Titanfall is “blowing the doors off” for Xbox One – Harrison

Friday, 21st March 2014 04:53 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Titanfall has made Microsoft very, very happy, corporate vice president Phil Harrison has said, and is a major contributor to the Xbox One’s success.


Speaking with VentureBeat at GDC, Harrison said the Xbox One is doing great, and highlighted Respawn’s shooter as part of that.

“Things are going great. It’s the fastest, most successful launch in our history,” he said.

“Titanfall is blowing the doors off, literally and figuratively,” he added, showing a casual disregard for the meaning of the word “literally”.

“Great engagement, just fantastic proof of users not only buying Xbox One, but using it in a very engaged way. More than five hours average use per day, which is amazing.”

Regarding Sony’s apparent lead in the console war, Harrison was bullish that the initial battle is ongoing.

“We’re 120 days into our platform lifecycle. This is a marathon, not a sprint,” he said.

“We’re happy with our plan. We’re happy with the performances of our key franchises and key partnerships, most notably Titanfall in the last couple of weeks. You can see independent surveys and studies showing our sell-through doubling in the U.K. as far as hardware. We have a fantastic lineup we’ll reveal more of at E3 and beyond. We have a lot of great surprises to come.”

Harrison went on to discuss the ID@Xbox program, which Microsoft is promoting heavily at GDC, notably boasting that it has signed 250 developers culled from “thousands” of applications.

“Just to put that 250 developers in context, that’s more than the entire independent developer cohort on Xbox 360. In 120 days, we have more developers working on Xbox One in the ID program than we had lifetime on 360,” he said.

Speaking of Titanfall, Respawn recently reiterated that the franchise is not platform exclusive; Titanfall sequels could come to PlayStation.



  1. Major Mayhem 70

    In laymen terms. Titanfall is making Microsoft some loot.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. dsr

    “” Great engagement, just fantastic proof of users not only buying Xbox One, but using it in a very engaged way. “”
    I read as:
    “Herp derpity derp hurp”

    Fuck those stupid marketing bullshit words. Using a console in “very engaged way”? Well, shit! Never knew it was possible! But in my days we called it “playing a game”. Very engaged compared to what? Watching TV?

    I want to punch his fucking face in. I know he does not write this bullshit himself.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. derpachu

    @2 get the fuck over. Stay irate.

    #3 9 months ago
  4. bobnice


    Calm down, you should get out more or something.

    #4 9 months ago
  5. Digital Bamboo

    “More than five hours average use per day” Holy mother of god, where do they find the time?

    I’m basically confined to my apartment due to illness, and don’t even start my new job until next month, and I STILL struggle to get in much more than 2 hours of gaming a day.

    #5 9 months ago
  6. Major Mayhem 70

    @2 your trying to be sarcastic, and yet you hit it right on the nose. The X1 isn’t all about playing games. It is a multimedia device, so watching tv on it is one way that some of that 5 hour “engagement” is possible.
    What Phil Harrison is essentially saying is that the X1 is being used in more ways than just playing games. But make no mistake, it does play games.

    #6 9 months ago
  7. mistermogul

    Microsoft know how to talk a good game.

    Titanfall can’t be blowing the doors off that much, as I write this the game has already dropped to No.4 on Amazon best sellers and No 10 on shopto for the X1 version. Also it doesn’t seem to have improved the hardware sales that much according to those metrics (which I realise are hardly conclusive)…

    #7 9 months ago
  8. antraxsuicide

    I don’t think you understand how these consoles make money. It’s similar to the mobile space; you don’t make money when 100M people own the hardware, but only buy 2 games and stop paying. The X1 is boasting 5 hours a day of use ON AVERAGE (which means there are a ton of power users going well beyond that number).

    That’s certainly something to boast about as a company. It’s why MS has always had the highest attach rate of the consoles, and the X1 is shaping up to be the same way. 4 million paying customers are much more important than 6 million freeloaders.

    #8 9 months ago
  9. omakone

    @antraxsuicide #8 you do realize that when he says five hours a day that includes television for those that are using their cable or satellite box through the Xbone. Therefore, it is entirely possible that their attach rate is below that of their competitors. I think I saw an article that quote their attach rate at below 3 games. Since MS is having to give away a game with almost ever system, they are averaging less than 2 purchased games per system. That is not a good attach rate for a new console with the selection of games available for the new generation.

    #9 9 months ago
  10. antraxsuicide

    @omakone It’s an average, so the numbers are always deceptively small. For example, the 360 had the highest attach rate of last gen with 10.85 games per owner. The X1 is sitting at 2.69, while the PS4 is at 2.17. That translates to a lot of money when multiplied by the thousands of dollars each point represents.

    #10 9 months ago

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