BioWare Austin working on “several unannounced projects,” according to job ad

Wednesday, 15th January 2014 08:15 GMT By Dave Cook

Star Wars: The Old Republic developer BioWare Austin has confirmed it is working on several unannounced projects. The news comes from a job listing posted by the company this week.

It follows a new round of Dragon Age: Inquisition art. Hit the link to see how it’s progressing.

BioWare’s call for a Senior Software Engineer reads, “BioWare Austin is home to the critically acclaimed and award winning Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.

“After the hugely successful addition of its Free 2 Play option and the highly praised launch of space PVP with the Galactic Starfighter expansion, the Austin team continues driving forward with SW:TOR and is also hard at work on several unannounced projects. Apply today and learn about the exciting opportunities at our Studio.”

Is this new Star Wars: The Old Republic DLC, could BioWare Austin be collaborating on Mass Effect 4? This Usability Tester job post suggests it’s something else in the MMO or online space.

It reads, “BioWare is hiring temporary game testers. Our ideal candidates have played both online games such as MMORPGs (Star Wars the Old Republic, DC Universe Online) and action games (Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, Infamous).”

We’re not sure what this means, but the name-dropping of Bayonetta, Devil May Cry and inFamous has us intrigued, certainly.

What do you think?

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  1. tezzer1985

    Every games these days has a online component, so I don’t think it’s another MMORPG, after SW:TOR didn’t do as well as they liked.

    Hopefully it’s KOTOR 3 :)

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Lloytron

    I don’t get why these stories of this type are of any interest really… “xxx developer is working on a new game”.

    It’s safe to assume that developers are always looking at their next projects.

    BTW happy Wednesday :D

    #2 11 months ago
  3. GrimRita

    ‘Award winning’ – that always makes me howl! ‘And the award for the largest exodus seen with 3 months of launch, in MMO history goes to…’

    They probably are working on KOTOR 3 to try and restore some credibility.

    #3 11 months ago

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