FIFA 14 gets 37-minute gameplay and interview footage from EA

Wednesday, 28th August 2013 12:38 GMT By Dave Cook

FIFA 14 has received a big wedge of gameplay footage and interviews from gamescom last week, courtesy of EA. Watch it here.

The clip features some competitive matches between pro FIFA players and insight from the team. Check it out and let us know what you think below.

Last week we heard that all Xbox One pre-orders in Europe would come with a free copy of FIFA 14, which is big news for football nuts in that region.

FIFA 14 launches September 24 in North America on PS3, Xbox One and PC, then September 26 across Europe. It’ll hit PS4 and Xbox One in due course.

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  1. sebastien rivas

    All those gamers were so dam dork/cute in their own way, especially this dude named Sebastian with his T shirt was “osez”.

    The game sounds very cool. Though I don’t understand what’s up with Mocap, even though it looks better than 5 years ago, it is still extremely clunky, jittery. It is hard to do Mocap, do not get me wrong, I don;t think I would have made a better job to be honest but still… while the cleaning key is good, character rarely stays where they are supposed to while key frames are not smooth at all in some places even though the blending works marvelously.

    Thankfully, the game is played from above.

    Lastly, I can talk only about what I know. Yes, Barcelone are the champs one year after the next but it should not mean the ball should glue and stick in their feet like they have duck tape all around their shoes. A game like PSG – Manchester City was much more believable than the 2 first pairs of players.

    #1 1 year ago

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