Titanfall has dedicated servers running on the cloud, no host migration after drop-outs

Friday, 23 August 2013 15:48 GMT By Dave Owen

Glorious Titanfall news doesn’t stop coming, as Respawn has confirmed to VG247 that Titanfall as dedicated servers that run on the cloud which means no more host migrations when people rage-quit.

Dave Cook spoke to Titanfall producer Drew McCoy, who told him that all servers are dedicated and run in the cloud. This means that, unlike Call of Duty, there’ll be no game-pausing host migration if someone quits the match in a huff. Titanfall’s gameplay is designed to be fast and intense, so this is good news indeed.

The game also doesn’t lock Respawn to Xbox One or Windows, as the cloud tech they’ll be using belongs to them rather than Microsoft.

We have a big Titanfall hands-on and interview coming your way next week.