Garry’s Mod and Rust hit $30 million in sales

Saturday, 22nd February 2014 18:46 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Garry’s Mod has made now made $30 million in sales, according to a tweet from creator Garry Newman. He added that if his calculations were correct, this means that Facepunch Studios’s sandbox title Rust has made “0.34% more than Garry’s Mod.” Rust has made that sum since December 2013, whereas it has taken Garry’s Mod since 2006 to hit the milestone. Newman said while the sum is large, royalties need to be factored in: “To clear it up, we get less royalties from Garry’s Mod than Rust,” he said, adding that Facepunch receives 70% for Rust and “50 percent or $2.50 if it’s part of a package” for Garry’s Mod. Thanks, D’toid.



  1. TheWulf

    Competitive trolling simulators are popular, then. That’s really not too surprising in and of itself, considering human nature, on average. What fascinates me is exactly for how long they will remain popular. Still, I guess games like this give… shall we say, certain special individuals a place to go.

    It’s almost an asylum. I’d almost say I want it to keep being popular, because if it is over the long haul, it becomes a service. Sort of like a troll pen, if you will.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. NocturnalB

    @1 They are fitting games for the era of anonymity online. Rust is an absolutely unplayable game for me. DayZ taught me plenty about game maturity in a free for all world, Rust doesn’t teach, it’s just a pestilent cesspool where some of the absolute worst human beings to ever inhabit this planet congregate.

    #2 9 months ago

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