Pokemon studio’s new game is Soriti Horse, hits 3DS Japan on July 31

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 12:28 GMT By Dave Cook

Pokemon studio Game Freak has been teasing a new collaborative project this week, and as it happens it’s a new 3DS game called Soriti Horse, which blends solitaire and horse racing.

This GAF thread has the first images of the game via 4Gamer, and the release date has been listed as July 31 on the Japanese 3DS eShop at ¥500.

Gameplay is split across a Solitaire card phase that sees you boost the bond between your rider and horse, while the control phase tasks players with using their stylus to navigate their steed on the racetrack to win the day. You can also raise your own horse and convert it into a QR code to trade it with other players.

Soriti Horse is also the first self-published title from Game Freak.

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