Company of Heroes 2: Turning Point update detailed, launching for free next week

Monday, 4th November 2013 15:20 GMT By Dave Cook

Company of Heroes 2 publisher Sega has outlined a new free update dubbed ‘Turning Point.’ It’s coming next week and the company has outlined what it involves

In a press release sent to VG247, Sega confirmed a November 12 release date, and explained that Turning Point will add two new maps to multiplayer – the industrial environment ‘Rails and Metal,” as well as urban locale, ‘Lazur Factory.’

The update will also add the World Builder map-making tool, which allows players to craft environments and share them with the community. It will also deliver four new Commanders. There will be two per faction, playable across multiplayer and skirmish modes.

In a statement, Relic Entertainment executive producer Greg Wilson said, “We are excited to provide such a large content update to Company of Heroes 2 players. We are particularly proud to offer our community the much sought-after World Builder and are hoping to provide Steam Workshop integration and other mod features in the near future.”

Relic will also showcase the new maps on its Twitch channel tomorrow, November 5.

Are you still playing the game? If so, what do you make of the new update so far?



  1. Hirmetrium

    I’ll be honest, COH2 has been a slight disappointment. The initial euphoria has disappated, and there are some big gaps.

    The old server/lobby structure is gone, which means custom games are dead and as such, the whole vs. AI skirmish scene is gone. There’s no annihilation game mode for general multiplayer, you need a private game for that, and for that you need people online. You can’t meet anybody because there’s no lobby and.. the cycle continues.

    As a collectors edition owner, the content has been lackluster and shoehorned. In addition to getting the preorder stuff, we’ve gotten something like an extra 6 commanders, for the premium of £30. How is that fair? The damn thing was already discounted too, and will likely be further discounted at the Christmas sale.

    I’ve completely lost faith in SEGA and Relic. Before they used to give plenty of content for free – the last stand being one. But now? We’re nickled and dimed for every bloody commander, then handed out the ones already created for theater of war mode. I don’t see any value in this, and the huge lack of features is a massive letdown after the godsend that was Dawn of War II: Retribution.

    I look forward to the world builder – maybe we’ll get some decent maps for a change. Would certainly be an improvement.

    #1 1 year ago

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