The Elder Scrolls Online content to be “real and significant”

Tuesday, 11th March 2014 21:53 GMT By Brenna Hillier

The Elder Scrolls Online will justify its subscription fee with regular releases of substantial new content, according to Bethesda’s Pete Hines.


“We feel pretty strongly about the support we’re going to have for the game and what you’re going to get for those dollars,” the PR vice president told Gamespot.

“We’re also very confident in our ability to support it with content. And not content of the magnitude of, it’s a new month, here’s a new sword or here’s a funny hat, but content that is real and significant and it feels like regular and consistent DLC releases.”

Hines said that adopting an a la carte DLC approach wouldn’t work, as it splits the community according to who has what content installed. A subscription model ensures all players are on the same page at all times.

“When you’re talking about regular content, adding new features and new parts of the world, either you’re all in or you’re not,” he said.

The Elder Scrolls Online launches on Mac and PC in April, with PS4 and Xbox One to follow in June. There’s another beta test this weekend, and we have another stack of keys to distribute.



  1. fearmonkey

    If I love the game, Im completely fine with a sub. As long as they give us continual updates, its worth the fee. I havent found a single ftp mmo that has kept me for long.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. Darkfield

    It doesn’t have traditional raiding, which means a model like GW2 at best and no matter how fun that is gonna be, traditional raiding is what I’d subscribe for.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. viralshag

    I really thought the game was kinda terrible. Looks and gameplay wise. I’m not sure why anyone would pay for this on a monthly basis.

    I’m going to give the next beta another go to see if it was just early beta problems but I’m not holding out much hope.

    #3 10 months ago

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