New Dead Space 3 story DLC wasn’t built until after the vanilla game was finished

Thursday, 7 March 2013 19:43 GMT By Phil Owen

Dead Space 3’s Awakened DLC was announced around the game’s launch, and today we received some new details on it and it was dated for release next week, about a month after launch. That, understandably, has had some gamers crying foul. Visceral producer John Calhoun explains to Destructoid, though, that nobody at the studio began work on any DLC until after they completed the main game.

“Dead Space 3 is finished months before it’s actually sold, ’cause you have to go through manufacturing, certification, and all that stuff,” Calhoun said. “So in that time we a have team with nothing to do.

“It’s definitely not the case where we take a level, and just decide we’re not going to include it in the main game. This was not even part of Dead Space 3; it was developed by a smaller set of our team that were run with a different producer, and all that stuff. You’re looking at something that was wholly created as a standalone product.”

Does that answer put you at ease?