

Monday, 31st March 2014 09:51 GMT By Dave Cook

inFamous: Second Son has held firm at top of the UK game charts for a second week running, holding off competition from newcomer Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

It follows claims that PS4 sales jumped 106% since the launch of inFamous: Second Son. The game’s sales have dropped 67% since last week’s debut however.

If you were one of the people who bought it, we’ve posted a full inFamous: Second Son walkthrough guide here to help you hit that 100% completion stat.

  1. inFamous: Second Son
  2. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes
  3. Titanfall
  4. FIFA 14
  5. The LEGO Movie Videogame
  6. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
  7. South Park: The Stick of Truth
  8. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  9. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
  10. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
  11. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  12. Dark Souls 2
  13. Battlefield 4
  14. Thief
  15. Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright
  16. LEGO Marvel Superheroes
  17. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
  18. GTA 5
  19. MXGP
  20. Need for Speed: Rivals



  1. tenthousandgothsonacid

    It’s impressive that ps4 only Infamous is holding off the multiplatform stuff. I guess if titanfall ever comes out on 360 and doesn’t suck then it’ll get some proper competition.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. CharlesLupula

    Infamous, along with Arkham Knight will be among the game I buy when I eventually get a PS4, sometime, probably in 2015 or so. Loved the first two and interested in what this one brings.

    But no need to upgrade from my trust PS3 just yet.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. Erthazus

    Really? Diablo III so low? O_o

    #3 9 months ago
  4. infernalism

    As much as I love MGS, and respect Kojima as a developer, it is sad to see how well this overpaid demo sells, along with the knowledge, that I contributed to this “success” myself, but by the time I realised how much content there really is in this game, I already owned it (duh). No more pre-orders for such things, period.
    This WILL be a precedent, someone will try it as well, and even if that fails, someone will give it a go after that. If at least some of those attempts also turn out to be worthwhile, then…we will have a new horrible trend in the gaming industry.

    In regards to Infamous, Cole’s Legacy DLC is BS, not worth paying extra for an in-game jacket and a few fetch-like quests/missions.

    The story as whole is also on the short side if you ask me (though its worth a replay more than most titles thanks to good and evil playthroughs), and mission variety is a bit lacking, but…The game itself is well worth the price of admission. Great recreation of Seattle, beautiful graphics, great powers (four in total, maybe a fifth one at the end of the paper trail?) and evironments to fool around with, and though the story is short, it was entertaining, at least to me.

    You could play a lot worse games for this price and I’d wager it’s the best current gen title out there, Titanfall included, since it’s a cross gen game (not much of an FPS guy myself, so I didn’t try it out on my gaming PC). A good entry level title to next gen, but I am hoping for a lot more in the future, now that the hardware is already on the market. Bigger game worlds, more destructable parts, more enemies on screen etc. This, not the upgrade in graphics, is what I’m waiting for. And I hope games like The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Cyberpunk 2077 etc. are going to deliver it.

    #4 9 months ago
  5. CycloneFox

    @infernalism: It is absolutely true, that it is highly problematic, the game is actually lying in retail shelves labeled “Metal Gear Solid 5″ and costs 30 bucks, which is too much for the demo-like story mission. It is particularly annoying, that people actually buy this, due to the given fact, without knowing, that it isn’t a full game.
    I defined the game for myself as some kind of donation to actually pull off such a highly ambitious project and get an extensive demo, where I can already see how it will look and play like, in return.
    I would never buy such a thing from another developer, I’m not looking forward to the next game for.

    #5 9 months ago
  6. infernalism

    Well, we paid too much (It cost me 20 pounds), that much is certain, since this game should cost no more than 10$ at best. IF this is a one-off from Kojima to pay for his long development time, and he is going to learn from it in the future, then that is fine by me, I’ll take one for the team, and I hope to be spoiled for my 40-45 pounds once The Phantom Pain rolls around. Hope Konami makes up for it with plenty of content for a full game release. But I’ll only do this once. If Konami tries to pull this again, then I’ll have to wait for their games to hit the bargain bin next time.

    I would however be incredibly surprised, if nobody tried a similar scheme in the future. Say, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 : Hellfire, which includes a lenghty 15 minute campaign and a single map, for 30$.

    #6 9 months ago
  7. tezzer1985

    All I’m taking from this, is Titanfall wasn’t the saviour and the holy grail game the games journalists made out would be for Xbox One.

    Another example of games media being so controlled and sites wonder why gamers flock to YouTube and blog sites.

    Infamous was never hyped up by the games media, it was not seen as a system seller, the press have egg on their face when it comes to the way they covered Titanfall.

    #7 9 months ago
  8. KAP


    I agree with you, every gaming journalist was losing there minds about Titanfall, it was way over hyped. Then MS gave the game away forfree pretty much.

    It’s all about Titanfall 2.

    #8 9 months ago
  9. CharlesLupula

    I don’t have a problem with Ground Zeroes for two reasons. First, there’s a lot of content in there for only $20 (if you bought it retail, for more money, you’re dumb). I put three hours into the first mission the first time I played and still had stuff I hadn’t discovered yet. I didn’t even know the XOF patches were a thing I was supposed to be looking for, nevermind that they unlocked stuff.

    And then there’s the side ops. It’s a good package for its price. If it were $60, it would definitely be a rip-off, no doubt about that. But for a discount game, no problem with it.

    As for setting a precedent, you people obviously aren’t long-time Kojima fans, because if you were, you’d know he did this once before with Zone of the Enders, which was just a short prologue for Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner. And that was sold at full-price. The only part of it that eased the blow a little was that it had a MGS2 demo in it. But this is the second time Kojima has done this.

    #9 9 months ago
  10. CycloneFox

    @CharlesLupula: It is hard to determine how much Ground Zeroes is worth. I’d say that it isn’t worth 20-30 bucks for the average gamer. Zone of the Enders was pretty short, too. Yes. But it was a lot longer than Ground Zeroes. In ZoE1 is an introduction, some part where you have a clear target, but can’t go straight there because you have to find some item first, at some point, you rescue someone, finally get to your target and it ends in a big cliffhanger. And that is totally okay. It was about 7 hours or so of story with many changes of places within that colony and even boss fights. MGS Ground Zeroes on the other hand is just one mission with an introduction sequence a small sequence in the middle where you get your final target and (without any boss) an end sequence, some surprises, ending in a huge cliffhanger. It is especially entertaining for players of Peacewalker. But while ZoE was a whole journey in it’s few hours, Ground Zeroes ends as soon as it starts.
    I already love MGS5. It’s really really good. But for someone who wants a good story, it’s by far too short.

    @Titanfall: Well it is fun and I finally have a PC game, I can play with my friends, who didn’t own a PS3 when Uncharted 3 came out. But every time I play it, I wish we could just play Uncharted 3… But I wasn’t a big fan of Modern Warfare, too, to begin with. I think Infamous Second Son is the bigger achievement and should sell a lot more consoles. It would be sad, if Titanfall actually sold enough to turn anything in the console war. Especially as it is also available on PC.

    #10 9 months ago
  11. Michael Ireland

    @Erthazus I imagine almost all of them were digital sales straight from their site. Not many people will be buying it at retail.

    #11 9 months ago
  12. CharlesLupula


    How did you squeeze 7 hours out of ZoE?!? I beat it, the first time in under 4 hours. I was glad I only spent $10 on it at the time. If I had bought it at full price, I would have been raging.

    The bottom line is that there’s a ton more content in MGSV:GS than there was in ZoE. And that game cost more at launch.

    I will give you that they should have added a boss fight to it, though. The boss fights are always my favorite part of the Metal Gear games,

    #12 9 months ago
  13. CycloneFox

    @CharlesLupula: I should recheck about my ZoE1 save. Maybe it’s really just 5 hours or so. But what makes the difference is, that it felt like a complete plot with start, middle and epilog. GZ, on the other hand, just has a start. Story-wise it feels very unsatisfying. You may be right, when it comes to gameplay content. There is a lot more in GZ, than there were in ZoE1. You might say, the one and only map in GZ is even more complex than the whole colony in ZoE and there is much more to do and discover. But I would suppose, that most fans of Metal Gear Solid are mostly interested in the story and in that point, GZ does offer too little.

    #13 9 months ago
  14. salarta

    The first mission of Ground Zeroes took a long time for me, but only because for some odd reason, it made me feel like I needed to be absolutely perfect. So I kept restarting. Once I stopped obsessing with having a perfect run, I breezed through all the missions.

    I’ve said before: while objectively it feels like a game that should’ve been $20, subjectively I feel like it was worth every dollar spent. I’ve paid full price for junk with less meaning and value before, and the past few years have brought hardly any games at all that do anything with the medium as deeply thoughtful and inspired as Ground Zeroes did in so little time.

    Since other people mentioned Zone of the Enders: I played and beat both games for the first time last week. Maybe it’s because I’m playing it out of when it was originally released, but both games didn’t seem all that amazing story-wise. The gameplay was fun and at many times difficult, but the story was just kinda there.

    Anyway, I’m genuinely surprised inFAMOUS is so high. I’m also disappointed that FFX/FFX-2 HD Remaster is still on this list. But then, this is the UK charts. I’ve kinda learned to not take them too seriously as a sign of game value. As nice as it is to see inFAMOUS and Ground Zeroes where they are, it’s just numbers, similar to how Famitsu scores have no real value for anything other than lesser known titles.

    @Erthazus I expect the cause is the same one that led to me not getting Reaper of Souls yet either. Blizzard is asking for about $40 for a one act expansion of a game that cost that price or $20 more to get four acts when it first released. The main game itself costs $20 a year later. Buying Reaper of Souls right now would be essentially paying double the price for a quarter of the experience. That plan just might have worked if everyone was desperate to play a new installment, but hardly anyone is that desperate.

    Besides, from what I hear, they did a poor job of using Adria in the expansion.

    #14 9 months ago
  15. Michael Ireland

    @salarta Or it could simply be that almost everybody bought it online instead of at retail.

    #15 9 months ago
  16. salarta

    @Michael Ireland That’s a good point, I hadn’t considered it. If we’re looking at pure retail, then Reaper of Souls’ placement is pretty high up for where it would normally be expected.

    #16 9 months ago
  17. Michael Ireland

    @salarta There is literally no reason this game would sell badly. It’s a Blizzard PC titles. It sells on brand alone.

    #17 9 months ago
  18. salarta

    @Michael Ireland True, but if the chart is only presenting retail and not digital, these days I’d expect most Blizzard game sales to be digital if it’s an expansion such as this one.

    #18 9 months ago
  19. TheWulf

    Wow, the LEGO games are still going strong. Go TT Games! Even surpassing herd mentality-favourite Blizzard, too, I don’t know what to make of that. I think I’m very pleased by this.

    #19 9 months ago
  20. KimBerlyJames

    if you guys are looking for a good strategy guide check

    #20 9 months ago

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