Skullgirls confirmed for Evo 2013 side tournament after raising cash for charity

Tuesday, 5 February 2013 10:46 GMT By Dave Cook

Skullgirls has been confirmed for an Evo 2013 side tournament slate, as a thank you to the game’s fans who amassed a great sum of money for charity. Well played fans, well played.

Shoryuken reports that Evo’s recent breast cancer charity drive saw fans raising $78,000 for the cause via Skullgirls fundraising events.

The entire charity drive raised $225,744 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Super Smash Bros. Melee raised the most at $94,683.

As a big thank you, the Evo organisers have granted Skullgirls its own side tourney at the event. Evo is even providing dedicated stands for the game, throwing a prize purse of $1000 to the winner and will live-stream the final ‘top 8’ bouts.

Evo 2013 will take place on the weekend of July 12th and registrations are now open.