Final Fantasy IV remake out for Android

Monday, 3rd June 2013 15:45 GMT By Sherif Saed

Square-Enix has today released the latest 3D remake port of Final Fantasy IV for Android.

iOS was the first of the mobile platforms to receive the new version at the end of last year.

Android will be the latest and final platform to host the rebuild, which originally came out in 2008 for DS.

The game is fully voiced and features reworked visuals and orchestrated music. It can be yours for £10.99 (€14,49 or $20.07).



  1. salarta

    Ah yes, a year isn’t complete without another remake or port of FF4 that Squeenix expects fans to buy.

    I love FF4, I even imported figurines and music discs from Japan when FF4DS released because I love that specific game so much, but Squeenix’s approach after FF4DS has been terrible. The annual ports of the game are merely trying to leech off the nostalgia from people willing to buy the exact same product year after year with minor tweaks, and they REALLY dicked over the canon with FF4:TA. The new characters and the basic idea of a 17 year time skip were good ideas for the FF4 universe, but everything they did to the story once FF4:TA actually started was ass, from completely undoing character development Cecil and Rosa had in FF4, to claiming the game would be about Ceodore’s journey only to have Kain completely hijack the whole thing in a bid to make money off his popularity with fanboys.

    Ironically, I fully expected that if a sequel was made, it would star Kain and Rydia with Cecil and Rosa kept out of playability, and I would have been willing to buy and play that.

    Edit: Oh, and I still find it very telling that FF4:TA mostly ignored that Cid already had a daughter in favor of giving him a daughter figure in Luca.

    #1 2 years ago

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