DayZ development team “effectively doubling”

Sunday, 2nd March 2014 22:18 GMT By Brenna Hillier

DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive has allocated more resources to the zombie sandbox, resulting in a significant increase in personnel.


“We are inducting a large number of new people to the team, effectively doubling the whole project,” the developer wrote in the project’s latest blog update.

For the past week, Bohemia has been focusing on bugs, but is about to begin work on a pile of new features including a cooking system.

DayZ’s full standalone release is expected in 2015, much further off then anyone expected – although it is playable through Steam Early Access. DayZ creator Dean Hall is leaving the development team, saying he’s done all he can and wants to work on new projects.

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  1. Djoenz

    You know I’ve seen some gameplay and it can be an evil game. Imagine a melee only mode.
    I saw some gameplay footage and there was one guy up in the hills picking off every newbie with a sniper rifle, now thats just evil.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. Leomentheus

    I literally made an account on this website just so I could point out that this article is a prime example of lazy video game journalism, which is all too prevalent nowadays.

    Dean has NOT left the development team for DayZ. He has stated he PLANS TO LEAVE at EARLIEST the beginning of Beta, which is planned for the end of this year. However, he also assured everyone that if they need him to stay on board, he will be glad to and will finish what needs to be done on the project.

    Brenna, you’re what’s wrong with gaming journalism.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. Not The Eyes

    @Leomentheus This.

    I’m not sure Brenna is concerned with the accuracy of the news; more just criticising random games doing their own thing.

    #3 10 months ago
  4. TheWulf

    Evidence that a lack of empathy/abundance of sociopathy isn’t common amongst gamers can be found above!


    #4 10 months ago
  5. polygem

    @1: the game shines exactly in that department and that´s what makes it so much fun and so unique. that and the fact that most gamers easily get addicted to loot and gearing up your character :)

    i got literally executed yesterday by 2 guys in the game – just after i have found a weapon and 2 bullets. it´s intense because you communicate with each other. you never know what will be hapening next. they could try to team up with you, just kill you, put you in handcuffs and force feed you rotten food, steal your blood, steal your clothes and gear and leave you naked, handcuffed.

    i enjoy the game already. imo it´s one of the most ambitious games atm. it also shows that it can be a fantastic idea to just leave a game totally unscripted. it´s insane really how such a simple thing can change how a whole medium feels to the player. it´s a completely different feeling to anything that i have played.

    i also think that they have to add one thing asap: making you more vulnerable to zombie attacks / becoming infected.

    i was out with a friend a few days ago. we teamed up. i was fully geared, he not so much also sick. we finally met (it´s a huge map) and we shared food and weapons, guys attacked us at a military base. we did run and not fight because of his condition, trying to look at the situation from a distance. we tried to figure out what happened because he didn´t eat rotten or damaged stuff, why his sickness? he then said that maybe it was because of that zombie who attacked him. i thought to myself. woha – what if he turns into one of these things now – can i trust him?

    you know, it´s not happening atm but i think it would be great if they´d implement that. it would put team situations on a whole new level. you could just pass out and die. you´d be dead, spawn as a bambi – but your old character will get up again as a zombie, attacking the group that you just travelled with. they can kill you and take your loot. a little bit like in zombiu, finding your own dead self, or a friends zombi and kill it for the loot…and for health reasons of course.
    game has tons of potential.

    #5 10 months ago
  6. Not The Eyes

    @TheWulf Firstly, that’s not irony, it’s sarcasm. Secondly, whatever you think of our capacity for empathy, the point still remains that this article, on a site that claims to be focused on (videogame) news is factually incorrect. And that’s after over a day. That’s pretty bad form.

    #6 10 months ago

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