Nintendo will remain committed to first-party hardware, Iwata confirms

Monday, 3rd March 2014 09:40 GMT By Dave Cook

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has reiterated the firm’s policy of creating first-party hardware and core software, a move he feels will help the company “redefine entertainment.”


It comes from a new personal message from Iwata on the Nintendo site, in which he makes clear several of the company’s ingrained stances, and suggests new changes on the horizon.

The statement discusses Nintendo’s new ‘Quality of Life’ initiative, which looks to bring new joy and fun to people through play.

It reads:

Since the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983, Nintendo has been offering the world unique and original entertainment products under the development concept of hardware and software integration. In the field of home entertainment, the video game industry is one of the few industries established in Japan that spread around the world, and Nintendo has established itself as a well-known brand truly representing video game culture throughout the world.

With the belief that the raison d’etre of entertainment is to put smiles on people’s faces around the world through products and services, what we have focused on for the last decade is our basic strategy of expanding the gaming population by offering products which can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender or gaming experience. In addition, as the business environment around us has shifted with the times, we have decided to redefine entertainment as something that improves people’s quality of life (“QOL”) in enjoyable ways and expand our business areas. What Nintendo will try to achieve in the next 10 years is a platform business that improves people’s QOL in enjoyable ways.

We believe that we can capitalize the most on our strengths through a hardware-software integrated platform business, and therefore this type of dedicated video game platforms will remain our core focus. We will continue to value the spirit of originality described in our motto “The True Value of Entertainment Lies in Individuality,” and will continue to provide products and services which pleasantly surprise people.

With a platform business that improves people’s QOL in enjoyable ways, we will attempt to establish a new business area apart from our dedicated video game business. We have set “health” as the theme for our first step and we will try to use our strength as an entertainment company to create unique approaches that expand this business. Through our new endeavors with the QOL-improving platform, we strive to further promote our existing strategy of expanding our user base, create an environment in which more people are conscious about their health and in turn expand Nintendo’s overall user base.

After Nintendo started the manufacture and sale of Hanafuda (traditional Japanese playing cards) 125 years ago, it has innovated itself from a playing card company to a toy company, a toy company to an electronic toy company and finally from an electronic toy company to a company developing video game platforms. Nintendo has continued to try new things, and with a history of experiencing many failures and small successes, we managed to pioneer the home video game market. What has remained the same from the past is that we have always tried to create something new from materials and technologies available at that time, to position entertainment as our core business and to improve people’s QOL in enjoyable ways. We will continue to value self-innovation in line with the times and aim for growth.

Nintendo intends to make progress with the support and encouragement of its shareholders and investors.

What do you think of Iwata’s statement? Let us know below.

Via Nintendo Everything & Nintendo Life.



  1. The_Red

    This is such a shame because their software is amazing and yet is held hostage by their hardware. Sure, there were a few games that really did use dual screens of DS to its fullest but the very best of Nintendo software like Mario Galaxy 1-2 and Modern Donkey Kong / Zelda / Metroid games can be easily played on any platform and don’t need Nintendo’s recent gimmicks like motion controls, 3D or gamepad.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. OlderGamer

    “This is such a shame because their software is amazing and yet is held hostage by their hardware.”

    Attitudes like this on ^^^ are the where the real shame is at.

    In a perfect game world amazing software sells hardware. In fact you can not get amazing software without at the very least reasonable hardware. So basicly far too many “gamers” out there feel that Nintendo makes great games, but because those games are on a Nintendo system, they aren’t worth playing. Shame on you folks. That is pathetic. Sorry Red, but it is true.

    I saw the same thing when millions of gamers missed out on games like Panzer Dragoon Saga, Magic Knight Ray Earth, Guardian Heroes, and Nights because they weren’t on the PSx. I can see skipping hardware with one or even two decent games. But like the games on that list above the stuff on WiiU are consistently scoring the highest scores in the industry right now. Show me a game better then Mario World 3D. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is another one of those amazing games that just came out. W101 is amazing. Pikmin 3 is also amazing. Mario Kart 8 is on the way and so is SSM,

    Sadly it is your loss. But even worse it is the loss of the entire game industry. Knack is outselling Mario. Knack. FFS. I own a PS4 and have played Knack. It is uninspired and completely lackluster. Mario scored perfect 10s in so many publications it isn’t funny. I would give Knack a 6/10 while Mario gets a 9.5/10 as no game is perfect, imo.

    Also as a PS4 owner and a WiiU owner I can easily tell you and truthfully and honestly do so, that the best console graphics I have seen this gen are found on the WiiU. And it isn’t just Mario, have you seen Bayoneta 2? DKTF? They are amazing. I am not saying graphics are the defacto reason to own a console(if you want graphics buy a PC), but what I am telling you is that thus far the WiiU has more then enough chops to make games that can stand shoulder to shoulder with anything on a PS4 let alone a X1. At this point graphics are no longer an issue. Honestly they weren’t an issue last gen(better res would have been nice tho) but the WiiU is very capable of doing 1080p…and does.

    The absolute most shameful part of the entire Nintendo debate is that there is a debate at all. If you are a gamer, buy the fucking hardware that has the amazing games. If that means owning multi platforms, then do that. But ffs don’t sit there and think somehow Nintendo let you down because they don’t put their industry leading games on someone elses hardware. The very point of being a platform holder is to support it with great first party games. Nintendo isn’t letting you down. You are doing that to yourself.

    Are you folks gamers or sheep?

    Btw not a personal attack on you Red, but your posts reflects some of the stupidity that many people have when talking about Nintendo. Too bad they say, Nintendo is doomed they say. Whish they would bring those amazing games to Sony/MS they say. They say they would sure like to play them. Tell me you all don’t see the problem with that thinking?

    #2 10 months ago
  3. Joe Musashi

    Yes. What we need is more ‘True Gamer’ elitism.


    #3 10 months ago
  4. OlderGamer

    We could use the edit button back, btw.

    Wanted to add that on Gamefly the user rating for Knack is 6.8 out of 10. Mario 3D is 9.4 out of 10. That kind of reflects what I am thinking too when it comes to Knack vs Mario.

    In fact the highest rated GF PS4 exclusives is Knack and Shadow Fall, both at 6.8

    The highest rated PS4 game is 8.7, the system only has three games even in the 8s(Tomb Raider, AssCred, and NBA2k14).

    The WiiU has 13 games with a 8.0 rating or higher.

    Does it mean anything? Not a lot, no. Except that when asking people to rate games from a rental site(where people actually play the games), the WiiU games fair very well.

    The X1 has 5 games at 8.0 or higher, the same three as PS3, plus DR3 and PVZ GW. The highest rated is also TR at 8.7

    Only trying to point out that some of you folks are missing out., prolly allowing industry gurus(where the all mighty advertising spending can come in to play) and fanbois sway your interests.

    #4 10 months ago
  5. OlderGamer

    “Yes. What we need is more ‘True Gamer’ elitism”

    No, not really, but I am sure they will show up anyways ;)

    #5 10 months ago
  6. OlderGamer

    ” the same three as PS3,”

    …edit button….

    Meant PS4 ofc.

    #6 10 months ago
  7. Legendaryboss

    There is absolutely no doubt that Nintendo will support their hardware and sales figures aside is impossible to doubt their abilities to be able to support their hardware, granted 3DS sees more of that support than Wii U but nevertheless their priorities lie.

    The problem? They cannot support it alone nor can they carry these platforms solo. They either need more first/second parties, better third party support or more exclusive deals with third parties (Three-Game-Sonic-Deal). That is the problem with living in your own bubble.

    #7 10 months ago
  8. ij 44

    “Quality of Life” (QOL) …

    This and previous Nintendo munblings suggest they are moving towards somehting that will take your ass temperature

    #8 10 months ago
  9. OlderGamer

    All I am speaking to is the misconception that WiiU games stink. And the unfortunate pov that many gamers have with the idea that Nintendo should be making Multiplatform games because the games are some how lesser quality for being on the Nintendo hardware.

    Could Nintendo have done things differently when it comes to WiiU?

    Yes I think so.

    Is the WiiU worthy of purchase in order to play Nintendo games?

    Yes I think so.

    Will WiiU compete on a sales chart with X1 and PS4?

    No, I don’t think so. Esp if people think they should be avoiding it.

    #9 10 months ago
  10. Hcw87

    The problem is that Nintendo is a console mainly for kids/family. People who grew up with Nintendo (their most hardcore fans) are starting to become too old for their games.

    Current generation of kids have just as many games suited for kids on other consoles/PC. Nintendo needs to start focusing on more mature stuff, and not rehash the same games over and over.

    Yes, Mario and Zelda was good 10 years ago, but the novelty is starting to wear off quickly. Start working on new IP’s and announce a new console at this years E3. If not, i don’t see Nintendo making games 5 years from now.

    #10 10 months ago
  11. Mike W

    I’m praying that a Zelda game comes out this year, a true one and not that bullshit “Dynasty Warrior one……….Or Metroid game.

    The only game that interests me on the Wii U is Bayonetta 2.

    #11 10 months ago
  12. POOhead

    @10 You think there a kids games but your the type of person whos hyped to fuck over titanfall which is as much of a casual kiddy game then any of the shit nintendo produce, dont think people realise how much of a challenge nintendo games are, specially when it comes to mario games and there special worlds

    #12 10 months ago
  13. infernalism

    I am probably only interested in Zelda and Xenoblade franchises, when it comes to Nintendo. Never was a sucker for platformers, or games like Mario (i am just not a fan of Mario’s lore and characters, period. No matter what kind of game they will create around it, same thing with Halo for example on other consoles) or Donkey Kong. I could see myself playing Metroid as well, ZombieU also seemed interesting, but the reviews weren’t really that favourable, and Ubisoft will probably not publish another exclusive title for the WiiU anyway, even if they wanted to improve upon that game.

    I will say though, that Nintendo offers a different experience. I do most of my gaming on PC, but I always went to Sony to supplement that with some of their exclusive titles, or games that only come out on consoles. I can see myself adding WiiU and/or 3DS to that PC+PS4 combo. Adding an Xbox One makes little sense in this regard.

    #13 10 months ago
  14. Mike W


    So true.

    #14 10 months ago
  15. Hcw87


    Hyped to fuck over Titanfall? Uhm, no. Sure, i’m buying it (for PC), but i’m more hyped about Infamous for example. And the Diablo 3 expansion.

    No clue how you came to that conclusion.

    #15 10 months ago
  16. fihar

    You can’t compare something that’s been out for over a year with something that is barely six months old though. The older system with the bigger library is undoubtedly going to win.
    But that’s not even the biggest issue here.
    What the Wii U is lacking is not the quality of what’s being presented, but in what is being presented itself. Everyone has a preference for video games and I’m no different, I mostly thrive on Racing games and RPGs and there aren’t much of either for the Wii U for the foreseeable future. There’s Mario Kart, Monolith’s X, SMT x FE and probably some other companies’ games that are nice enough to throw the Wii U a bone or two.
    Going with either of the two remaining options will be a no-brainer for me as I’m almost guaranteed to be spoiled for choice in the future.

    In an ideal world, I’d be able to buy all three systems and just be done with it but the real version of me is going with a decent PC, one console and the two handhelds as I’m moving around quite a bit these days so no, I don’t think the Wii U is a viable option for me and I’m sorry to say that a lot of people have the same issue.

    The Wii U’s appeal is limited.

    #16 10 months ago
  17. OlderGamer

    “I will say though, that Nintendo offers a different experience. I do most of my gaming on PC, but I always went to Sony to supplement that with some of their exclusive titles, or games that only come out on consoles. I can see myself adding WiiU and/or 3DS to that PC+PS4 combo. Adding an Xbox One makes little sense in this regard.”

    That pretty much sums up where I am coming from this gen as well.

    PC first and foremost. I already have the WiiU and the PS4. But yeah, I agree. If you enjoy handheld games(I have a hard time due to the eye sight strain and hand cramping) then I might consider a 3DS over a WiiU. If it was a one vs the other choice. More games and you can travel with them.

    #17 10 months ago
  18. OlderGamer

    fihar, I am not trying to sell you or anyone else on a WiiU. Or even on Nintendo. Just trying to dispel the notion that the system is without merits. And I am esp irked at folks that claim they would love Nintendos games…if only they were on a different platform. To me that is the fanboy attitude, not the guy that says ok, so you like Nintendo games…buy a Nintendo system.

    It is a no brianer. If your an Infamous fan or you love Uncharted games, you buy a Playstation. You don’t sit around and complain about how those games would only be worthy of purchasing if they were released on a Xbox. If the games are quality and you like those type of games…then said company have done their jobs…you should likely own the corresponding platform. Ofc, not everyone can afford to own all of the systems, all of the time. And ofc, not all games regardless of the quality will appeal to everyone.

    So every person is different.

    But for some folks to bitch the games are just on the wrong platform is…well wrong imo. If you are a platforming fan. Or a fan of Nintendo style games in general. There are enough high quality games to warrant the purchase of their platforms.

    Like you said, if you are a JRPG fan, Nintendo isn’t for you. If you like Sport games, Nintendo isn’t for you. So yeah the appeal is limited. But to sit around and wish Bay 2 or Super Mario World 3D were on other systems…is well silly. Imo.

    #18 10 months ago
  19. POOhead

    @Hcw87 Im glad you agree titanfall is for kids

    #19 10 months ago
  20. TheWulf


    That was dumb and rude. True colours, OG?

    The fact of the matter is that platform exclusivity and holding software to a platform does nothing for anyone. It just creates divides between people. Okay, let me put it this way. If a game is developed that can only run on AMD processors, is that a great thing, or is it just marketing designed to force people to buy hardware where otherwise they’d have a choice?

    It’s ironic (and it speaks to your lack of awareness that you believe that taking the choice away from a consumer makes them more individual? Less choice, more individuality? Are you even listening to yourself? You’re being complete ironic but in an unaware way, you’re not even doing it for laughs. I mean, a 1984-like society where people are trained and incentivised to believe one way, act one way, and make the desired choices would be an example of individuality? Honestly? I want to think that you’re pulling my leg, but you’re not.

    This is marketing brainwashing for you, where you have people who’re so deep under the influence that they believe that being goaded into buying a product out of software exclusivity bolsters individuality.

    To the contrary, if every PC user had the same tower under their desk, then that’s a show of conformity. Like a room of extroverts all wearing exactly the same fashionable colognes and perfumes. To the contrary, by being able to buy our hardware, to choose and fine tune our machines, we exercise our individuality. We don’t war over which case is better, either, we just accept that we all have different tastes. Someone might like a sleek, black thing, someone else might like something colourful and fancy with lots of lights, and another someone might want an aquarium computer.

    Welcome to Individuality 101, I hope it bolsters your self awareness. Individuality is borne of choice. Being forced to conform is the opposite of that, that’s being a sheep, as you call it. I refer to it as being a sleepwalker because the person lacks awareness of the world around them. Of the truths of themselves and other people. And that describes you succinctly right now.

    Marketing tells you that exclusivity forcing you to buy hardware makes you an individual, and like a good little dalek, you chant I OBEY, I OBEY, I OBEY.

    Exclusivity is bad. I hate having to buy hardware simply because it’s holding software hostage that I want to play. That’s bullshit. Things should be cross-platform, so that people can make their choices. 3DS, PS Vita, WiiU, all the other consoles, mobiles, PC, and that’s how it should be.

    So careful where you frivolously point accusations that you don’t fully understand the meaning of. Supporting exploitative marketing just to sell hardware? Now that is more than a bit pathetic.

    And you can’t hold consumers responsible for the actions of suit-encrusted, sociopathic management. If they want their games to sell, they can release them on platforms I chose to buy, then I can choose to buy their games.

    I’m sick of platform exclusivity, and more sick of people brainwashed into pushing it as a good thing, It never is. The only people it hurts are the consumers who’re forced to shell out more money for hardware that they didn’t want in the first place. And if a person doesn’t take umbrage at that, then that in and of itself is sheeplike behaviour.

    That was a pain in the arse to type with a fractured finger, I hope you’re pleased with yourself.

    #20 10 months ago
  21. RickGames

    If Nintendo really has so much gameplay and enjoyable games as they think they do, then do some new IP, i find it hard to speak with this Nostalgia crowd of Nintendo lovers that buy games according to that. i cant enjoy a full nintendo game, i can only play a little bit then just walk away… but the generation before me, cant get enough of it… nostalgia is nintendos biggest cash earner and they know it.

    heres the plan, dont go 3rd party, skip the living room, you are miles away from doing anything cool on that, stay with Portable Devices, the new Nintendo 4KDS ( Nintendo 4 kids), marios and donkeys and metro and link and stay with your old ways. and actually let the 3rd party developers do the best games for that, like they did with the NDS and the 3DS…

    #21 10 months ago
  22. TheWulf

    I guess this is most jarring for me because I came from the home computer era. Let’s say I wanted to buy Turrican II or Fantasy World Dizzy, I could buy them on…

    * The ZX Spectrum (48k version)
    * The Sinclaire Spectrum (128k version)
    * The Commodore 64
    * The Amstrad CPC
    * The Atari ST
    * The Amiga (all models)
    * And probably others.

    I think even outliers like the Sam Coupe were pretty well supported. Now, consider if Codemasters had said that Dizzy was Atari ST only, or if Rainbow Arts had held Turrican II captive on the ZX Spectrum?

    It’s bloody stupid, platform exclusivity only benefits the greedy and the hardware producers, at the detriment of everyone else.

    #22 10 months ago
  23. salarta

    So, Iwata confirms that he wants to stop making video games and start making health care products.

    Let me put this simply. It’s nice to want to improve quality of life. But if you’re going to try to be a mainstream video game company, that can’t be the primary focus. It can be a major component, and it can be a very admirable goal. It can add to the narrative that Nintendo cares about families. But if health care is going to replace actual entertainment as the company’s primary focus, then they better be ready to accept that they will always be in the position they are in now or worse, and likely will have to get out of the console market after one more console (if lucky).

    Why? Because what they want to do is health industry exclusive. They banked on this strategy with the Wii and it only worked because people mistakenly thought they would get more use out of the console than they did. The average person doesn’t need a $200 console and $50 game just to stand on a pad that tells them how fat they are and guides them through exercises they can do for free. A gym membership is the more likely scenario. And let’s not forget, in the U.S. we hadn’t hit the recession yet. What makes more sense to pay for: $250 for a health-obsessed console you stop using after six months, or a $40 per month gym membership for the same length of time that you just might continue to use? And that’s just emphasizing the people that really do care that deeply about health. There are many that would simply do largely free stuff like go for a run and keep that $250 for other things. Like a Playstation 4.

    The only market Nintendo might make money off of with this focus is selling to hospitals, and that’s not a good strategy. It’s a good additional market, but it’s not a good primary market for a supposed video game company. The number of hospitals in the world in no way compares to the number of potential consumers of an entertainment device. They buy a Wii U, they buy Wii Sports U or whatever, and that’s it. They’re highly unlikely to buy Mario unless they’re trying to provide entertainment for kids in the hospital. And frankly, assuming all hospitals would buy Nintendo products for therapy purposes is optimistic. Some can’t afford it. Others would avoid it purely because they see video games as a waste of funds.

    #23 10 months ago
  24. OlderGamer

    Wulf you have posted some interesting stuff here. This last bit? Not so much. Preachy doesn’t even come close. Ofc it would better for gamers if there was only one system. Ever. But then you would lose out on competition and the general evolution of the video game hobby as whole. I am a PC gamer, that means that I can play pretty much all PC games on my rig no matter if they are new or older no matter what hardware makers made my parts. Sure.

    But PCs and consoles are like apples and oranges.

    In the console world it has always been the way it is now. It is how the biz model works. Your not going to change the world my man. You can’t be so idealistic … all of the time. The fact is each platform has its own line up exclusive games. Sometimes those games are made by the platform holder. Sometimes those exclusives are bought and paid for by the platform holder. Either way they are the reasons to own a platform.

    We could sit down and debate about platform openness and the need for one uniformed system. But the closest thing we have to that is … the PC. But I was talking about consoles. Iwata works for Nintendo. These are apples Wulf, your talking about oranges.

    Most of us live in money driven, profit focused capitalistic economies. In that world, platforms will have exclusives that tempt you to own their system. Like any service. Go to a restaurant, you have to pay to consume the food they make. if you want to play Fable, Forza or Halo you need to pay to own a Xbox. You can sit around and complain about those games not being on a Playstation…but what would be the point? Same for each of the systems. You would sound like a fool claiming that you would really enjoy Fable, but won’t even consider buying it because it is on a platform you don’t want to purchase. And again same for each platform.

    My point(why do I always seem to have to restate my points so often? ) was simply that saying Nintendo has amazing games yet you would only play them if they were on someone else platforms is silly. How can anyone say the games are fantastic, yet turn around and hate on the system/company/games? Makes zero sense.

    Everyone has to make their own choices(isn’t that the illusion of freedom Wulf? ) I mean to say that if like say a few games, but don’t feel that those games are worth the purchase price, that is up to you. But to hate on something is a pointless waste of time and energy. Made worse by the fact that so many people express the same feelings that Red did: “Great games, but meh’ Nintendo…I won’t buy that”. Still that is a persons choice.

    I just get irked when I hear people say that. And ofc the idea that Nintendo should go full on 3rd party. WiiU might well be a flop, but it was Nintendos choice to build. they had the freedom to do what they wanted and do it how they wanted. They lose that if they simply go to someone elses platforms conformities. They lose that uniqueness. People want innovation. Nintendo brings that. DS4 has a touchpad. Vita acts as a second screen. PS3 had move, PS3/4 both have motion controls. Both PS4 and X1 use tablets as second screen interaction. I am not saying that w/o Nintendo those ideas wouldn’t have come up, but Nintendo took them to main stream. If they simply drop back and play follow the leader they lose that chance to take things into new directions. And we the gamers would lose out. That is the innovation and evolution(that comes from competition) that I was talking about earlier.

    “If Nintendo really has so much gameplay and enjoyable games as they think they do, then do some new IP, i find it hard to speak with this Nostalgia crowd of Nintendo lovers that buy games according to that. i cant enjoy a full nintendo game, i can only play a little bit then just walk away… but the generation before me, cant get enough of it… nostalgia is nintendos biggest cash earner and they know it.”

    Most of the time Nintendos franchise games are new, fresh and innovative while at the same time staying true to the orig. Nintendo is one of if not the worlds top game publisher. They do a fantastic job of reinventing their games. They also do a great job of staggering their franchise releases across each generation. Many times we get yearly franchise releases that do little to nothing to change the way the game plays. I am thinking about games like CoD, FIFA, AssCred, and so many more. Franchising has become a real plague in the industry as I see it. So why don’t I think Nintendo has a problem with it? They do. But to a much lesser extent then other publishers. The Wii for example had one Mario Kart on it. How many NFS games did EA put out during the same generation? Wii had one SSB. How many Tekkens and Street Fighters and BlueBlaze games came out last gen? Wii had one Donkey Kong game. One Punch-Out. Two Zeldas. Two Kirbys. You get the idea.

    I think Nintendo does a good job of managing their IPs. And even allowing them to go all together for awhile. I can’t wait for a new Star Fox, Wave Race, or F-Zero. But at the same time the reason that so many companies do the franchise thing is because those games are proven sellers. Hard to blame them for wanting to make money. But Nintendo doesn’t go to their key IPs anymore then anyone else, I would even say less. So that has never been an issue to me. But it is something a lot of anti Nintendo gamers like to rally around. It just doesn’t hold water.

    #24 10 months ago
  25. grifith


    I couldn’t agree more with you.

    #25 10 months ago
  26. NocturnalB


    I’ve always known the games on Wii U were good, my only beef is that they don’t have more 3rd party offerings, at least more of the cross platform stuff like AC4 (which it has) and Battlefield 4. I guess I’ve pretty much always bought Nintendo hardware knowing I was buying it purely for Nintendo games though. Which is why I usually wait till a little later in the cycle with them, until there’s a bundle I just can’t pass up.

    With Wii U that time for me will likely be with MarioKart 8, by then I should be able to pick up MW, DK, Zelda, etc. pretty cheap.

    #26 10 months ago
  27. antraxsuicide

    @OlderGamer Your argument for exclusives makes no sense. Think about it like this: Is there a movie out there that only plays on Sony Bluray players? Is there a such a thing as a CD that will only work in a Panasonic CD player? No.

    That’s why you’re the sheep in this situation (no offense). If Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft want to sell systems, they should do that on the features in the same way that EVERY SINGLE other hardware/software industry does it. They’ve got us all on this kick where you’re forced to risk RROD for Halo, network hacks for Uncharted, and terrible droughts for Mario. It’s complete horseshit. If all games were on all systems, then flaws like these would disappear. But they haven’t, have they?

    Just look that the Wii U. It still has an online system that’s inferior to the online for the original Xbox. And why should Nintendo fix it? People like you will always buy the console anyway. Why spend money on fixing something that you don’t need to when your fans will buy cardboard if you paint “Nintendo” on it? If these companies had to compete on hardware quality and feature set, we’d never have massive failures (RROD/YLOD) or terribly shoddy features (Nintendo Network/Friend Codes) again.

    #27 10 months ago
  28. RickGames


    Innovation and reinvention are at a 50/50 with their games, they have enough innovation to validate bringing an old IP into a new setting. I dont mind them making 100 marios as long as they make 10 new IPs that they put the same care in. but they dont! its always the same… nostalgia is a powerful thing, and they just manage to give you the same present every year just in a different color.

    when you talk about NFS, EA, UBISOFT, Fighting games etc etc… you know they are 3rd party games and you fail to see the difference. MS and SONY have their Old IP’s.

    lets say MS brings another HALO… but they bring a ryse… MS ratio is 1:1

    sony brings out another uncharted… but they bring out knack and driveclub… Sony’s ratio is 1:2

    Nintendo brings out another mario, and another mario and mario and kyrby, and zelda… their ratio is non existing on making new IP.

    thats kind of what i am saying, if you really think these nintendo games are so amazing, then shouldnt you want them to be a new IP? why defend nintendo about that, but like i said. Nostalgia is a hard one to crack.

    #28 10 months ago
  29. OlderGamer

    Well thnx for the convo folks.

    As much as anything I was trying to see if we could get an actual thread that didn’t involve an opinion article up in comments. The new site has been tuff to follow socially and tuffer to care about posting on.

    I thought a Nintendo thread might just do the trick. Guess not.

    I am having a hard time adjusting to the new site. The news is fine, great as always. But with the sites cluttered look, comments on the bottom and the sharp drop off is active posters it hasn’t been the same type of experience as the old site was.

    As for my pov I expressed above, I do think that. I wasn’t flaming or trolling. Maybe a bit more aggressive then I might normally be, so if I offended I apologize. I wasn’t trying to piss anyone off, just trying to throw myself under the buss to invoke some back and forth(something this site could really use right now).

    #29 10 months ago
  30. stealth

    @RickGames The difference is Nintendo makes just as many new ip. Your just ignoring them like a fanboy

    #30 10 months ago
  31. Telepathic.Geometry

    @OlderGamer ” “This is such a shame because their software is amazing and yet is held hostage by their hardware.” Attitudes like this on ^^^ are the where the real shame is at.”

    I disagree OG. I like you man, and I love Nintendo, but for the first time Ninty is producing games which could easily exist on other consoles. Nobody else had the balls to embrace motion controls, but Ninty made it work. Ocarina of Time was – for me – defined by how the controller felt. The DS and the 3DS saw so many innovative games built around the dual screen/3D tech.

    But Wii U has extremely good games that are not dependent on the screen controller, and so I think, for the first time, the console really is nothing more than a pay-wall. If you made the majority of those games on, say, a PS4, they would probably be better, (e.g. loading screens would be shorter, trophy support etc.)

    When they start making great games that absolutely require the gamepad, I’ll do a U-turn, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    #31 10 months ago

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