Perfect World opens console MMO division

Friday, 20th December 2013 00:13 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Perfect World has expanded to include a console division, the Neverwinter and Star Trek Online publisher announced today. “Targeting current and next-gen consoles”, the new division will release both “current and future games from Perfect World Entertainment’s suite of developers”, so ports seem quite possible. The free-to-play MMO specialist promised more information in 2014.



  1. DarkElfa

    I guess they decided to expand from shitting on the PC to shitting on Consoles.

    Enjoy, console fans!

    #1 1 year ago
  2. revolting

    @1 Cryptic, the developers behind STO, NWO and Champions Online, are already quite experienced at shitting on console players; Champions Online was originally going to be an xbox 360 title, and it was fairly late in the development process, after many preorders were placed and many hopes were dreamed, when they finally announced that it was going to be PC only after all. Allegedly that was more to do with Microsoft wanting to control (and charge users for) everything more than Cryptic’s own fumblings, but either way, it sucked; Champs on 360 could have been amazing. To this day you can still see a lot of the 360 version’s legacy in the PC version, especially if you play with a gamepad. (which works remarkably well.)

    That said, more quality mmos for consoles is no bad thing, so, yay, I guess. It’s just a shame these guys don’t have a better history. They are renowned for building promising worlds and then failing to sustain them in the long run.

    Also worth considering, Perfect World is a larger beast than just STO, Champs and Neverwinter, and Cryptic aren’t the only developers in their stable. After all, they also publish the Torchlight games; that’s hardly “shitting on the PC”.

    #2 1 year ago

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