Sony’s PlayStation division sales up 64% to $4.2 billion

Thursday, 6th February 2014 06:19 GMT By Matt Martin

Massive increase in operating profit due to launch of PlayStation 4 console.


Sony’s Game segment – the part of the company responsible for the PlayStation business – recorded a 64 percent increase in sales during the third quarter to $4.2 billion.

Operating income skyrocketed almost 300 percent to $172 million compared to the same period last year.

Sony did not break down units sales, instead it noted that it had sold 7.8 million PS4 and PS3 systems combined during the third quarter and 2 million combined PSP and PS Vita systems.

Game software sales topped 126 million, which includes packaged and digital units.

The success of the PlayStation 4 had a wider impact on the whole business, with Sony Corp recording quarterly sales of $22.9 billion and net profits of $257 million.

The company had sold 2.1 million PS4 units less than a month after release, with that number rising to 4.2 million at the start of this year.

Last week UK managing director Fergal Gara told VG 247 he still wasn’t happy with the amount of stock allocated to the region, and he’s pushing to get more PlayStation 4 units on sale to meet demand.



  1. Dragon

    And they are the highest selling home console hardware now, along with highest selling software out of any hardware manufacturer.
    Plus, they are profiting from the go on PS4. Good times ahead for PS brand and probably Sony, since they are selling their PC biz and spinning off TV division (both combined have costed Sony OVER 10 BILLION DOLLARS in losses in previous years).

    #1 11 months ago
  2. polygem

    …and that´s a bit strange imo because if you take the competiotion and compare (pc, wiiu, x1) it´s the most shallow experience of them all. they play it safe. you get a console that works and does everything it needs to do but at a price – you´re getting a lacklustre piece of tech that´s just lacking any kind or form of passion. don´t give me this: since when does tech have a soul shit. listen to some high end car marketing for example. if you want great tech you also want it to feel right. that´s just how it is and it´s the same with these consoles. these are my 2 cents. feel free to disagree but i honestly feel like that about the ps4 and to a huge degree the vita as well. both have been a huge disappointment in design for me, especially regarding the interface. so freaking outdated and uninspired. if i´m on a console, that´s not how i want to play games. i want a flawless and fun to use ui that´s just a joy to navigate through. look at steam, look at the wiiu and it´s miiverse, take a look at the xbox´s sexy interface. they all do a MUCH better job. these sales aren´t telling the full story. sony needs to step up their interface designs big time. in the long run they wont be competitive if they don´t breathe some life into the design of their services (the psn shop is still atrocious-unbelieveable). can´t believe people are ok with what they delivered with their ps4´s and that sony even dares to call that a next gen feeling. same goes for their first party software recently. so many failures and only a few hits. the masses always went for the cheapest, for the best bang for their buck and in this department sony are clearly making a homerun right now but at the same time these are often the most lacklustre experiences too. maybe sony owns the mass market atm but the dedicated enthusiasts wont be satisfied with what they have on offer. they´ll go to greener meadows and will find it on the competitions machines. i´m STILL not hating on sony. i know i´ll get that shit now. it´s not the case. i want a sony machine but one that feels good. i recommended an xperia to my girlfriend recently and we bought one (thank you google for that interface) but if i spend my hard earned cash on an entertainment device. it needs to be close to perfection in every regard. this page needed some salt again. no need to thank me.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. Legendaryboss

    Deja Vu anyone? I see similar faults in that post (@2) like before and the sole reason he commented is because this page needed salt? My word. “Passion, life, soul shit & fun interface” I still can’t take it seriously.

    Anyways that deja vu can also applied in regards to ever present omission of the total install base of PS Vita, that is true neglect. I suppose positively deja vu can be applied to the success story that is PS4.

    #3 11 months ago
  4. Badumtsss

    Do you have a source for the percents? I can’t find in anywhere.

    #4 11 months ago
  5. stealth

    Sony did not sell that much software by themselves. PS4 software was only, 10 million.

    You mean they solver over 100 million units of PS3 and Vita software this year? no.

    That makes no sense.

    #5 11 months ago
  6. fearmonkey

    @Poly -I think people are buying the PS4 because it’s the most powerful console, and it’s price.

    I bought the PS4 because I know the future will have great and amazing games for it, and because I couldnt support MS with all their DRM, Online Only, Kinect always, and secrets shenanigans. I know you love the Wii-u and thats great, but I highly disagree that the Xbox one’s any better. Both consoles are lacking in many ways but thats going to be fixed.

    The Interface on PS4 is great, I like it alot, it needs improvements but it;’s simple and easy to use and I have no issues with it. You mention Steam but I find it actually pretty clunky, though I love Steam.

    The fact of the matter is that the consoles released without those big huge launch titles that make a console really shine, and the OS’s on both systems werent really ready yet. It’s coming and I have no problem waiting.

    I play mostly on PC, I havent played much on PS4 in comparison, I know thats going to start changing when Infamous comes out and this the other titles start flowing. Right now I am very addicted to AC:IV on PC. I rented it on PS4 first and I’m impressed on how good it looked compared to the PC version, it’s not quite as good but its very close..

    #6 11 months ago
  7. Mike W


    I’m confuse, did Sony post a profit this quarter or not?

    #7 11 months ago
  8. OneLifeCycle

    @polygem I have issue with load times in the PS4 interface while in the market to the point that I select the wrong items at times. It’s frustrating but at least it was $100 less and still more powerful than its competitor. I think it will be improved upon, but if not. I’m really more interested in the games and it does those well – with the few that it has.

    @fearmonkey Those are the same reasons I abandoned MS this gen. What a cluster the release of that thing has been. Forcing me to pay $100 more for a motion capture device I don’t give a flip about? No thanks.

    #8 11 months ago
  9. Dragon

    @Mike W,
    Yes, they did. But they are projecting a FY loss of over 1 billion dollars, due to selling of PC biz and restructuring.
    Silver lining is that its a one time writeoff, and will be beneficial in long term.

    #9 11 months ago
  10. Mike W


    I don’t know, it’s good that Sony’s gaming division is doing well, but if Sony doesn’t turn things round pretty quickly, I see them selling the Playstation division to someone like google or samsung.. :(

    #10 11 months ago
  11. polygem

    @fearmonkey and OLC:

    the ps4 is a great console, don´t get me wrong, you´re getting a lot of value for 399 – the game pricing on consoles is another topic though but ps4 at least has plus and soon now so that´s not too shabby.

    i just can´t stand all that marketing crap anymore all this, nextgen, all in one, make.believe crap and the hordes of fans repeating it over and over.

    i was hugely disappointed by the ps4´s interface, the perfomance of games like bf4 and the social features. imho the ps4 ui design is a mess- completely, through and through uninspired mess. i still can´t believe that they had so many years and then delivered…..THAT and even get away with it. some love it and that´s good for them. i didn´t. i think the x1 has the better, more slick interface but that might just be personal preference.

    the overall presentation is essential imo. especially on a console. it´s the games that matter the most but the user experience is about so much more than playing games. i´m not talking services, just navigating through these interfaces and menues. it must be fun on a console. the 360 got that absolutely right.

    the x1 is more fun to use imo but the ads are just not tolerable.

    i loved console gaming but these machines do nothing for me.

    #11 11 months ago
  12. Dragon

    @Mike W,
    Not happening. Sony is quite big and PS brand is the most profitable gaming brand in the world. No way that would be sold.
    You sell bad parts, not awesome ones.


    “How can this thing sell? I don’t like it. How can people like the things I cannot like. They are stupid, I am genius. I feel people should behave like me.”
    —- Anonymous internet guy 101

    Oh, and I left forever, but here I am, back. I lied.

    #12 11 months ago
  13. polygem


    #13 11 months ago
  14. dtyk

    Don’t worry Sony has billions in assets and a few hundred million in cash. If you’re curious just google Sony balance sheet and it pops right up. It’s all public domain knowledge.

    They’re just cleaning house on the departments that they can no longer compete in. Vaio is great, but when you pitch it up against toshiba, samsung, apple, or gaming laptops like razer, it’s just not up there.

    #14 11 months ago
  15. Cathodeo

    I’m sure that Sony’s sales in it’s would PlayStation be massively up for the launch of a new console and that’s great news. However, the real issue is profitability. The article says that their net profit across all products was $257 million and given that they make most of their money from the insurance business in Asia then that could mean that they made a couple of million profit at best. Sheesh, the independent real estate agent round the corner from me made more profit than that – gulp!

    #15 11 months ago

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