Wii U Deluxe price cut announced alongside confirmation of Wind Waker bundle

Wednesday, 28th August 2013 16:22 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Nintendo has announced a $50 price cut for Wii U Deluxe , and has confirmed a bundle for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The price cut will go into effect on September 20, meaning the system will now run you $299.99.

A limited-edition Wii U bundle featuring The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will launch on the same day.

The bundle includes a black Deluxe Wii U console; a GamePad controller adorned with gold lettering, a gold Hyrule crest and gold symbols from the game; a download code for the digital version of Hyrule Historia, a book that details the chronology, history and artwork of The Legend of Zelda series; and a code that can be used to download The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD from the Nintendo eShop immediately at no additional cost.

The digital version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will also launch on September 20, while the packaged version launches October 4 with distinctive gold-foil packaging, both at a suggested retail price of $49.99.

GameStop is also offering an exclusive Ganondorf figurine bundled with the packaged game at a suggested retail price of $54.99.



  1. Lengendaryboss

    Cool looks like the PS Vita and Wii U could get a second coming with the big hitters incoming. But i still stand by the software sells hardware mentality: but this should boost sales further.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Zarckan

    I’m going to assume that was meant to say “Nintendo has announced a $50 price cut to Wii U. Developing.”

    #2 1 year ago
  3. TF_PtMaster

    LOOOOL $50?!

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Dragon246

    Now it gets gooood.

    #4 1 year ago
  5. MarcoosVGC

    $50 is quite a bit, although over here in the UK, you can get a Premium Wii U for about £199 in some places.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Professor Zoom

    Windwaker was released 10 years ago for the Gamecube, it’s like rereleasing a SNES game for the Gamecube and charge full price. I won’t even but this piece of crap system even if it ran me 10$.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. Clupula

    That’s still about $50 too much.

    You know, thinking about it, if Nintendo wanted to actually sell me a Wii U, you know what would do it? The ability to play all 3DS games on my Wii U, so I could play them on a tv.

    #7 1 year ago
  8. melonbuster1

    They are killing inventory. . Because they don’t sell the basic system anymore. . So now sell all deluxe bundles. . Then redesign it take out the game cube chipset because that’s keeping the price high.. release it at 179.99 then you can get them back in the mix

    #8 1 year ago
  9. mistermogul

    So do early adopters get an Ambassador program like the 3DS one seeing as there have been no games for the last year?

    #9 1 year ago
  10. Sini

    $50 isn’t good enough, gonna wait for black friday before grabin, $249 or go home nintendo

    #10 1 year ago
  11. polygem

    @10. i bought my 8gb white one at a regular big electronic chain for 200€, bought a 2tb hdd for it as well for 60.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. Bowser

    The RETAIL version is $50 but I wouldn’t be surprised if the earlier-released downloadable one was cheaper, like with Super Luigi U.

    Also, $50 isn’t full-price. $60 is full-price.

    $50 is a fine price for it at retail. All of the graphics are redone and mechanics have been tweaked as well. It’s far from the same thing as a Virtual Console release as was implied above.

    I’ll get this at download-launch if it’s cheaper than $50, retail-launch if the download’s the same price.

    #12 1 year ago
  13. Phoenixblight


    SOny and other developers do essentially the same thing and the games sell for 40$. It really is an insult on the price. If they added game features that actually change how the game played on the Wii U that would be one thing but that is not the case here.

    #13 1 year ago
  14. fearmonkey

    So I can buy a 12GB PS3 for $199.99, a 4GB Xbox 360 for $199.99, A Wii-u without a game for $299.99, a PS4 for $399.99 and a Xbox One for $499.99 this holiday season.

    The big loser in this is MS with it’s $499.99 price tag. The die hard Xbox fans will bite on it, but everyone else is going to look at cheaper offerings. I think the Wii-u would have sold like hotcakes at $249.99 though.

    #14 1 year ago
  15. Professor Zoom

    #14 500$? Are you dumb? the price is 399 for Xbox One, even though I don’t have any temporary plans about buying one, I think it’s a pretty good price, considering how much the PS3 costed at launch, the price was about 550$ with no game, but eveb though it only got 50 or 100$ price cut, then it began to sell, even though the library was quite small unlike the Xbox One that has a tremendous launch lineup, better than what any other console has ever had in the history of video gaming, software is what’s gonna sell the Xbox One, it has software, something the PS4 doesn’t have that much of. It’s with a free game and the camera for 400$, only 50$ more than PS4, and you get a console that is first priority by the developers who launch their DLC exclusively on Xbox and many developers who launch some of their games exclusively.

    #15 1 year ago
  16. Phoenixblight


    You smoking crack? THe Xbox One is 500$.–Standard-Edition/dp/B00CMQTVMI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377716443&sr=8-1&keywords=Xbox+One

    ANd Xbox One only has timed exclusives and for all we know those will be 30-60 day. Hardly worth chucking 100$ extra for the convenience of having a nanny cam in your room.

    #16 1 year ago
  17. Lengendaryboss

    He is an Xbox fanboy, nuff said.

    #17 1 year ago
  18. Lengendaryboss

    LOL at “nanny cam” :P

    #18 1 year ago
  19. polygem

    you can argue about the price, sure, it’s definitely not cheap for a remake and a pricepoint like, say 39,99€ would probably be more fitting on paper; i don’t know how much effort and money it took to make this game happen though. to me it doesn’t look like a lazy job. BUT even at full price it still is totally worth it, especially if you haven’t played the game yet. it’s just such a beautiful game.
    i have played it twice but preordered this version anyway. it is a freaking HD windwaker game. it will be the definite version of a game i will probably play again every 5 years or so for the rest of my life. it’s just one of those games, at least for me.
    game looks ultrapolished and clean. can’t wait to see it.

    #19 1 year ago
  20. fearmonkey

    @15 – “Are you dumb? the price is 399 for Xbox One”

    hahahahaha — oh that was good, thanks for that :)

    #20 1 year ago
  21. Professor Zoom

    #16 I’m not that good at foreign currencies, but it’s only 70$ difference in Europe, it’s not that much considering the price for one game, which is 70-90$ in countries like Denmark or Germany and considering, that the Xbox One has a camera in the box and 1 free game.

    It doesn’t have timed exclusives, there hasn’t been any announcements that the PS4 is gonna have them too, but as far as we know now, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, Fable Legends and FIFA Ultime Legends have all been announced to be forever exclusives for Xbox.

    #21 1 year ago
  22. Professor Zoom

    #19 You must be kidding yourself to think that 90$ is fair for a stupid game released 10 years ago, I could pick it up pre-owned for like 5$

    #22 1 year ago
  23. fearmonkey

    Titanfall – Timed exclusive,
    Dead Rising 3 – Timed Exclusive,
    Ryse – On PC eventually id bet, probably not on PS4.
    Sunset Overdrive – not a launch title
    Project Spark – Also on 360 and PC
    Fable Legends- not a launch title
    Fifa – I hate sports titles have no idea.
    Forza – Xbox exclusive at launch (thats it)

    #23 1 year ago
  24. Phoenixblight


    You seriously need to do some research. Xbox One has a lot of timed exclusives.

    Stop just stop. You are seriously coming off as a fanboy.

    #24 1 year ago
  25. Professor Zoom

    #23 Titanfall – Evidence please?
    Dead Rising 3 – Evidence please?
    Ryse – Evidence please?.
    Sunset Overdrive – Will launch much sooner than what 101 or Pikmin 3 did.
    Project Spark – Microsoft/Console exclusive
    Fable Legends- 2014 release = launch window game, unlike Smash bros. or Mario kart, which people even call big games, which they’re definitely not.
    Fifa – Nobody asked YOU to play it, but it’s a blockbuster best seller, that’s definitely gonna put the Xbox as the first class to play sports games.
    Forza – Wrong, there is Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct. Titanfall is a launch window game that releases very shortly after release, so overall, it’s a tremendous launch lineup.

    #25 1 year ago
  26. Professor Zoom

    #24 That link just says that they like the PS4 too, but not that Titanfall or Fifa Legends is releasing on PS4, so far they’ve already rejected that.

    #26 1 year ago
  27. game_on

    Dead Rising 3 is published by Microsoft, the change we’ll see that on a PS4 is slim. PC maybe.

    edit: waitwut? This is a Nintendo thread!

    #27 1 year ago
  28. Lengendaryboss

    So was Mass Effect 1 and Ninja Gaiden (3 Razor Edge by Nintendo), your point being?

    Those ended up on other platforms after a brief time in one way than another.

    #28 1 year ago
  29. Phoenixblight


    I was not talking about the games fearMonkey spoke about. There are quite a few games that are timed exclusives and that article was just there to prove that you were wrong with the statement that there are no timed exclusives on the Xbox One. MS has 1 billion dollars on retainer to buy out exclusive deals and thats what they intend to do.

    #29 1 year ago
  30. Professor Zoom

    #28 That doesn’t mean Titanfall or Fifa Legends are gonna release on PS4, I wouldn’t expect it, you’d have to buy an Xbox for that…

    #30 1 year ago
  31. Phoenixblight


    All of Mass Effect is on all platforms. People 3 years ago would have said that would never be the case. EA is not in the exclusive game if they find that more money can be made they will go that route. For Now MS has paid enough to EA to keep their attention but I wouldn’t hold it to them.

    #31 1 year ago
  32. Professor Zoom

    #31 Please share the evidence for your controversial claim…

    #32 1 year ago
  33. Phoenixblight



    #33 1 year ago
  34. pcbros

    $50 + Wind Waker HD ($50) = $100 discount in my book. Plus you get a Zelda:The Wind Waker Special Edition gamepad :D

    Might consider buying a Wii U this holiday season…

    #34 1 year ago
  35. Professor Zoom

    #33 That still doesn’t change the fact that Xbox is first class when it comes to software and exclusivity…

    #35 1 year ago
  36. darthroseman

    Everyone here seems to be thinking this is an HD port. HD collections are straight ports of the assets from the original game, uprezzed. That’s all they do. I worked on MGSHD.

    This is a remake, they redid the game. That takes more time and money. And Wind Waker for the GameCube is $50 at the cheapest on Amazon. “I’m going to make claims without doing a simple Google search!”

    #36 1 year ago
  37. Phoenixblight


    Alright fanboyism comes in full swing. That is subjective and I will disagree. None of their exclusives interest me and the ones that do I will be able to play with my PC. This argument is done.


    The same can be said about Kingdom Hearts Remix and still the game is 40$. You work for Blue Point games?

    #37 1 year ago
  38. Gheritt White

    @35: Hey, I don’t own a PS3 and I would dearly love to play the InFamous and Uncharted series, as well as The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

    In fact, those last two could well end-up being the most well-reviewed exclusives this gen. Tbh, aside from series staples Halo, Fable and Gears of War, X360 hasn’t had a meaningful exclusive since Rise of Nightmares for Kinect.

    #38 1 year ago
  39. Lengendaryboss

    What you wouldn’t expect and what will most likely happen after a certain point in time are two different things. But your blinded by fanboynism but can’t see it.

    It is not a fact it is a (your) opinion which you can assert as much as you want still makes it an opinion.

    #39 1 year ago
  40. Hcw87

    There are both MS and Sony fanboys in here, and one isn’t better than the other. Also alot of butthurt over the Titanfall console exclusivity, which is allways funny.

    Last of Us is in the top 3 for sure, but Beyond? Heavy Rain wasn’t a huge success (metacritic 87), and Beyond looks like a QTE fest for me. Which is funny, since the Sony boys jump all over Ryse for the same reason.

    When it comes to Nintendo though, just release a next gen console allready, before it’s too late. Next E3 maybe.

    #40 1 year ago
  41. monkeygourmet


    ‘Rise of Nightmares for Kinect.’



    Is it actually fun? I saw it on Live for about £5, thought it might be good for a laugh!

    #41 1 year ago
  42. pcbros

    @37 – Kingdom Hearts Remix looks gorgeous. But the way I see it, $40 vs $50 is not life changing.

    Wind Waker HD is a great game by a company trying to stay alive in a world full of FPS games, realitic graphics and overall complexity. I support Nintendo’s focus on keeping family and friends together. Plus, they make fun games with personality.

    I’ve waited to buy Wii U in anticipation of a price drop, and they just announced one. So I’ll be enjoying my Wii U soon :)

    #42 1 year ago
  43. polygem

    nice one pcbros. don’t think you’ll regret it. the games are finally there.

    #43 1 year ago
  44. Professor Zoom

    #38 Maybe, but the Xbox one exclusive line up is much bigger than the PS4 exclusive lineup, in addition with all the great DLC and exclusive stuff, Xbox One is the first priority to play third party. Here is the full list:

    #44 1 year ago
  45. monkeygourmet


    Cool story bro! You should def get an Xbone.

    #45 1 year ago
  46. Professor Zoom

    #39 EA and Capcom have already rejected any forms of ports of already exclusive games, that’s all that needs to be said…

    #46 1 year ago
  47. Lengendaryboss

    Same was said about Mass Effect (By EA), Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden (Published at somepoint by MS + Nintendo), GTA IV DLC etc, etc. EA hasn’t rejected anything, they danced around that question.

    Thats all thats needs to be said, if you can’t see it happening you are truely blinded by your fanboynism.

    #47 1 year ago
  48. Professor Zoom

    #48 EA and Capcom’s rejections contradict your wet dreams. The PS4 isn’t powerful enough to play Titanfall. Just because Mass Effect and some others turned multiplatform doesn’t mean Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 or the others will, if you want ports of content that’s been exclusive for years, then Xbox might not be for you. Personally I won’t buy a game that was available on another console 1 year ago, then I can just buy it at a much cheaper price on the previeous system it was released for and as long as you can’t manage to provide a source, this argument is over.

    #48 1 year ago
  49. Phoenixblight


    That article is hilarious. Obvious bias they are forgetting quite a list for the PS4. Infamous: Second Sons, Media Molecule’s game, all the exclusive indie games.

    “just because Mass Effect and some others turned multiplatform doesn’t mean Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 or the others will..”

    Nor does it mean they won’t. Capcom and EA are multiplatform publishers. and TItanfall is not published by Microsoft so EA can do with it however they want.

    #49 1 year ago
  50. Lengendaryboss

    LOL Source says the person who says developers are favouring Xbox One and can’t source it.
    Says the person who says Xbox One is first class in software and can’t source it.
    Says the person who said Xbox One will launch with 20 exclusives and couldn’t properly source it.

    LOL The irony is making me laugh :P Source the above and get back to me.

    LOL wet dreams those actually happened and your the only claiming its a dream.

    There i fed you now you can troll another thread.

    #50 1 year ago
  51. Hcw87

    Infamous is listed as number 3 under the PS4 section.

    Seriously though, stop being such fanboys and buy both consoles. They both have great exclusives, and only sticking to one and badmouthing the other simply means you are puny fanboys.

    #51 1 year ago
  52. Professor Zoom

    #51 Eat this:

    Finally it’s proven that the PS4 is not powerful enough to run such games, now let’s see if you have any sources at all to back up your wet dreams.

    #52 1 year ago
  53. Lengendaryboss

    This is an argument: No ones badmouthing anything, so don’t make that assumption. Nor is anyone fanboys for disagreeing. Just buy both consoles? I’m sorry i don’t sit on a pile on cash waiting for PS4/Xbox One to launch.

    #53 1 year ago
  54. pcbros

    Ganondorf figurine not in the Wii U bundle? :(

    #54 1 year ago
  55. Phoenixblight


    I am not being a fanboy. Zoom here is just stomping the ground and claiming his opinion as truth. He has yet to source anything. I could care less. Xbox One has nothing that interests me so I am going to the PS4. Simple as that. There is no fanboyism there.

    #55 1 year ago
  56. Lengendaryboss

    Really thats not sourcing what i asked.

    “LOL Source says the person who says developers (more than one) are favouring Xbox One and can’t source it.”
    “Says the person who says Xbox One is first class in software and can’t source it.”
    “Says the person who said Xbox One will launch with 20 exclusives and couldn’t properly source it.”

    The pattern is similar across many publishers, if you can’t see it keep being blinded.

    “Finally it’s proven that the PS4 is not powerful enough to run such game…” Only one game, not games.

    No its not and you can’t even source that

    Its possible otherwise they wouldn’t have commented.

    I have fed you enough, leaving.

    #56 1 year ago
  57. pcbros

    Every article turns into a PS4 vs XB1 lol… What do either one of those have to do with this article? Just cheer about the system you like. Why the need to bash the other?

    People are either trying to convince themselves they are making the right choice or they don’t want competition, which will equal overpriced and medicore consoles and games.

    Sega & Nintendo’s rivalry in the 90′s was epic! It lead to arguable the best era in gaming… 16-bit. :D

    #57 1 year ago
  58. Professor Zoom

    #52 Not everbody can afford to buy every single console and even have time to play with them both. You should be getting enough enertainment and value by owning 1 of them.

    #58 1 year ago
  59. Professor Zoom

    #57 You are an idiot. Again, those links you just posted only says that they have no plans to release them on other consoles, not that they difinitely are exclusive games which is the case with Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 interview, just because GTA or Mass Effect turned multiplatform doesn’t mean it’s the same case with Titanfall or Dead Rising. Rockstar isn’t the same comapny as EA or Capcom, you’re referring to other companies and you’re last link isn’t even a source, you are cherry picking it, otherwise you would’ve posted the source it originated from which is Gametrailers, but you still have failed to do that. Neither Titanfall or Dead Rising will release on PS4, that is a fact, deal with it, that’s all that needs to be said.

    ”Microsoft realized that player-hosted servers are actually holding back online gaming and that this is something that they could help solve, and ran full-speed with this idea,” he writes. So they built this powerful system to let us create all sorts of tasks that they will run for us, and it can scale up and down automatically as players come and go.” That is why Titanfall is Xbox exclusive.

    #59 1 year ago
  60. Lengendaryboss

    “LOL wet dreams those actually happened and your the only claiming its a dream.”

    Proves it via links

    “The pattern is similar across many publishers, if you can’t see it keep being blinded.”

    “I have fed you enough”

    #60 1 year ago
  61. Professor Zoom

    #61 I don’t even wanna be ”fed” I think you must’ve mistaken Tecmo and Rockstar with Capcom and EA, you are mixing up 5-6 year old comments by other companies with new games. Just shut up if you can’t contribute to this discussion with real sources.

    #61 1 year ago
  62. Lengendaryboss

    “The pattern is similar across many publishers, if you can’t see it keep being blinded.”

    Take your own advice before preaching it to others.

    #62 1 year ago
  63. Professor Zoom

    Nothing works without sources, if you don’t have a source to wholly contrast the already posted ones, then shut up already. You can’t generelize all publishers. Xbox is first class when it comes to exlusivity and software…

    #63 1 year ago
  64. Lengendaryboss

    “Take your own advice before preaching it to others.”

    “Says the person who says Xbox One is first class in software and can’t source it.”

    Now i’m ending this argument since your a hypocrite who can’t take his own advice.

    #64 1 year ago
  65. Professor Zoom

    Then I suggest you book an eye test by your doctor, I already posted a source showing 13 exclusives for X1 and 5 exclusives for PS4, stupid troll…

    #65 1 year ago
  66. polygem

    i didn’t realise that the bundle will be 299€ as well!

    i really think it’s a great price and package.

    very competitive price.

    you’ll get the system (you WILL sink a few hours into miiverse alone), one of the greatest games ever, a very interesting and beautiful book about the zelda history.
    all this will keep you busy with the sytem for a good while.

    really think it’s perfectly priced like that for now.

    #66 1 year ago

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