Big Fish Games netted $220 million in 2012

Thursday, 28th March 2013 11:18 GMT By Dave Cook

Big Fish Games is a social and indie PC developer that I admittedly hadn’t heard of until today, nor do I recognise any of its titles. Regardless, it made $220 million last year alone, and has surpassed $2 billion lifetime downloads. Next round is on them right? reports that the studio turned ten last year and has been growing every year since it formed. The company has created and distributed thousands of games across its digital store-front, and through PC, mobile and cloud-based channels.

CEO and founder Paul Thelen said in a statement, “We achieved nearly 20 per cent top-line bookings growth last year and anticipate our growth rate to accelerate throughout 2013 and 2014, largely due to our new lines of business that are now at a meaningful scale.

“Mobile is our fastest growing platform and now accounts for 30 per cent of total company bookings. A year ago we transitioned from a premium ‘games you own’ business model to providing more choices to our customers on how and where they want to play. More than half of our mobile bookings now come from a free-to-play business model.”

You can check out the official Big Fish Games site here. Have you played any of the studio’s titles before? Let us know below.



  1. Old MacDonald

    “Big Fish Games is a social and indie PC developer that I admittedly hadn’t heard of until today,”

    ….what? Seems you need to spend a few hours researching various aspects of PC gaming. Big Fish are huge.

    As for their games, the Drawn-games are really good. They also funded & published Wadjet Eye’s Emerald City Confidential, which was quite fun.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. redwood

    well the site doesn’t look anything like if they have that much moolah

    #2 2 years ago
  3. ninjanutta

    Bigfish do all the HOG games that are hugely popular with wifes and girlfriends,can be played on any laptop etc and are generally good games anyway.
    How you can be a games site journo and NOT know about bigfish,reflexive ect is beyond me.I bet im far more knowledgable on gaming than most of the so called gaming writers,sad but

    #3 2 years ago

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