Sega Q2 financials outed, game division operating at 780m yen loss

Friday, 2 November 2012 10:03 GMT By Dave Cook

Sega has released its Q2 financial report, and while the news isn’t great, it’s an improvement over last year. reports that Sega’s game division is currently operating at a 780 million Yen loss. Overall the games division made 35.7 billion Yen for the year ended September 30th, which is roughly $445m/£276m. While it was an increase of 5.6% over last year’s period, it was offset by a loss of 780 million Yen, which equates to around $9.7m/£6m.

Revenue across the entire Sega brand totalled at 136.6 billion Yen – $1.7b/£1.1b – which is a drop down of 10% on last year’s period. There was, however, a slight profit increase of 2.7% at 3.9 billion Yen – $48m/£30m.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom however, as the loss is a drastic cut from last year’s losses of 6 billion Yen loss. So there is improvement, even if the loss is still significant. Sega has shifted its focus away from software production while it undergoes a widespread internal restructure, and as a result shifted just 2.7 million software units for the half-year.