Total War: Rome 2 video focuses on Rome’s greatest enemy, Hannibal

Thursday, 1st August 2013 14:50 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Total War: Rome 2 has a new video available focusing on the brilliant military strategist and Rome’s greatest enemy, Hannibal. The video below shows the multitude of ways players can “outfox their opponents,” and demonstrates the scope and variety of the campaign map. Total War: Rome 2 hits PC on September 3.



  1. studentofhistory

    I boycotting this one Because in the last Civilization V game that I played Hannibal was portrayed as White which is totally inaccurate.

    Now they are saying he is an Arab lol what nonsense. Carthage was an ancient BLack civilization. Carthegian general Hannibal was a BLack man.
    A Black General. From Africa/Carthage that almost defeated mighty Rome. Now they are saying he is an Arab lol what?

    Rome messed up and so did Civ V or was it 4. They really drew attention to this subject when they made him white lol…..

    Ever seen the temptations the movie about the black musicians in the 60′s yea, Hollywood wanted them to release an album cover with not their picture but a photo of some white kids playing at the beach lol same thing here. Another attempt to white wash history. Well sry you can do your own research and find out that this guy was Black not white and certainly not Arabic they don’t even claim him lol. Arabs don’t even claim this guy he was not Semetic lol.. Ever heard of Black man who is still white yea they come up with all sorts of crazyniss to deny Blacks any moral or self resepcet that their ancestor achieved greatness in antiquity.. Ever heard of the “”"”Hamitic”"” Black man look it up lol…

    You will find out this phrase was coined by a guy named Segliman.
    Much like this and Hannibal look it up…

    Truth is all we have ….

    #1 1 year ago

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