PS4’s Ustream tech isn’t exclusive to Sony’s console

Friday, 1 March 2013 08:38 GMT By Dave Cook

PS4 was announced last week and as many predicted, the ability to stream your gameplay to the world was unveiled. Powered by Ustream, the company’s CEO Brad Hunstable has stated that the tech is not exclusive to Sony’s rig. Could Xbox 720 / Durango also get a taste?

Speaking with IGN, Hunstable set out his stall, saying he wants Ustream tech to be everywhere, in a variety of devices.

When asked if the tech was exclusive to PS4, he replied “No, it’s not”, and continued, “There’s not something I can announced today, but we will… Again, I go back to our strategy, which is to be ubiquitous as well.

“I want to bring live broadcasting – that’s our mission – to broadcasters of all sizes, but also viewers, wherever they are. We are laser-focused on making sure that happens.”

So then, would you like to see the same tech in Xbox 720? How about your iOS or Android device? Let us know below.