Forbes lets slip the reveal of Sony’s PS4 VR headset

Wednesday, 19th March 2014 00:15 GMT By Mike Irving

An apparently premature report posted by Forbes indicates that Sony will reveal a Virtual Reality headset for Playstation 4 at GDC today.

The report, which has since been taken down, discusses the reveal in the past tense, but didn’t go too far into the details. It confirmed what was already expected: Sony will almost certainly officially reveal their long-rumoured VR headset during their GDC presentation today, which is titled “Driving the Future of Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment.”

This comes after the reveal was delayed from Gamescom and then the Tokyo Games Show last year.

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  1. wally10975

    The worst kept secret…

    #1 9 months ago
  2. TheWulf

    I’m always glad to see more of this tech doing the rounds. This is going to be fun for Playstation owners, and I’m glad they get it. Like I keep saying, I’m sick of exclusivity, I’d rather just see everyone have fun with everything, regardless of their platform.

    Rabid tribalism is born of anti-thinking. As an insightful introvert, I’ve actually seen a lot of that. So it’s always funny when being able to question oneself and seek insight is referred to by more anti-thinking, extroverted, and wholly oblivious people as narcissism, when it’s really not. It’s just the ability to look inside yourself. It always highlights further anti-thinking by illustrating that the person doesn’t actually know what narcissism means.

    In essence, their anti-thinking makes them look a bit thick and thuggish. It’s always funny to see the whole ‘Master Race’ ideology projected at PC owners, too, when I’m a PC owner and not only do I hate Aryan nonsense, but I’m a supporter of open platforms and mutual inclusiveness, that if a person is gaming on a platform, they should have access what a person does on another platform. Inclusiveness is good.

    But, again, rabid tribalism happens. People get behind a brand and see their brand as a godhead, they worship their godhead to the detriment and expense of everyone else. They create a bizarre kind of externalised, separated super-narcissism around their brand. “I’m not being narcissistic, I’m just supporting my brand. You’re a narcissist!

    It’s weird to watch.

    Narcissism, after all, is a state where a person is “excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and perfection” and that perfectly exemplifies how each tribe views their godhead. It’s okay that they don’t have personal narcissism, because that’s just their godhead, their externalised state. They’re just speaking the words of their godhead by embellishing upon its over-adequacy, power, prestige, and perfection.

    They’re not a Master Race or anything.

    The thing is is that PS4 owners, in general. wouldn’t want XBox One owners to have this tech. They having a frothing hatred of PC owners for having had it first, because the Sony godhead is divine, and it provides for us all. How dare those heretics have something first, eh? And if Microsoft had had it first, it would have been that way around, too. It’s sacrificing oneself to become a vain, pure avatar of one’s godhead.

    I’ve often called for the end of this, but what can one person do other than highlight what should be obvious? I really do long for a day when we can all enjoy the same stuff without the childish tribalism of “mine’s better,” which to me sounds like coping with personal physical inadequacies. It reminds me of some car owners and how they are.

    I really do long for that day. This is something that’s been on my mind a lot, because there’s been a whole lot of projecting going on! It’s actually been really confusing at times. I’ve had to spend long periods reflecting on it just trying to figure out why these people behave in this way. I used to call it brand zombie-ism, but I don’t think that’s quite fitting to the issue. It’s really more a case of brand tribalism and worship to the godhead.

    When I was young, it was more that the consumer was a god unto themselves whom the brands would be vying for the consumerism of. And that this would happen by providing the better, superior product at the most palatable price. I lived in a crazy world, eh? A world of Spectrums, Atari STs, and Amigas. But as soon as the Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo rolled around, everything went insane.

    Today’s world just seems so completely bonzo, batshit insane by comparison.

    You… you vile creature! You have no godhead! You are but a base heretic. You purport to be your own godhead to bring others to your way of thinking, but this is a filthy lie!! You… you claim to have self-built identity? Nay! Identity is a boon granted by the corporate father and the holy brand! You are given a brand name, but you have no such name! You dare? You are a mutant! We will label you with names, for that is all we can do on the Internet as we have no stones to throw! All those who work without a godhead are inhuman beasts!

    Oh tribalism.

    And watch it happen again and again. Just because Sony got VR first, there’s going to be an explosion of hatred. Tribe against tribe.

    I’m glad I don’t have any of that baggage. No brands for meee! Just a humble, unnamed computer.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. TheWulf

    Interesting to see I’m not the only one who’s had such realisations. It’s notable because I have no such ‘party attachments,’ I believe those should be attributed to family and friends. Insane, right? I don’t think that you should get attached to a political party, you should choose your party based upon the policies they’re putting forward, not just because you’re ‘on their team.’

    I guess I never understood this desire to be a part of a party. Maybe this is some extroverted thing that doesn’t apply to introverts? Because I really don’t get it. I’ve never actually understood this. It reminds me of the Coke and Pepsi stuff of yore, and… why not just drink the one you think tastes best? I wonder if there is some sort of state of mind that drives extroverted people toward mass tribalism, without even consciously realising it?

    My only ‘chosen party’ is my family and friends, the people close to me, the ones that matter. Not a team, or a brand, or anything else. Those are things that are external, therefore I won’t attribute them to my sense of self.

    And apparently, being individual from a party like that makes you some kind of crazy monster that people of that mindset can’t understand. So they go out of their way to ostracise you and separate you because you don’t function in the same way that they do. Yeah, that sounds kind of extroverted by nature, doesn’t it? I think I’m getting closer to understanding this all the time.

    #3 9 months ago

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