Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost – The Razing teased by ArenaNet

Wednesday, 6 March 2013 08:53 GMT By Dave Cook

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Guild Wars 2’s third Flame and Frost event ‘The Razing’ has been teased by developer ArenaNet.

The studio teased the third of four events in a new blog update. The event will see the Charr’s Flame Legion teaming up with the Dredge to create the Molten Alliance, a brutal warband that begins rolling across Tyria wiping out villages and camps one at a time.

The update will see you teaming up with Braham the Norn and Rox the Charr in an attempt to set the world right once more. They’re a pair of warriors who simply believe in doing the right thing. They sound lovely.

We’ll have more on the update as it happens.

Thanks PCGamesN.